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The Admin for Graham Lake Improvement District Isn’t Afraid of Information: Denman Island Water Local Service Area – Conversion Study

$10,000.00 – Money for study regarding possible conversion.  Our green Admin who can’t successfully record every monthly meeting, failed to research bylaw 270, failed to accurately record minutes of monthly meetings, failed to keep the electorate informed by way of the UBID website – is going to decide whether Union Bay landowners have access to information?

At the January 18, 2018 UBID Meeting (which the Admin failed to video or audio record), Trustee Bitten chimed in at one point and stated that UBID would hire their own consultants.  Really?  He wants landowners to pay for consultants when there are funds available?  Something stinks in Union Bay!


Report dated February 1, 2018 seeking approval for the allocation of feasibility study and Community Works Funds for studies regarding the possible conversion of the Graham Lake Improvement District to a CVRD service and a water treatment options study, for receipt. [Item]

208 All 1 person/1 vote

Recommendation # 1:

THAT up to $10,000 of Baynes Sound – Denman/Hornby Islands (Electoral Area A) feasibility study funds, function 154, be allocated for the completion of a comparative study to assess governance options and associated costs related to conversion of the Graham Lake Improvement District to a Comox Valley Regional District service.

AND FINALLY THAT an application be made to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for restructure implementation grant in the amount of $10,000 to help fund the conversion process.

207 All 1 person/1 vote


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It Gets Worse – Not only is there no Video of UBID’s Jan. 18, 2018 Meeting – The Admin didn’t record any Audio – Should be Interesting Minutes!

So, not only is there no video recording of Jan. 18, 2018 meeting – there isn’t an audio recording either!  This is ridiculous especially since this very thing was mentioned at the Dec. 14, 2017 meeting when the discussion of the ‘accidentally deleted’ 17 crucial minutes from the Nov. 2017 UBID meeting.

Listen to a landowner ask about making sure there is an audio recording of future meetings and Chair Jacques confirms it would be a backup.  Did they act – NO!

A fellow landowner received the following from the Admin at UBID (I added emphasis).  How is the Admin composing minutes to the Jan. 18, 2018 UBID meeting with no recording?  The Admin never takes notes at these meetings.

On 5-Feb-18, at 1:37 PM, UBID Admin wrote:
There is no audio or video of the meeting.
Gordon Mason AScT, MBA
Chief Administrative Officer
This clip is from May 18, 2017.  Listen to Jacques and Bitten claim all the meetings are audio recorded and available to the public.  Ha ha.
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UBID Can’t Figure Out How to Record Meetings – The KIP Heavy Board Bumbling Fools

The Admin first claimed the camera malfunctioned then it was the memory card malfunction and now it’s: “…the holder for the camera’s memory card malfunctioned”.  What the hell does that mean?  The holder…the slot where it’s inserted?  More like the handler of the memory card malfunctioned! 

Question:  is the Feb. 2018 meeting going to be video recorded by UBID?

Union Bay is located 20 kilometres south of Courtenay. Photo courtesy JET Productions.

Camera malfunction means no video for January UBID meeting

  • Feb. 4, 2018 4:30 p.m.
  • NEWS

Another mishap regarding video footage of a council meeting has surfaced in Union Bay.

The video for the January board meeting of the Union Bay Improvement District could not be posted on its website due to a technical error.

The error marks the second time in recent months that missing video footage has impacted UBID meetings. Seventeen minutes of footage from the November 2017 board meeting was inadvertently deleted when the video was posted to the improvement district’s site a few weeks later.

Read More: Erased video footage puts blight on Union Bay Improvement District

According to UBID chief administrative officer Gord Mason, the holder for the camera’s memory card malfunctioned and the Jan. 18 meeting was not recorded. He said the camera has since been sent to the manufacturer for replacement or repairs.

UBID’s videos are the only allowed recordings of its meetings. The improvement district passed Bylaw 270 last year, which states that only UBID may record and upload footage of its public proceedings. The new rule amended a portion of Bylaw 263, which is UBID’s meeting procedure regulations.

Union Bay resident Janet Thomas said she thinks it’s distressing that UBID passed a bylaw that prohibits gallery members from recording meetings.

“Many people in the community of Union Bay can’t attend meetings because of their work schedules, family obligations, health or mobility issues,” she said. “Therefore, Union Bay citizens depend on having a recording of the public meetings to keep up with important issues.”

The proposal to amend UBID’s recording bylaw first arose last spring. At the May 2017 meeting, trustee Rod Bitten said he had received multiple emails from Union Bay landowners who were concerned they were being recorded by gallery members. He made a motion to suspend video and audio recording at UBID meetings until a solution could be found.

“I have no problem with audio or visual recording,” he said at the May board meeting. “It’s [just] not being done properly at this time.”

Bitten’s motion passed 3-2 after 20 minutes of discussion. The issue came up repeatedly throughout the ensuing board meetings.

Eventually, the board decided in July that UBID would film meetings itself and post the footage on its website so that it could be the copyright owners.

But the videos are also hosted on YouTube, meaning they can be shared under fair use regulations.

“The reason given by the board for the bylaw change was that they wanted to control their own copyright of the meeting videos,” said Thomas.

“This made absolutely no sense since the videos are still posted to YouTube — a site where you give up all copyright once you post any information.”

While it is not mandatory for public bodies in B.C. to record their public meetings, many do so. In the Comox Valley, the City of Courtenay, the Town of Comox, and the School District 71 board all stream their council meetings via a live feed. Cumberland Village council has their meetings broadcast on Shaw TV.

Dermod Travis, the executive director of IntegrityBC – a non-profit government watchdog – says filming council meetings is good for government transparency on two levels.

“One, it ensures that anyone who has an interest in local affairs has the capacity to follow those affairs… at their own leisure,” he said. “The second, and in some ways this is more important, is that it creates a historical record.”

Travis said that UBID’s new bylaw that prohibits gallery members from filming isn’t necessarily an affront to transparency.

“In and of itself, I understand why any council would make such a ruling. And others have – the Vancouver school board, for instance, has a new policy that you can only tape their meetings from a certain vantage point,” he said.

“The best justification is wanting to have one official recording. You can’t go into the B.C. legislature and record the debates from the public gallery. You can’t do that in the House of Commons. There has to be one official record.”

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Union Bay Landowners Taking Issue With UBID Trustees Closed Meeting Tactics – Ignoring the Electorate

LETTER: Area resident suspicious of UBID tactics after latest closed door meeting

Dear editor,

You don’t need to be a resident of Union Bay to know that the government of the district has experienced many struggles, trustee, and personnel changes in the last 10 years. It seems obvious to me that the area has outgrown the capabilities of a small, nearly volunteer-based group of individuals to lead it.

After a recent particularly nasty conflict between a developer and the board, a facilitator from the province was asked to step in and find some common ground. The dividing issue at the time was the setting up of a water treatment plant.

After many months of discussions a new agreement was reached with the developer and land was transferred last December to the Union Bay Improvement District for the community to build its own treatment plant. During these difficult negotiations a petition had been circulated and signed by over 400 residents requesting that UBID’s assets be transferred to the CVRD. Clearly, residents were worried that they were losing control of their water services. This petition was signed over a year ago. In a board meeting held in November 2017 the board approved a motion by one of the trustees to write a letter (two paragraphs would be sufficient) asking the CVRD to commence a study, at their expense, investigating the plusses and negatives of joining the CVRD.

Personally I was hugely relieved to hear this.

Imagine my disappointment to find that the motion to write that request letter has now been overturned in a closed door meeting. The reason given was that the board was too busy dealing with other issues. Too busy to write a two paragraph letter?

I am not a suspicious person by nature but the opposition to this simple, free, request is baffling to me. What is the benefit and to whom of not following through with this letter if it is for information purposes only?

Agreed, there are other issues to be dealt with at the moment, but there will always be threats to our little community. Sometimes there are advantages to being part of a larger body with experience and a knowledgeable, paid staff and a roster of advisors at their disposal.

But I guess I will never know as my board has made this decision for me.

In the dark in Union Bay.

Mary Jo Purvis

Fanny Bay

EDIT.  Couple of comments posted on the Record to this letter:


Here’s what Trustee Bitten incorrectly stated at the All Candidates Meeting April 2017 (not to be confused with the All Candidates Meeting where Bitten, Haraldson and Jednorog planned the disruption due to their paranoia) about joining the Regional District.

Thankfully, Scott Fraser, our MLA provided accurate information to correct the misinformation trumpeted by Bitten.  Wonder what Bitten thought about having to meet with Scott about the logging – did mrknowitall listen or do the usual talking nonsense?


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Any Bets on When Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. Will Proceed?

For anyone who missed the updated FAQ on the Revised Master Development Agreement.

Check out the sewage portion.  KIP can’t build any homes unless there is a sewage system.  KIP has always promised (although we know how little that means) the outfall would not be to Baynes Sound and offered all the pretty pictures for a system using reclaimed water.  See:

After all the BS about how KIP had budgeted for the coal hill remediation and barging in sand from Texada – poof – KIP dumps his contaminated portion on the Province.  Who do you think is going to pay for it now?  Not KIP.

From January 2006.

Utilities:  “Contained within the utilities will be a new state-of-the-art water system and sewage treatment facility.  100% of the cost will be paid for by Kensington”.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!