Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – this is their case?

Credit for the pic to Terrance ‘Bear’ Ruttan of Deep Water Recovery from his facebook page in Aug. 2022 but he changed it and removed all his pics. That’s okay, I saved them. 🙂

DWR lawyers are on the run trying to throw up more legal roadblocks again. I guess you can’t blame them not wanting this guy to be examined. Still waiting for them to offer a time when Terrance Ruttan is available. 🙂

These guys know they are going to lose. I have proof – they have this from Ruttan. If they had a case they wouldn’t be pulling the crap they are, they’d want to get me into court and have me dealt with instead of still sending their thugs to find and harass me.

They aren’t doing themselves any favours by their attempts to circumvent the Protection of Public Participation Act. Judges can order 100% costs if it’s decided this case was in fact an attempt to prevent me from exercising my rights under the PPP Act.

What ‘Property’ was I on June 22, 2022? The same road that had a Bakery business operating with the public accessing it. If the road is DWR property – where are the signs indicating it? Only sign is by the gate at the railway crossing. You lose – again.

Ya Terrance, the drone is so noisy it must prevent one worker from hearing the other one tell him to stop working to look at the drone. How far away is it? Is that 30 to 100 feet? What medication is Terrance taking to prevent his anxiety when he hears all those noises in the industrial site? Is 5 to 15 minutes between noon and 2 pm constant surveillance?

This is DWR’s counterclaim.

3 thoughts on “Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – this is their case?

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  1. Sorry about that but, “birds of a feather. You have to stop picking on these little boys. Scaring them with your drone. Ha ha. He might hurt himself with a blowtorch?

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  2. The guy who robbed me of my drone is Mark Jurisich. Jurisich hasn’t provided an affidavit. What’s he going to say? The video shows him stealing and then returning it under the cover of darkness. Terrance Ruttan is the guy DWR has set up as the fall guy. His affidavit is laughable. Wonder what they told him when he was signing his name to those “facts”. Did he know he would be examined on every word? 🙂

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  3. Ha ha. What about the part involving a sneaky thief and your drone? Well, it seems like you have an unexpected reader for your blog – Mr. Sticky Fingers himself! How thoughtful of him to stay up to date on your latest posts. Maybe he’s just a misunderstood drone enthusiast, right?

    Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the incredible talent this thief must possess. Can you imagine having so many feet in one’s mouth? It’s like a circus act gone wrong, but instead of juggling, this person excels at putting their foot in their mouth. Bravo! Perhaps they should consider a career in contortionism or maybe even political diplomacy.

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