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Union Bay Election Results April 2, 2016

Jim Elliott 200

Peter Jacques 226

Bruce Livesey 193

Glenn Loxam 220

I attempted to speak to Peter Jacques about conflict of interest but Mr. Jacques told me he had nothing of interest to say to me and I had nothing of interest to say to him.  Well, that’s going to be awfully fucking hard when I attend the meetings to ask questions there buddy.  You can’t hide from my questions like you tried today.  It’s a whole new ballgame.

Spoke to Mr. Kip and advised him he was in a conflict if he thinks 2 guys can act as public relations and then get elected and be involved with anything involving 34083 Yukon Inc.  He and the people around him looked like I was speaking a foreign language.  That’s how out of touch these people are.  They still don’t get what a conflict of interest is and that a perceived conflict is just as bad.  Now the developer has 2 supporters who can’t do a fucking thing to help him.

The Conflict of Interest policy from 2012 requires contacting the Administrator if there is a complaint.  The new Trustees must agree to the Conflict of Interest policy and follow it – they can’t claim they didn’t think they were in a conflict – that bullshit doesn’t wash anymore.

2 thoughts on “Union Bay Election Results April 2, 2016

  1. Well I guess we are no longer New-Be’s (1 Year 10 months )in Union Bay so we have an opinion. We went to every meeting held by UBID and KIP, Joined the Public works Committee and got involved. We find it difficult to understand a community that elects trustees then take pot shots as if it were their god given right. We applaud this group of Trustees, they have cleaned up a mess left by the past boards, have started moving forward on Water filtration system, a new fire-hall and UBID Office. We understand that the community have spoken and elected two new trustees… that’s democracy in action….. now no whining…


  2. Yeah, Gullible people probably 95% who don’t understand the facts, don’t read the agreements and don’t understand the financial implications. And they were confronted on their doorsteps with a so-called petition replying to a firm that had a vested interest. Many supporters had business with KIP and are in conflict of interest. There is fault with the UBID stance- consultation, communication, controversy, commitment. I would put the issues to a referendum- we are going to go it alone for the following reasons. If you do not agree cast your ballot accordingly.



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