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Bruce Jolliffe Director (Electoral Area ‘A’) Comox Valley Regional District confirms tax dollars collected for services stay within the service area.

It would be appropriate for the newly elected Union Bay Improvement District Trustee Ted Haraldson to correct the misinformation he spread during his campaign for trustee.


——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Re: please verify the accuracy of statement
Date: Thu, 3 May 2018 10:19:20 -0700
From: Bruce Jolliffe <>
Organization: Comox Valley Regional District
To: Susanna Kaljur <>

Dear Susanna,

The statement:

“joining the CVRD would mean our additional CEC [Capital Expenditure Charges] credits (connection fees) created by our new development would NOT stay within our community.  Becoming a Municipality would mean we would keep them.”

is incorrect.

The tax dollars collected for a CVRD service stays within the service. This is mandated by the Local Government Act. Thus if a water service managed by the CVRD had a CEC for a new connections, the CEC for that new connection would be kept with that water service. The funds would be used for capital improvements for that water service. Those funds could not be used elsewhere.  Funds collected for a service stay within the service.

If UBID chose to convert their water service to a CVRD local water service area the CVRD would enact a bylaw to set up a new service area with the same boundaries as the existing UBID water service area. The UBID water service operating and capital funds would be transferred to this new local water service. Those funds would continue to stay with the new CVRD water service area.

The above paragraph captures the financial aspect of transitioning to a CVRD service. As has been discussed with your Board in joint UBID-CVRD meetings, if your Board has an interest in understanding implications of transitioning your services to the CVRD your Board needs to send a letter to CVRD with that request.  The CVRD would then identify funding to study the implications to your landowners for such a transition. Your Board could then use the results of this analysis to have an informed discussion amongst yourselves and your community on the pros and cons of transitioning your services to the CVRD.

I hope this helps.


Bruce Jolliffe
Baynes Sound – Denman/Hornby Islands (Electoral Area ‘A’)
Comox Valley Regional District

On 27/04/2018 11:33 AM, Susanna Kaljur wrote:

Hello CVRD Chair Bruce Jolliffe and CAO Russell Dyson,

A number of landowners have questioned the veracity of the following written statement which blanketed Union Bay Improvement District recently;

“joining the CVRD would mean our additional CEC [Capital Expenditure Charges] credits (connection fees) created by our new development would NOT stay within our community.  Becoming a Municipality would mean we would keep them.”

I would appreciate a written response from both of you regarding the accuracy of this statement and a simple plain language explanation of what would happen to UBID’s CEC’s should it merge with the CVRD?  I want to ensure that the public is given factual, accurate information.

Thank you for responding to this unusual request for clarification.

Best regards,

Susanna Kaljur Landowner and UBID Trustee 

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Kensington Island Properties Mini Development – wow talk about shrinkage!

Development has shrunk – website has shrunk – contributions/promises shrunk.  The last incarnation:

Under ‘what’s the next step’:

Once the terms of the MDA have been met, Kensington will submit an application to the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, as the primary regulatory body.

So what’s holding him up?

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No Video of Union Bay Improvement District Annual General Meeting April 19, 2018

If you’ve been waiting for the video of the AGM April 19, 2018 – forget it.  The notice states audience members were captured so only the audio is provided.  You have  got to be kidding.  First, we are paying for a guy to turn the camera on and off because the Admin claims he can’t leave the camera unattended.  Didn’t anyone tell the guy not to record the audience?

Plus, the notice states it is the April 16, 2018 Regular Board Meeting – no, it’s the April 19, 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Took almost 2 weeks to post anything.  Still a gong show.

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Union Bay Improvement District Inaugural Meeting – Re writing facts again

New Chair Ted Haraldson appears to be brighter than the last one (which isn’t saying much) and actually seems to know meeting procedure.  He’s going to have to get Mr. Knowitall in control as he was shooting off his mouth again tonight before being recognized by the Chair.  The previous Chair also doesn’t get it that he’s just a trustee and shouldn’t try to horn in on the decisions made by the new Chair.  He and Loxam are having their own discussion while the meeting is going on.

These guys are trying to pull a fast one and brought forward alternative facts from the Dec. 13, 2017 COW meeting.  It appears there may have been a meeting or meetings without 2 Trustees being advised.  Wonder if it was those ‘Executive meetings’ Jacques admitted to having – funny, Trustees Kaljur and Elliott were never advised of any ‘Executive meetings’.  I guess that’s where the municipality idea was hatched.  Now they’re trying to cover their tracks.  Trying to pass it off as an error while conveniently ignoring the fact the “municipality” was never mentioned until the Jan. 2018 meeting.  Where did it come from?

You will note the new Chair agrees he should listen to the audio recording of the Dec. 13, 2017 COW meeting – any bets that it’s been erased?

NOTE:  this is audio only.  There will not be any video as UBID decided not to video record.