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We are paying an extra $1,201,398.49 in interest because of the Union Bay Improvement District Board and Admin – time for a smooth transition/conversion before we’re bankrupt!

Check Susanna Kaljur’s blog for an update on the Ministry contradicting the false information spread by UBID Chair about becoming a service area of the CVRD..

This board and Admin have done everything possible to prevent the landowners from having a say in the future of Union Bay. They refuse to listen to the wishes of the landowners and discarded the petition presented to them in 2016 with over 400 signatures. They have forced us to go into debt with no hope of financial relief and want us to continue as an improvement district paying every cent for any upgrades, governed by those who rule in secrecy and believe they are not answerable to the landowners.

The tables below calculate just the interest we will be paying borrowing $3.5 Million dollars. If you factor in grant money we would be eligible for (80%) according to Trustee Kaljur, we wouldn’t be borrowing any money or paying any interest at all. 80% of $4,200,000 in grant money would leave the total cost to landowners at $840,000 instead of a whopping total of $5,250,917.87. A SAVINGS OF $4,410,917.87!!!!

The figure below is the cost of borrowing $3.5 Million dollars at 3.49% over 25 years as proposed by UBID board and Admin. Total interest will be $1,750,917.87

The figure below is borrowing $3.5 Million dollars at 1.49% (Trustee Kaljur stated the rate would be 2% below prime if we were a service area of the CVRD, so I have deducted 2% from UBID’s figure) over 25 years. Total interest would be $694,399.82

The figure below is borrowing $3.5 Million dollars at 1.49% over 20 years. Total interest would be $549,519.38

Instead of paying $1,750,917.87 in interest, we could reduce the amortization to 20 years and only pay $549,519.38 in interest if we become a service area of the CVRD. Reducing the amortization to 20 years results in the monthly payment being less than what UBID would be paying the Royal Bank. A savings of 1,201,398.49!! That’s just the savings on the water treatment plant. We are going to be facing huge infrastructure bills in the future and we need to make sure we get the biggest bang for our buck.

Conversion is the answer to the unlawful actions taken by this outdated form of government and save landowners millions.

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Conversion information from the BC Gov’t website.

For those interested in learning about the process involved in becoming a service area of the Comox Valley Regional District. We currently have a form of government that allows corruption. It’s time to take Union Bay into the 21st century with elected officials who can be held accountable for their actions and restore democracy to Union Bay.

This clip is Scott Fraser (now our MLA) at the April 2017 All Candidates Meeting advising that conversion can happen even when a community is facing a huge project. Scott gives the example of a community on the west side of Vancouver Island who were in the same position as Union Bay and converted within a year.

We are being financially bled to death by a board and admin who want the authority to construct multi million dollar projects funded 100% by the landowners. The Admin isn’t qualified to hold his position and we do not have access to the experts required now that the community is facing multi million dollar projects which would be readily available if we were a service area.

The board didn’t even negotiate an interest free loan when they negotiated the Oct. 2017 Water Infrastructure Agreement which was in the 2011 WIA. This board has no plans for any financial relief for the landowners and are insisting we pay every penny. We cannot afford to duplicate the services already in existence at the CVRD. We shouldn’t be relying on the advice of an Admin with zero government experience who has violated his position and should be shown the same door he showed the Fire Chief. The community cannot trust this admin.

From the Improvement District Trustee’s Handbook page 35

Conversion Guide:

Check pages 13 and 14 for the comparisons between a Regional District and Improvement Districts.

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Dysfunctional Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees – dumbest board and proud of it

This dysfunctional board hired professionals to facilitate the AGM and the Chair still couldn’t conduct a proper meeting – totally useless.

A landowner asked a question about when the Fire Hall land was being transferred to UBID. The Chair couldn’t answer the question.

Dumb and dumber brought the Fire Hall land into the negotiations of the Water Infrastructure Agreement in Oct. 2017. They were so proud of their negotiation skills and touted the accomplishment of obtaining not only 4 acres of land for the Water Treatment Plant, they also negotiated 1 hectare for the Fire Hall.

What they failed to mention is that McMahon has always offered 4 acres for the Fire Hall. This was already in the 2010 Master Development Agreement between the CVRD and KIP. So they negotiated DOWN from 4 acres to 1 hectare.

My question as to why they negotiated down. NOTE: I was mistaken when I stated the Revised MDA was in Dec. 2018 – it was actually Dec. 2017.

In McMahon’s letter specifically addressed to Jacques and Loxam of June 7, 2016, below he also states “Once we have a UBID Water Agreement in place title can be transferred”. So why wasn’t this in the Oct. 17, 2017 Agreement? Why did they negotiate down again by agreeing to a 2 year deadline instead of getting the title of the land immediately after the Water Infrastructure Agreement in Oct. 2017?

In the Agreement with KIP from Oct. 17, 2017, there is a deadline for transferring the land to UBID “…on or before the date that is two years later after the date of this Agreement.” See Page 7 below. Remember, this is the developer who states government time lines don’t matter. So the latest this land should be transferred is Oct. 17, 2019. Then McMahon has an out in # 26 of the Agreement for services to be provided to the lot line not later than two years after the date the Fire Hall lands are subdivided and transferred to UBID with this: “As an exception to the foregoing, the Developer shall not be responsible to provide services that cannot then be made available to the Fire Hall Lands on a commercially reasonable basis.” So why was the Fire Hall Land even brought up in the negotiations for the Water Treatment Plant. The only one who benefited is McMahon. UBID isn’t getting a serviced lot for the Fire Hall any earlier than the MDA had stipulated – just getting less than was promised – surprise, surprise! So the new Fire Hall may start Oct. of 2021 or not.

For the complete Water Infrastructure Agreement between KIP and UBID can be viewed at:

Trustee Kaljur asks the board why the figures showing the costs associated with the Water Treatment Plant aren’t posted on the website so landowners are informed. Instead of answering, the Chair asks Trustee Kaljur if she knew of a better deal on the financing.

I asked the Chair where I could find the information that grants him the power to make unilateral decisions and the Chair states Robert’s Rules. Bullshit. Then mrknowitall butts in as usual spouting off bullshit.

I asked the auditor what the total was for delinquent UBID accounts. Remember the Admin hired a deputy to collect these monies. It was $75,000. and now it’s $55,000. ($40,000. parcel taxes and $15,000. water tolls). Why hasn’t there been some action on these delinquent accounts? If it’s optional, then why are we all paying our bills?

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Union Bay Estates – where are the homes built in May/June 2019?

From this post:

The first homes should be getting built in May or June of 2019, according to McMahon. “If all goes well,” he said.

It appears all has not gone well – we are all used to these empty promises. The only thing that has been accomplished is clearing land and exposing contaminated soil currently covered with soil condoms. The George Costanza of developers. KIP got a $5 million dollar mortgage at 9% interest in 2017 –

Borrower required funds to re-finance existing debt and soft costs relating to the development of this master planned community.

Soft costs. Soft Cost is a construction industry term but more specifically a contractor accounting term for an expense item that is not considered direct construction cost. Soft costs include architectural, engineering, financing, and legal fees, and other pre- and post-construction expenses.



// // // // JAMES WOOD, STAFF

A photo of the draft community plan, presented on March 1, 2018. Photo by James Wood/98.9 The Goat/Vista RadioUNION BAY, B.C- One of the Comox Valley’s oldest communities could be seeing huge changes in the near future. A long-running development project in the Union Bay area had it’s official launch on Thursday afternoon at the Kingfisher Resort. The project, run by a company formerly known as Kensington Island Properties (KIP), is planned to bring in a total of 2,949 homes in the lightly-populated area, under the name of “Union Bay Estates”. According to Brian McMahon, who’s been working on the project for the last 21 years, the name change was meant to show the development as part of the community. “Everyone has known us as KIP, or Kensington, or whatever,” said McMahon. “We’re Union Bay. That’s who we are. We’re part of Union Bay, and we want to be fulfilling that name, that our development is Union Bay.” The project will take up 346 acres in total, around the core of the current Union Bay community, with multiple phases. An overall population increase of around 7,500 to 9000 people is expected once the project is complete, along with an influx of new businesses. In news releases issued by the developer, a pair of new hotels are predicted, along with a movie theatre and walk-in clinics, among other improvements. The total timeframe of the project is set at around 10 to 15 years for completion. During the launch announcement, both Chief Nicole Rempel of the K’omoks First Nation and Peter Jacques, chair of the Union Bay Improvement District, spoke in positive terms about the project. “I have a 93-year-old girlfriend, and she is always on my case,” said Jacques, while speaking at the event.

Peter Jacques, chair of the Union Bay Improvement District, is pictured during the launch of Union Bay Estates at the Kingfisher Resort on March 1, 2018. Photo by James Wood/98.9 The Goat/Vista Radio

“When are we going to see something happen here? I want to see something happen here before I die. I remember when this community was a bustling community, we had shops here, we had families here, we had children here. I want to see some of that, before I go.” (I tell her) I’m trying my best.” When speaking with the press, McMahon expressed a desire to see Union Bay grow again.

Brian McMahon speaks to reporters on March 1, 2018, outside the Kingfisher Resort. Photo by James Wood/98.9 The Goat/Vista Radio

“Union Bay used to have a population of 10,000 people,” said McMahon. “When the colliery was running, there were three hotels, there were banks, there were grocery stores, there was a department store, and it’s all gone. We’re looking to bring a lot of that back into the community.” McMahon also had more details on the planned remediation of the Union Bay coal hills, which are planned to be covered over by West Fraser Mills Ltd. According to him, the project will involve flattening the terrain to 50 feet across the hills, from a current elevation of 72 to 73 feet. Sand will then be used to cap the site, with an engineered membrane to go over top and be “heat-sealed”. Another layer of sand would be placed on top, along with a “growth medium”, and the site would be seeded with grass. No trees or anything with a taproot would be allowed on the site, as it could damage the membrane. “I suspect it’ll be green in the spring, green in the fall, and probably brown in the summertime,” said McMahon. “It’s not going to have any irrigation.” He believed it would eventually become a provincial park. “We’re going to enhance the walkability of the property, and to the park that’s its going to be,” said McMahon. While the developer is still working through processes with government bodies to begin work on the site, the first phase of construction will involve an upgrade to the Union Bay marina this summer, and the construction of office spaces for Union Bay Estates in the community. The first homes should be getting built in May or June of 2019, according to McMahon. “If all goes well,” he said.

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Union Bay Improvement District Bylaw # 277 authorizing borrowing $3.5 Million dollars without landowner approval

Thanks to the landowner who emailed requesting a copy of the bylaw and forwarded it to me when they received the following: Note: no second page even though it clearly states “page 1 of 2”.

Waiting to confirm if Trustee Kaljur was aware of the meeting March 22, 2019 when the board voted on this. Answer: Trustee Kaljur was unable to attend the meeting as she was in Vancouver.

The page below is from Kaljur’s blog. The Admin recommended 25 year amortization. Think about that. The person who decided how many years we are saddled with this debt is a person unqualified for the position he now holds. No previous government experience and is learning the job at top pay one mistake at a time. Can’t answer questions relating to his job, refuses to attend public meetings, admin salaries have doubled since 2017 with the Admin hiring someone to do his job and still can’t answer questions. New computers, new video camera he can’t figure out how to operate, we are now paying monthly rent for him to sit in the building beside the office. How many landowners have complained about no one being at the office during posted hours? Office is closed from 12 to 1 but the Admin takes his lunch from 1 to 2. Apparently we are paying him overtime for a job he is unqualified to hold.