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Should There Be Health Warning Signs on Toxic Union Bay Coal Hills Adjacent to Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties Swanky Development?

Anyone remember this bullshit from KIP’s last website?

I’m surprised at all the talk about KIP developing the waterfront and creek front in the first phase and no mention of the toxic site literally feet from the swanky development.  Anyone walking the coal hills knows the contaminated soil does not suddenly stop at the shoreline – it’s been spread out over an extremely large area surrounding the contaminated site by the tides and storms – a dead zone.

Took the following pic in 2013.  Is there any difference in the soil on the coal hills and the soil across the creek on the shoreline?

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Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc., Union Bay Estates Plans for a Marina – Again or Just More BS

This is from the last time KIP tried to get approval for a marina.

Aquaculture is dependent on water that is free from contamination.  Oysters cannot move from where they are placed, so the tailings of the Tsable River mine and leaching from all the years of industry in the Union Bay Harbour which are soon to be released through the dredging, will not only bring contaminates but also destroy the plankton on which the oysters feed.  Oysters must be handled delicately.  Their bed must be undisturbed, their water warmer and less saline than the open sea, and their food, the minute plankton, cannot be disturbed by heavy machinery or any indiscriminate use of the shoreline.

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Is the Sewage System Planned for Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties, 34083 Yukon Inc. Based on Dubai’s Model ?

The new Union Bay Estates adjacent to one of the top twenty toxic sites in B.C.  Quite the selling feature.  Is KIP planning a mini Dubai?  On the bright side there would be lots of jobs for truckers.

Are people dumb enough to believe the toxicity suddenly stops at Washer Creek?  Both sides of Washer Creek have the same material along the shoreline – black.  The first phase couldn’t be any closer to the toxic site without being right on top of it.  Although, remember when KIP had actually planned on building homes on the toxic site?  Ya, I trust KIP’s judgment.

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Kensington Island Properties aka 34083Yukon Inc, aka Union Bay Estates – Hilarious – A “Game Changer” – Too Funny!

BIG NEWS from the Comox Valley Echo June 10, 2005!  Just look at what this developer is willing to do for Union Bay – Isn’t it great?  Imagine what Union Bay will look like in 15 to 20 years!  Oh, oh – what happened?

July 2011 right after the 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement was signed.  Ready to go!

Here’s another chuckle from the President of Kensington Island Properties, aka 34083 Yukon Inc, Kensington Coastal Pointe, Kensington Coastal Point, Union Bay Resorts, The Union Bay Community, Union Bay Estates.  Sort of contradicts what the VP has been publicly stating.  The VP claims there were hurdles preventing the development going ahead and that’s why nothing has been done.  Funny, according to President Jim Youngren in his letter, which was visible for a number of years until finally being taken down in late 2017, the project was ready to go and all the zoning approvals and “heavy lifting” was done.

Almost 13 years later – BIG NEWS – AGAIN!  Hmmm… those promises to the community seem to have gone poof – just like everything else KIP has promised.  How come there is no mention of the golf course anymore?  This is the fourth article about this recycled development that fails to mention any golf course.

Development in Union Bay being called the largest on the Island north of Victoria

Kensington Union Bay Properties announced the launch of Union Bay Estates, a 346-hectare real estate development project in Union Bay, south of Courtenay.

After 19 years of setbacks, including legal challenges and other delays, Kensington Union Bay Properties has announced it’s moving ahead with an iconic 346-hectare development.

The construction situated in Union Bay, south of Courtenay, is being called the largest development of it’s kind outside of Greater Victoria.

When the several phases are completed it will include just under 3,000 residential units, a new marina, two hotels and numerous other amenities.

The current population of about 1,200 people could grow to over 10,000 when the final phases are finished.

WATCH: Kensington Union Bay Properties Vice President Brian McMahon talks about a new 346-hectare development in Union Bay.

The first phase which will include commercial buildings and waterfront improvements are expected to begin this spring.