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Groundhog Day in The Comox Valley Courtesy of Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc.

Is it groundhog day?  Look who popped up and repeated the old “first step” we’ve heard so many times in the last TWO DECADES.

“I am excited as this is the first step forward with our new proposed development in Union Bay,” said Brian McMahon

I hope Bruce Jolliffe managed to pry the VP’s fingers off that cheque after the picture was taken!

This should be an example to Union Bay landowners the power the CVRD flexed in the revisions to the Master Development Agreement obtaining the $250,000.  The CVRD got more and when Union Bay Improvement District is negotiating – we get less.


This is why the pro KIP trustees are so opposed to allowing the electorate to have the information for the pros and cons of joining the RD – KIP doesn’t want it.  KIP’s wishes are carried out at every meeting.  Why do you think these trustees can’t answer questions about their actions?  It’s because they don’t understand or know why they’re supporting or defeating motions.  That’s why motions change after meetings.  In my opinion 🙂

Kensington Island Properties provides $250,000 to homelessness support agencies

  • Scott Strasser
  • Jan. 25, 2018 9:30 a.m.
The Comox Valley Regional District’s Homelessness Support Service recently received $250,000 from Kensington Island Properties (KIP) as a community amenity for its proposed development within Union Bay.
As part of the development in Union Bay, KIP proposes to construct two golf courses and a mixture of housing and commercial space which could ultimately include approximately 2,889 units once fully built.
As part of a recently updated Master Development Agreement (MDA), the developer will dedicate 51.3 hectares of parks and trails, provide a 1.62-hectare lot to the Union Bay Improvement District (UBID) for a new water treatment facility, a one-hectare lot to UBID for construction of a new fire hall as well as 30 affordable housing serviced lots by 2027.
KIP will also provide sewage treatment infrastructure for the development which could be expanded to provide wastewater service to some of the surrounding area.
“I am excited as this is the first step forward with our new proposed development in Union Bay,” said Brian McMahon, vice-president of KIP. “Helping our community in areas of need is of utmost importance. I know the donation will assist many residents in our region.”
The $250,000 provided by KIP will go towards the CVRD Homelessness Supports Service. The funds in that service are allocated to agencies identified by the Comox Valley Coalition to End Homelessness’s five-year plan, which the CVRD board approves on an annual basis.
In 2018, the coalition’s five-year plan identified the Comox Valley Transition Society, John Howard Society, Wachiay Friendship Centre/ M’akola Housing and the Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North as agencies to receive funding.
“The funds contributed in late 2017 by the developer along with 30 serviced single-family lots to be provided by 2027 will provide much-needed support in the full spectrum of housing needs in the Comox Valley,” said Ann MacDonald, the CVRD’s general manager of planning and development.

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