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The Union Bay Gong Show continues – dictator chair unilaterally postpones AGM – even though he doesn’t have the authority.

Excerpt from the Improvement District Trustees Handbook (the one on the UBID site is from 2009 – this one is from 2012)

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Excerpt from the Local Government Act re: AGM. Notice that the board didn’t follow proper procedure again this year by waiting until Apr. 17, 2019 to post the AGM notice. They ignore just about everything and do as they like.

These guys aren’t going to vacate their positions willingly. Now they have unlawfully postponed the AGM claiming myself and two landowners are the cause. Bullshit, the admin doesn’t know his place and thinks he can demand answers from people who are not even speaking to him. Then we have a Chair who thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to approach a landowner in a bullying manner. Then he has the nerve to claim there might be violence. The only person acting in an aggressive manner was the Chair who is out of control and making more wild accusations just like he did moving the unlawful January 2019 Board Meeting.

The three of us attended the meeting thinking the two new trustees were going to be sworn in. When that was straightened out, we stayed for the financial part of the meeting before it was going in camera. There was calm until the admin decided to call out a landowner right before the meeting started – that’s when everything went to hell. This twerp doesn’t know his place. Produce where there were violent outbursts. And produce where this has been going on for a decade. From the guy who protested when we were locked in April 2011 and now suddenly he’s claiming violence.

This board simply does not want Trustee Kaljur to participate as an equal trustee. They do everything possible to prevent her from obtaining information the other trustees receive and the admin is complicit. The Chair clearly states he won’t speak to her until they are in a court room. Well gee, shouldn’t you vacate the position of Chair if that’s how you feel? Obviously, he plans on excluding her and doesn’t see anything wrong with that.

Check out the couple of video clips. Anytime you see me I’m standing with my hands behind my back. I never approach anyone or invade their space unlike the Chair. The only person who escalates the situation by becoming aggressive is the Chair and not one of us reacted in kind. Why did the Chair leave his position to advance on me and was only stopped when the female landowner voiced her concerns? Why did the female staff have to put herself in the Chair’s path because he wouldn’t stop advancing toward the female landowner? Then the Chair advanced to the husband and was right in his face. This is intimidation.

This board just doesn’t want to give up their control. By delaying the AGM, it prevents the two new trustees from taking their duly elected positions.

Again, this chair does not have the authority to act unilaterally. Why can’t he grasp that when it’s in black and white? He sending the letter to Faganello who has told this board in no uncertain terms what is expected of a democratic board. I hope she asks him what the hell he’s doing making unilateral decisions and if he bothered to read her letter.

It’s amusing that the ‘rules’ they are going by for the AGM are from the Meetings Procedure Bylaw 263 with an update making it Bylaw 270 that they have been violating since May 2017 when the RENA guy put forth a motion to suspend a portion of the bylaw. This is what transpired. Now you understand how they view the bylaws.

Here’s the bylaw they are using to delay the newly elected trustees from being sworn in. Has this board abided by this bylaw? There was an amendment regarding the audio/video but everything else is the same.

Union Bay chair cancels public meeting over fear of violence

James Wood

James Wood, staff Wednesday, Apr. 24th, 2019

 UBID chair Ted Haraldson is pictured during the UBID trustee meeting of November 16th, 2018. Photo by James Wood/98.9 The Goat/Vista Radio 

UNION BAY, B.C- Union Bay’s annual general meeting won’t be happening tomorrow night.

According to a letter issued by the chair of the Union Bay Improvement District trustee board, Ted Haraldson, the community’s annual general meeting (AGM) set for 7:00 p.m. on Thursday at the community hall has been postponed after a disruption to a committee of the whole meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

Haraldson’s letter states that landowners had attended the meeting to purposely disrupt it. It had been intended to swear in newly-elected trustees Paul Healey and Hein Vandenberg, and discuss the results of UBID’s 2018 audit in a closed meeting prior to the AGM on Thursday.

Both Healey and Vandenberg chose to sworn in after the AGM, according to Haraldson.

The disruption on Tuesday was captured on tape by Union Bay resident Mary Reynolds, and discussion in the recording indicated that things started going wrong when trustee Susanna Kaljur and other landowners disagreed with administrator Gordon Mason about the timing of the swearing in.

According to the dialogue in the recording, Healey and Vandenberg had thought it improper to be sworn in before the AGM was held, with Kaljur and Mason arguing about the exact timing of an “inaugural meeting” for the board.

The rules about inaugural meetings, according to Union Bay’s own bylaws, follow below:

Reached for comment on Wednesday, Healey indicated that both he and Vandenberg hadn’t wanted to start off their time on the board by contravening a community bylaw.

The dispute on Tuesday derailed the whole meeting.

According to Haraldson’s letter, “violent outbursts occurred between trustees and landowners attending the meeting”. Three staff members of the district had to leave the office, and the RCMP were called.

“For the safety of landowners, trustees, staff, and consultants, we have decided to cancel the AGM,” wrote Haraldson.

“It will be rescheduled at a future date, after I have had an opportunity to have discussions with the ministry to move UBID forward to an environment that promotes safety for all stakeholders to attend public meetings. I will be suggesting to the Ministry (Municipal Affairs) a facilitator be appointed to chair and moderate the AGM meeting”.

All reports from the AGM, including the chief administrative officer report, public works report, fire rescue services report, and Union Bay’s audit for 2018 will be posted to the district website.

“The issue of forceful outburst and disruption of UBID Public Meetings has been ongoing for the past decade and the public meeting environment has to improve for the landowners of Union Bay.”

Haraldson spoke with the newsroom about the postponement.

“The whole idea of having them sworn in prior to that at a COW meeting, the purpose of that was so they could sit down, and listen to the auditors report, and get filled in, so when it took time to come in and be trustees, they would have an idea of the audit and etcetera, what was going on, so they would be more prepared for the AGM,” said Haraldson.

“That was the reason for that, and that’s about it.”

He said that what happened at the Tuesday meeting was unfortunate, but he was concerned that a public meeting could be a safety issue.

“There is no way that I want people to turn around, and start fighting in the aisles, and all this stuff going on,” said Haraldson.

Asked if he actually believed that would happen, he indicated that he did.

“Yelling is one thing, but it could get to the point where people could get into a frenzy, and then all of a sudden, someone could get hurt,” said Haraldson.

“And I don’t want to see landowners or anyone end up being hurt, at all.”

As for how the Tuesday meeting could have gone better, Haraldson didn’t see a way, saying that “these people” had come to the meeting to disrupt it on purpose.

“This has happened a number of times, and it’s the same individuals,” said Haraldson.

“It’s very unfair. As I say, Hein and Paul were elected, they had a good election, they won heartily, and I am ok with that. We need trustees to come in, and go to work to get the things done that need to be done.”

He went to talk about the community’s new water treatment plant, describing it as “completely finished” with permits and approvals finished, and a “done deal”.

“But again, there are other things that need to be done, and we need trustees to stand up to the plate and go to work,” said Haraldson.

“I have no problem with Paul and Hein becoming trustees. I’m hoping that we can all work together to get the jobs done that are necessary. That’s what it’s all about.”

He also discussed a governance review, which both Healey and Vandenberg had been advocating for during their campaigns. He stated that the province’s municipal affairs department wanted the plant to be “complete and operational” before a governance review could be considered.

“Of course, we need a governance review,” said Haraldson.

“That’s going to happen, it has to happen, I have no problem with that either, but I am just following the ministry and what they said.”

He indicated that he’s hoping to speak with Municipal Affairs very soon. As for the AGM, he provided no timeline for when it would be re-scheduled.

The police that were called to Tuesday’s disruption left without incident.

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Union Bay Improvement District Chair making false claims, again.

Audio of the COW meeting. Who is the aggressor?

Trustee Kaljur requests the 3 landowners stay until the auditor arrives as she does not feel safe.

The auditor had arrived and went to the admins office leaving the 4 trustees standing outside. After quite a while Trustee Kaljur enters only to be told by the admin the meeting is cancelled. Listen to what the Chair states about Trustee Kaljur harassing the auditor.

Listen to the Chair state that he won’t speak to Trustee Kaljur until they are in court, referencing the personal lawsuit which has nothing to do with UBID.

This is when the Chair left the railing and approached me. If I hadn’t turned away and the other landowner told him to get away… Who goes out of their way to approach someone so close? Is this meant to intimidate?

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There is no need to make a big deal about the letter to the CVRD. The motion was passed and an explanation was provided – but the admin erased the discussion.

The new trustees seem to be under the impression that it is a complicated process to request the CVRD to initiate an independent study on the pros and cons of becoming a service area of the CVRD. It simply takes sending the letter of request which was approved by motion Nov. 2017.

The excuse using the letter from the ministry to delay/postpone sending the request is bs. Read any quotes from the ministry and their claim is that they don’t interfere in a governing body. They will offer direction and suggestions as they did in the Jan. 2018 letter the board kept secret until Trustee Kaljur insisted it be made public.

A number of landowners have complained to the Ministry about this gong show board and were told the Ministry doesn’t interfere and the only option was to retain counsel. So we know the Ministry would not object to the UBID board proceeding promptly because they do not interfere. (unless you are a developer crying the blues because a democratic UBID board wouldn’t extend an expired agreement and then the Ministry appointed a facilitator to appease the cryer and flunkies – seems to have made an exception to the rule on that one)

NOTE: the date of 2017 is a typo – it was received by UBID Jan. 2018.

It’s just a letter – that’s what starts the ball rolling. The motion sat for the last 17 months. If we want the process to start – we must insist this board send the letter asap! The current board has misled the landowners and are costing us money as each month passes.

Not only did the admin erase the 17 minutes, he then never bothered to obtain audio to complete the minutes.

The motion that was passed at the Nov. 16, 2017 meeting with the Chair stating “there’s no harm in getting information” and then buried the motion.

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Union Bay Gong Show trustee can’t leave without demonizing those who exercise their rights. From the guy who yelled he was tired of the negativity!


But still can’t help wanting to continue dividing the community, demonizing those who want honesty, accountability and transparency. The new trustees clearly had a majority which makes the ‘small group’ dig another one to add to the stupid statements made by this individual.

“I’ve got nothing against the candidates. I still have concerns about who is backing them, this small group of people has been holding this community back for 20 years.

James Wood

James Wood, staff Tuesday, Apr. 23rd, 2019

 Left to right: Trina Gable, Paul Healey, Glenn Loxam, and Hein Vandenberg are pictured during the Union Bay election forum on April 4th, 2019. Photo by James Wood/98.9 The Goat/Vista Radio 

UNION BAY, B.C- Glenn Loxam and Trina Gable have congratulated their competitors.

The pair were running for two open seats on the trustee board for the Union Bay Improvement District, up against Hein Vandenberg and Paul Healey.

The pair have been speaking in favour of a governance review for Union Bay, with the option of a merger with the Comox Valley Regional District, throughout the election. The aim of the merger would be to secure sources of grant funding for infrastructure in the community.

Loxam, a sitting trustee, had been running for re-election, while Gable was a first-time candidate. Neither had come out strongly in favour of a merger between the CVRD and UBID.

On Saturday, Union Bay voters elected Vandenberg and Healey.

The newsroom spoke with Loxam about the result on Tuesday. He wished both winners luck.

“I congratulate them both,” said Loxam.

“I’ve got nothing against the candidates. I still have concerns about who is backing them, this small group of people has been holding this community back for 20 years. It’s really sad. But as far as the candidates, I wish them all the best. Go forward. Hopefully, they stick to what they said, and we get our water treatment plant, that’s the most important thing.”

He hoped that both wouldn’t “stray” from what they expressed during their campaigning.

“Let’s get it done (the treatment plant), and everyone will vote in a referendum (for the governance review)!”

Gable kept her comments brief. Speaking on Monday, she said she wanted the best for the people of Union Bay, and hoped the new trustees would do that.

Both trustee-elects were scheduled to be sworn in at 2:00 p.m. at the Union Bay board office, but the ceremony was cancelled on Tuesday afternoon. According to Union Bay board chair Ted Haraldson, that had been at their own request.

Haraldson had said that an email from Vandenberg indicated both would prefer to be sworn in after Union Bay’s annual general meeting on Thursday evening.

This means that neither Vandenberg or Healey will sit with the other trustees at the meeting, but Haraldson expected both will still attend the evening.

They will be sworn in within the 30 days after the annual general meeting.

That event takes place at 7:00 p.m. in Union Bay’s community hall.

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The gong show continues at the Union Bay Improvement District

So it turns out Hein and Paul declined attending the meeting today due to the irregularity. Normally, trustees are sworn in immediately after the AGM/election or at an inaugural meeting within 30 days. Normally, an inaugural meeting is held fairly quickly.

Because this imitation board changed all the dates relating to this years election while excluding Trustee Kaljur, everything is a mess.

A landowner called the UBID office this a.m. and was first told the meeting was closed to the public and then the landowner received a call back saying the swearing in of the new trustees would be public

So there is the initial confusion about what is going on and then everything is quiet (the Chair hasn’t commenced the meeting yet) and another landowner says something to me which prompts the admin to question the landowner and everything goes to hell after that. The Chair approaches me demanding to know what I said and the landowner is telling him to ‘stop right there’. The Chair then tries to intimidate the landowner which causes one of the UBID admin female staff to jump up and block the Chair to prevent him from coming closer to the female landowner. The Chair then tries to intimidate the landowner’s husband by getting in his face just inches away.

Listen to the Chair reference the personal lawsuit in a UBID board meeting!! Talk about making threats.

Then one of them says “I’m out of here” and it is echoed by the others.

The Admin falls back on the old “I’m calling the RCMP”.

I hope we get to see some of the video recorded – it was like duelling iPhones!