The goofs were out in full force today backed up by the hasbeens who just about bankrupted the community when they were in charge of the purse strings.   How out to lunch are some of these people?  Listen to the concerns about the legal cost to get an opinion regarding the video bylaw.  They seem to think it’s odd or unusual for a meeting to be recorded.  What rock have they been under?

These tools only surfaced in the last year or so.  Where the hell were they when their buddies unlawfully locked out the electorate and spent every fucking penny that came within their grasp.

I didn’t notice the guy who spoke out of turn regarding his right to vote anywhere when the handful of landowners protested the closure in January 2011.  All talk.

Again, how can anyone remember everything that is said at these meetings unless you have something to refer to?

I asked one of the Kiplets about the piece of land KIP was willing to provide free of charge to the community and I love his answer – it’s a keeper.  Every bit as detailed as answers provided by Mr. KIP who must be very proud of his boys.

Very happy to hear the Board is looking at replacing the ridiculous program they presently use for water tolls.  This was another lovely mess the old old administrator locked us into.