How unprofessional is this guy?  What company would send a letter like this?

This from the lying developer who insists the 2010 WIA is still valid and yet that agreement stated the developer would own the treatment facility until the lease expired.  Doesn’t that sound like this lying pos would own the waterworks?

We know the waterworks belongs to Union Bay – it’s the developer who has a problem.

This lying developer stood up in front of a packed community hall and told lies about the Trustees and what transpired in Victoria in 2015.

A fucking coward who gets by on bullshit and easily fools those who haven’t got a clue what the consequences are of allowing this pos to CONTROL OUR WATER.

And look – new letterhead.  Holy Shit – he actually signed this worthless piece of paper unlike the one he had the KIPLETS deliver to the board.

Speaking of the KIPLETS – these two are dumb and that’s being generous.

Notice the isn’t on this letterhead.