Sorry folks, I screwed up and went to the UBID office instead of the community hall and that’s why the video starts during the meeting.

Some old lady told me to shut up when I asked a question so after the meeting I told her she has no business telling me to shut up.  She then replied that I am disturbing and told me I was stupid.   So the old broad doesn’t think telling someone to shut up is disturbing the meeting?  These folks are priceless, they don’t have a clue what’s going on and never ask a question but they sure get pissed off when I ask questions.

The Fake chair tried again to play the role of interrogator.   How many times are these fools going to ask variations of “why can’t you sit down at the table with KIP and sort out the problem”?   Another brilliant mind in the community mumbled something about things being like a merry-go-round going around and around during question period.   Yes, these are the well informed leaders supporting ole KIP Constanza.

I suspect the Kiplets were schooled by Kip on what to oppose using Crown Isle as an example and why they should oppose the platinum standard referred to in the by-law (the one they claimed would probably not be approved by the Ministers office).  He likes to use Crown Isle as a comparison,  They’re worried about the new by-law as it’s going to be expensive for developers putting up a bond – boo fucking hoo.  Well, Mr. Kip did indicate they don’t have a lot of money and Mr. Youngren’s letter encourages investor inquiries.   Land rich…………cash poor.