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Notice What The VP of Kensington Island Properties Stated in His Letter To UBID Trustee

, it has been delivered to every door in Union Bay and I believe in your Q & A website……

So the letter is addressed to Glenn Loxam Trustee UBID.  The VP can’t be referring to the UBID website as there is no Q & A.

Is KIP referring to Lone Jednorog’s website called union bay today ?  Is this website with Jednorog listed as the administrator actually owned by Trustee Glenn Loxam?  WTF?

Is that why they are trying to be anonymous?  Numerous people have asked questions on Jednorog’s website but failed to receive a response.  A few items have been removed from the website.

I attempted to ask Jednorog the other day when she was setting up her sandwich board, who authors the info on her website and she stated:  “Mary, I’m not talking to you because you are quite crazy.”  But, who authors the info? 🙂

Hmm.  Conflict of interest again.  No one is going to step in and help Union Bay if the landowners don’t care about conflict or the perception of a conflict.  You get the government you deserve.


Maybe he’s referring to the Q & A on the CVRD website for the Memorandum of Understanding he refused to sign!

Click to access FAQ_UBID_KIP_Aug2016.pdf




2 thoughts on “Notice What The VP of Kensington Island Properties Stated in His Letter To UBID Trustee

  1. Ever hear the term, you can lead horses to water, but you can’t force them to drink. Some in this community have taken stupidity to a new level now it’s time to allow the appropriate consequences…
    Cut them loose….

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