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My Apologies, I Screwed Up – Correction to Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties Building Permit

Sorry, I screwed up with this post:

There are 2 building permits and one was cancelled.

I contacted Jodi MacLean who provided clarification. #11527 is an active application, subject to the same conditions – pay the Building Permit fee and transfer park areas before a Building Permit can be issued.

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Solid Waste Collection for Union Bay – CVRD Proceeding to Phase 2

Thanks to Daniel Arbour for providing this update.

Looks like progress is being made in order for Union Bay to have the CVRD collect our garbage and recycling. This link lays out the timeline.

I was paying $94. for 3 months with every second week pickup. It’s now $106.95 with no recycling. Going with the CVRD is going to be a lot cheaper.

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Union Bay Improvement District COW Meeting Feb. 4, 2021

Again, lots of information at this meeting. Worth watching.

Those of us who live in old homes in Union Bay need to keep an eye on our water consumption by checking our meters in case there is a leak. There is no Water Leak Policy any longer which provided a one time forgiveness if you had a water leak and didn’t know until you received your astronomical bill. Last year UBID wrote off $17,000. due to this forgiveness policy. One landowner’s bill was over $2,000.

We’ll be getting new meters in the future that will send an alert if there is a leak. Until that time, check out the UBID website as they plan on putting up information to keep landowners informed as to the precautions we can take until our meters are replaced.

Here’s some info from the agenda package today.