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Union Bay Improvement District meeting June 21, 2018 – going through the motions – no public discussion of topics

You will note the meetings now consist of approving the agenda, minutes, reading the reports and 1 question allowed per landowner.  There is to be no discussion in public – remember, the public is a distraction.

You will remember the discussion from the May 24, 2018 meeting where it was disclosed the board had made no plans to meet with Koer’s or Island Health until Trustee Kaljur pointed out how important these meetings are considering UBID is expected to proceed quickly due to a deadline.  Now we hear there is a delay.  Could this ‘delay’ have been prevented if UBID and Koer’s had been meeting?  What has this admin been doing since Oct. 2017 when they signed the water agreement with KIP?

No meetings planned for July and August and yet the board is still going to meet – but don’t want the electorate to know what they’re doing?

Looks like the new person hired to do the admin’s job is making a huge difference.  Just think how fast things would be done if the admin knew his job!

June 21, 2018 board meeting video posted within a week.

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