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Union Bay Coal Hills Remediation Update to the CVRD

Attended the CVRD meeting Apr. 24, 2018, with an update by Duncan Williams, Executive Director, Crown Land Opportunities and Restoration Branch.

Thanks to Mr. Williams and the West Fraser rep for answering questions after the presentation.

For some reason, the UBID Admin was at the meeting which commenced just before 4 pm.  As usual, no pen, no paper.  Was he there on behalf of UBID?  Guess he’ll have to use my video to prepare his report.

(Lightened the video as it was too dark.)

I don’t see how this is progress.  It’s the same three parties involved.  If West Fraser is paying for the remediation, why is there an agreement not to speak about it publicly?

If this is the same ‘prescription’ arrived at years ago and the only thing that was holding up the remediation was who was going to pay what portion – then why is this plan being offered under the condition that a Regulator must approve it?  Shouldn’t this have already been approved since it has gone on for years?

Apparently, toxic sites like the coal hills remediate themselves over the years (surprise) and cadmium is not a problem.  This Seacor report seems to indicate cadmium at a number of spots.

This is the email I refer to in the video where it is stated in June 2015, that The Ministry has approved the remediation plan for the site (Oct. 2012).  So what happened since Oct. 2012?  Why does it feel like we’re starting all over again?

Here’s a letter to Cindy McDonald (answers questions in video of Apr. 24) in 2014.  So what has happened since Sept. 2014 when the final remedial plan design and revised schedule for implementation was to be submitted to the Ministry?

I note KIP was again the one keeping departments waiting for a report.  Remember, timelines don’t matter when you’re dealing with government, according to KIP VP, McMahon.


One thought on “Union Bay Coal Hills Remediation Update to the CVRD

  1. Big thank you for posting the information, facts help when explaining to others… keep their feet to the fire..


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