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Union Bay Improvement District Secretive Empire Building and Sept. 2018 meeting video finally posted.

These guys have been spending money like the board David Godfrey was on for years and just about bankrupted the community until he and Denis Royer were turfed in 2011 right after they signed that lousy agreement with KIP all the while touting is as a gift to the community.  Standard procedure was to look at how much money was coming in and then spend, spend, spend.  Talk about history repeating itself.  Locking out the public because they are a distraction.  Lying about correspondence not being received in order to avoid those uncomfortable questions. Fiction in the meeting minutes to disguise incompetence.

The present board hired an admin with zero government experience who cries about all the extra hours he works – well no kidding when you don’t know the job.  Then this guy hires someone to do his job!  Are we paying overtime for employees who aren’t qualified?  New computers, new website which has about 5% of the content on the one erased.  New software the admin couldn’t learn.  Paying someone to come to meetings to turn on and off the new $500 plus camera purchased so the admin could record the meetings.  Nope – he screwed that up so now we pay for that too.  The admin was going to post the videos – nope he can’t do that either.  Answer correspondence – nope he’s too busy.  Ask him a follow up question and he threatens to call the police because he feels he’s being harassed.

So what have they planned to spend behind the scenes?  We will only be advised of the drunken sailor spending spree after the funds are gone.

Three staff and it takes almost 2 weeks to post the 17 minute video of the Sept. 20, 2018 meeting.

People in Union Bay will put up with anything and these guys know it.

When they come around before the next election will people blindly believe when they claim to be open, accountable, transparent and honest?

They spent I don’t know how many minutes testing the mic at the Sept. 2018 meeting and yet…  mumble mouths.  The audio recording I posted is easier to hear than theirs!

Update:  I increased the volume an uploaded the video again – should be easier to hear.



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