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Where’s Union Bay Estates wastewater going to be dumped now that there’s no mention of a golf course? VP stated wastewater “not into an outfall in Baynes Sound.”

This post explains a lot including a clip from the March 2016 KIP sponsored meeting. KIP was going ahead that year, one way or another. John (who designed the water filtration plant for the agreement KIP allowed to lapse) was already working on the first phase of their wastewater treatment plant. Oh, John must be finished by now – 3 years later.

The full page ad in the post which includes the following:

“Kensington Coastal Point has offered to increase the size of its sewer main and lift stations running the length of the property in order to accommodate the needs of the community….thus reducing the cost to the area residents should they want to be connected.  All treated wastewater will be dispersed through an irrigation system on the golf resort property and not into an outfall in Baynes Sound.”

The gallery of pretty pictures below is what we were fed as to the type of sewage treatment the developer would employ providing ‘reclaimed water’.

I tend to think it’s going to be the Dubai model.

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