Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates Never Wanted Bylaw 264 – KIP’s Flunkies Claimed the MMCD Standards “…could prove financially onerous to developers…” Check out the “strata” subdivision.

Previous posts about Bylaw 264 and the dirty tricks pulled to ensure it never would never be implemented. The Ministry worried about what KIP objected to; the withholding of the legal opinion for months by the UBID admin and trustees and only advising Trustee Kaljur the day they voted to kill the bylaw in Oct…. Continue Reading →

Kensington Island Properties/Union Bay Estates Liberal buddies at the Ministry manipulate bylaws – protecting a developer instead of landowners.

NOTE: The legal opinion regarding Bylaw 264 was received July 12, 2017 from UBID’s lawyer and yet Trustee Kaljur stated she only received it Oct 12, 2017 – the day of the meeting. Another example of this Admin withholding documents from certain Trustees. It’s pretty obvious Kaljur was kept out of the loop since Bitten… Continue Reading →

Union Bay Improvement District Having Problems Abiding by Bylaw #270 . How much is it going to cost YOU for UBID to post videos of the meetings?  This is turning into a money pit with these dolts running around trying to figure out how to prevent the public from recording the meetings and being clueless in the first place not understanding what they were… Continue Reading →

What’s tainted Loxam running on? Unlawfully ‘suspending’ a fellow trustee, unlawfully meeting and unlawfully making changes without the full knowledge of ALL trustees and passing it off as legal UBID board meetings, insulting landowners, promising landowners there would be no increase in parcel taxes and supporting a dictatorship?

Running on … nothing. Typical. What the hell has this guy got to offer based on his performance in the last three years? Some questions to ask if he shows up on your doorstep: Since you are touting the Water Infrastructure Agreement with KIP as an accomplishment, why won’t you let the landowners view the… Continue Reading →

Did The Kensington Island Properties Trustees Understand the Oath Taken April 13, 2016?

Videos I’ve recorded can be found at Well, it’s pretty obvious these two have not acted in the manner required by the very oath they took April 13, 2016, in the clip below. IN MY OPINION. Their secretive recent actions show how incompetent or simply unable they are to grasp the seriousness of those words.  Absolutely unfit… Continue Reading →

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