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From 2 bullies who planned and participated in the disruption of the Oct. 19, 2016 All Candidates Meeting – now they’re trying to pass themselves off as pillars of the community?

Took this excerpt from Susanna Kaljur’s blog. I added the red font.

And then we have this today. Tries to put forth the big shot attitude in an attempt to hide the paranoia.

Here’s how the big shot is allowed to interrupt without being put in his place by the chair. Out of order 9 times in one meeting and never reprimanded.

Here’s a good post about the non research guy:

What I found so funny about these two is that they obviously believe everyone uses the same dirty tactics they employ as displayed in the video. That’s why they don’t know what to do when something unexpected crops up. They are paranoid as displayed in the post Jednorog put on her blog – see below, so they think anything that happens must be a plot or planned.

Here is the first version of hysterical Jednorog’s claim of being assaulted. Here is Jednorog’s website where she keeps Union Bay landowners informed:

This is the second version where she admits Haraldson, Bitten and Jednorog planned the disruption because they were paranoid believing they were being set up for an ‘ambush’. These folks need some medication to counter the rampant paranoia.

Here’s an article written by an impartial witness at the Oct. 19, 2016 meeting:

You’ll hear Bitten towards the end throw insults as he leaves. This was a planned disruption. Haraldson doesn’t appear in the video clip but he’s the one telling me to be quiet when I object to Jednorog highjacking the meeting. The “J” is Lone Jednorog.

In Oct. 2016, I provided the RCMP with my video and they must have come to the conclusion that Jednorog was employing ‘alternative facts’ after listening to what transpired since none of the of the claims matched up – all fabricated.

The 2 other landowners on Tues. showed up thinking there was going to be a swearing in of the new trustees. That was the plan.

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