Gathering to put their heads together for the next instalment on the new website.  This must be the folks they want to sit down and work out the problems with Kensington as proposed by a clueless landowner.  How dumb can you be to stand up and think you’re offering a solution.  Simpletons.

__George'sBranchPorch91 copyHow can anyone put out the misinformation contained in their inaugaral post on their new website?  Thanks to Bruce for pointing this one out with the comment below:

More inaccurate info from the UBID Meeting of May 2016 . I dont know who the writer is but are you stupid to write such misleading information. Bylaw264, 3rd paragraph, last sentence,”only the Regional District has authority for approving subdivision developments” Wrong authority meathead it is the Ministry of Transportation that approves subdivision developments.

union bay today part 2Voila_Capture 2016-7-18_05-54-11_pm

The Goofs referred to the May 2016 meeting when in fact it was the June 15, 2016 meeting and here is the point in the clip where it’s explained to the Goofs who recorded it and still got it wrong.  And these are the people you trust with your investment in this community?

Here’s another one:  Second paragraph  “On the motion to approve this plan, (Webb and Alcock) voted in favour, Peter Jacques voted against and Glen Loxam abstained.  With the Board locked in a tie vote, Chair Molstad voted in favour to break the tie and passed the motion.”  Bullshit!  How can it be a tie vote when 2 voted in favour, 1 abstention and 1 against?  Again, here is the actual statement:

In two pages these folks have shown their ignorance and complete lack of accuracy.  Either they are stupid or intentionally misleading landowners.  Hard to tell which it is.  It won’t take long if this is the quality and reliability of their word.  Will be easy pickings.