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Providing safe potable water to landowners should be the priority of the Union Bay Improvement District Trustees – Nope

This is the speech from April 2016, about the then board taking the community in a direction he didn’t agree with.  The board had made plans to build a water treatment system.  So how come we ended up with just 4 acres of land from a developer who promised $17.4 Million in 2005 AND we’re footing a $4 Million dollar loan?

Remember why the board changed hands?  They brought this petition around and people signed it saying they didn’t want to pay for a water treatment system.  So they got elected and negotiated down from the worst agreement in the history of Union Bay!  The lousy expired 2011 WIA provided an interest free loan to Union Bay.  What did these geniuses negotiate?  4 acres of land!  Hurray…?

They are elected and who’s paying for that water filtration system BIG TIME?  Plus, they don’t want to see or hear from you.  You are insignificant – a distraction – know your place.

The minute people start running scared and can’t answer the most basic questions, I think it’s usually a sign of someone trying to cover up something they know is wrong.  Why do elected officials believe the public is a distraction?  Why do these same individuals prevent questions from being asked of them – they certainly didn’t campaign with the promise landowners are not worthy of witnessing what these guys are doing or question their actions.

The 2 Open Houses provided information on borrowing $2 Million dollars with the wrong figures on monthly payments and interest paid.  (the admin had interest of $54,000 for the whole 20 yrs amortization!)  Now it is $4 Million dollars – grand total of water treatment plant $5.5 Million dollars for 700 households.

Then there is a new firehall – $4 Million?  None of these costs include upgrades to the aging infrastructure.   Millions and millions and these guys are spending like drunken sailors.

Public Works water reports from the Union Bay Improvement District Water Superintendent  >1.0 NTU.

March 16, 2017 Public Works Water Report:  2.3 NTU

May 18, 2017 Public Works Water Report:  1.8 NTU

November Public Works Water Report:  NOTE:  Listen to the chair provide information about the NTU’s.  The Union Bay Improvement District Chair states that when the NTU’s exceed >1.0 “they could issue a boil water advisory, but they don’t”.

December 2017 Public Works Water Report:  NOTE:  part of this report that the water turbidity is good because normally November readings are >2.5 to >4.0 NTU  The Chair, reading the Water Superintendents Report states:  “more testing will be done if the water turbidity rises above 1. NTU.

January 2018 Public Works Water Report:  NOTE:  There is no video because the guy being paid big bucks as an admin failed to audio and video record.  The official recording the admin used to compile his minutes were taken from my posted audio.  From this water report the Water Superintendent again confirms his knowledge of the 1. NTU limit.


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