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UBID Admin wants to charge $1075.00 for FOI request (after 3 hours free) to provide a copy of UBID KIP water agreement from Oct. 2017 – why is it secret?

This is what is available on the UBID website regarding the Potable Water Servicing and Infrastructure Agreement with KIP. Where’s the agreement and why isn’t it available to view by the landowners if there is nothing to hide?

Received the following. The dysfunction and secrecy reaches new lows daily. Fire this guy.

Hi all.
A Water Infrastructure Agreement was negotiated between UBID and KIP through bylaw 232 on or about April 8, 2011 and was posted on the UBID web site for years until the agreement expired FOR ALL LAND OWNERS TO VIEW.
UBID and KIP have now entered into a private undisclosed agreement with no supporting bylaw and land owners haven’t a clue to the financial impact this may have on the community.

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