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Kensington Island Properties Website – Wonky For Months or Dead

All Candidates Meeting October 19, 2016 from 7 – 9 pm. Union Bay Community Hall.


Anyone trying to view Kensington bullshit has had a hard time for months now.  Like everything else with Kip, it’s just for show – lots of imagination from the owner Jim Youngren.  Seems to believe all the permits are in place, ready to go and seeking investors.

Half the time the website is down and the other half it’s not viewable.  Have a look:

Here’s my post with the pages visible.  The coal hill is to be remediated in late 2016.  Wow, it must be going to happen very soon!!

Do we have any reason to doubt Mr. Youngren or Mr. McMahon? 🙂

turkey kip

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