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Deep Bay From The Air

Very happy with this new lens.  Great shots through glass with 70-300 mm lens with VR on a float plane.  VR worked flawlessly.  If I knew what I was doing, they would be fantastic.  Took something like 800 pictures – just kept clicking.  Images straight out of the camera – no touch ups.  Great shots along the waterfront from Courtenay down to Deep Bay and then back up along Denman Island.  Perfect day.  Was able to put together some stunning panoramas.  Bonus, got to see how the really rich folks live along the waterfront

NOTE:  These images are copyrighted.  Enjoy viewing.



We are so lucky to live in this magnificent area.  Why is there such a rush to make it like everywhere else that has been destroyed in the name of the almighty dollar?

This is Gartley Point.  Manatee had road put in to accommodate this growing monstrosity.  Look at the scale – see how small the truck is compared to everything else.  Is this what is coming to your neighbourhood?  Is this just the beginning? Gartley Point DSC_9796 copy

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