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Financial info during Covid19


GREAT list! Many thanks to the person who put this together.




SupportDescriptionHow to Access
⚡ BC HydroBill deferral, payment plans, as well as crisis funding is available.Call 1-800-BC-HYDRO or apply online.
🏦 Freeze on rental ratesNo rent increases are allowed in BC, effective April 1.No action needed. Contact RTB with questions.
🏦 Rental supplementProvides up to $500/month towards rent, paid directly to landlords.Check back for application instructions.
🏘️ Mortgages (CMHC-insured)Mortgage payment deferrals available for CMHC-insured loans.🍁Check with your lender.
🏘️ Mortgages (non-CMHC)Check with your lender about payment deferral options.🍁Check with your lender.
🛏️ Emergency HousingExisting shelters still active and additional emergency options may be available.Call 2-1-1  or search online.
⚠️ See more re: Housing.
SupportDescriptionHow to Access
💵 Employment Insurance (EI)Existing EI benefit continues to be available. Provides up to $573/week to people who have lost income.🍁Apply online.
💵 EI Sickness BenefitOne-week waiting period has been waived.🍁Call 1-833-381-2725 or apply online.
💵 Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)Provides $2000/month to workers who lose income due to COVID-19, including contractors and self-employed people.
(Note: Previous description implied only those who do not qualify for EI are eligible for CERB. However, CERB may actually take the place of EI for new applicants when available. In the meantime, those who qualify for EI should continue to submit for EI, as it is a benefit that lasts up to 45 weeks and can continue after the CERB benefit ends on Oct 3.)
🍁Check back early April for application instructions. More info here.
💵 BC Emergency BenefitOne-time additional tax-free payment of $1000 to those on EI or CERB.Check back for application instructions.
SupportDescriptionHow to Access
💵 GST-creditOne-time boost of up to $600 per eligible couple, $400 for eligible individuals in May.🍁Benefit is paid out according to your income tax return. More info here.
💵 Climate Action Tax CreditOne-time boost of up to $564 for eligible families of 4 and $218 for eligible individuals in an enhanced payment in July.Children under 18 years old must be registered for the CCB to qualify. No other action is needed; benefit is paid out according to your income tax return. More info here.
👪 Canada Child Benefit(CCB)One-time boost of $300 per child in May.🍁No action if you are already registered for CCB. Otherwise, apply online.
🤸 Youth in CareYouth in care will not age out of services during the pandemic. Agreements with Young Adults (AYA) program payments will continue despite school closures and training interruptions.
🧘 Young Adults Program (AYA)Agreements with Young Adults (AYA) program payments will continue to former youth-in-care despite school closures and training interruptions.
💵 Income AssistanceExisting Income Assistance program continues to be available for those in need with no other resources.Apply online, by phone at 1-866-866-0800, or visit your local office.
♿ People with DisabilitiesExisting Disability Assistance program continues to be available. See also full list of additional supports here.Apply online, by phone at 1-866-866-0800, or visit your local office.
👵 SeniorsExisting programs continue to be available, including:
—–Old Age Security (OAS): $614/mo (max)
—–Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS): $916/mo (max)
—–Allowance/Allowance for Survivor: $1389/mo (max)
SupportDescriptionHow to Access
🚘 Hospital parkingParking is free of charge at all health authority owned/operated health care sites.
🚗 ICBCMonthly payment deferral for up to 90 days with no penalty.Call 1-800-665-6442 or apply online.
👪 Emergency Child Care FundingChild care providers receiving emergency government funding cannot charge parent fees for any periods of closure or for vacant spaces and must reserve spaces for families, starting April.Check with your provider to see if they are in this program.
🏫 BC Student LoansSix-month interest-free moratorium on repaymentstarting April.Repayment will be paused automatically.
🏫 Canada Student LoansSix-month interest-free moratorium on repaymentstarting April.🍁Repayment will be paused automatically.
🚌 BC Transit & TransLinkFare-free boarding on all buses. Enter through rear of the bus, unless accessible loading is required.
👵 Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs)Minimum withdrawals from Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs) has been reduced by 25% for 2020.🍁Learn more here.
✈️ Emergency Travel LoanEmergency loan of $5000 available to Canadians travelling abroad.🍁Dial +1 613-996-8885 or send an email.
🧾 Income tax returnFiling due date is deferred to June 1. Payments owed are deferred until after August 31.
SupportDescriptionHow to Access
⚡ BC HydroBill deferral and payment plans.Call 1-800-BC-HYDRO.
💵 Canada Emergency Wage SubsidyCovers up to 75% of wages for businesses, charities, and non-profits that have lost more than 30% of their revenue. Max subsidy of $847 per week per employee, backdated to March 15.🍁Check back for application instructions.
💵 Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP)Financing support for small and medium-sized businesses. Available mid-April.
—–Canada Emergency Business Account: Loans of up to $40,000 for small businesses and not-for-profits, interest-free for one year. A portion may be forgivable. Available mid-April.
—– Loan Guarantee: Operating credit and cash flow term loans of up to $6.25 million to SMEs. Available mid-April.
—–Co-Lending Program: Co-lend term loans to SMEs for their operational cash flow requirements. Eligible businesses may obtain incremental credit amounts of up to $6.25 million through the program. Available mid-April.
🍁Speak with your financial institution. Learn more.
🧾 Federal income taxPayments owed are deferred until after August 31.🍁
🧾 BC business taxesPayments for Employer health tax (EHT), provincial sales tax (PST), municipal and regional district tax, tobacco tax, motor fuel tax, and carbon tax are deferred until after Sept 30. Scheduled April 1 increases to provincial carbon tax and PST are deferred.
🧾 School TaxCut of 50% for business and industry property classes, to be passed onto tenants on triple-net leases.
🧾 GST/HSTPayments owed deferred to June 30.🍁
🧾 Customs duties & taxesPayments owed deferred to June 30.🍁
⚠️ See more re: Businesses.
⚠️ Click here: BC Government Small Business Support List
SupportDescriptionHow to Access
🧸 Child care sectorEmergency funding is available for child care providers that stay open and that close.Learn more.
🎭 Arts & Culture sector$3-million Arts and Culture Resilience Supplement to give operating and eligible project clients a supplement of up to $15,000. Clients will receive a 50% advance on 2020-21 funding.Via BC Arts Council.
📰 Publishing and news sectorsSimplified process for Canada Book Fund and Canada Periodical Fund. Journalism Tax Measures.🍁
🎥 Broadcasting sectorCRTC Part I licence fees waived.🍁
🏞️ Tourism businesses in national parks and historic sitesTourism operators in national parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas will have payments on commercial leases and licences of occupation deferred without interest until September 1.🍁Wait to be contacted by Parks Canada.
🐚 Seafood sectorSeafood growers, shellfish farmers, and processors, will have access to the $5 billion Farm Credit Canada loan program.🍁Via FCC.
🚜 Farmers and Agri-Food sectorAccess to the $5 billion Farm Credit Canada loan program.🍁Via FCC.
✈️AirportsRents paid on ground leases waived.🍁
⚠️ See more re: Businesses.
🥫 Food Banks BCFunding boost to Food Banks British Columbia, who will distribute the money among food banks province wide.
🧒🏼 Kids Help PhoneFunding boost to Kids Help Phone, which provides young people with mental health support. 🍁
👵 United Way CanadaFunding boost to United Way Canada for local organizations to support practical services to Canadian seniors, such as: Delivery of groceries, medications, or other needed items, or personal outreach to assess individuals’ needs and connect them to community supports. 🍁
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What Should We Do with These Super Spreader Bozos?

From the Tyee today.

Please advise! Even some rocks for brains doctors don’t seem to get it.

Steve Burgess Today |

Steve Burgess writes about politics and culture for The Tyee. Find his previous articles here. JOIN

Cartoon by Greg Perry.

[Editor’s note: Steve Burgess is an accredited spin doctor with a PhD in Centrifugal Rhetoric from the University of SASE, situated on the lovely campus of PO Box 7650, Cayman Islands. In this space he dispenses PR advice to the rich and famous, the troubled and well-heeled, the wealthy and gullible.]

Dear Dr. Steve,

I despair at the behaviour of some of my neighbours. These kids in Victoria were having a party and when the cops arrived they claimed that they were young and therefore immune to the coronavirus. What should be done about such people?


Despairing Nightly

Dear DN,

Dr. Steve knows just what to do. We must act quickly — track these young people down and take them into custody. Then we chain them to gurneys, jab needles into their strong, youthful arms, and raise them to the ceiling, slowly, slowly, draining their blood into large vessels. Not too much — they must be kept alive. The precious blood must keep flowing! They are immune, so we must feed upon them. Their powerful, magical blood will save us all.

Of course Dr. Steve admits to the possibility that they are misguided in their assessment of their own invulnerability and that they may in fact merely be garden-variety idiots. There’s no shortage of those. A lot of routine carelessness too. People believe they are following the rules but they don’t always think it through. Stand in a circle at English Bay, six feet apart, and still your hacky sack will be an airborne virus bomber.

Even doctors are not immune to careless behaviour. An Edmonton bonspiel commencing on March 11, the day the coronavirus was officially named a pandemic and attended by dozens of physicians and health-care workers, has since resulted in at least 12 cases of COVID-19 in Alberta and 11 in Saskatchewan, including the head of the Saskatchewan Medical Association.

Thus do our beloved national pursuits turn against us. Curling rocks become deadly disease vectors, drawing to the button of our immune systems. Even our national anthem, Loverboy’s “Workin’ for the Weekend,” has lost its meaning.

The current situation is turning a lot of inspirational quotes on their heads. Norman Vincent Peale was just one among many motivational authors who have said, “One person can make a difference.” How true. A single Austrian bartender is now believed to have spread the virus to dozens of people and even introduced it to Iceland. When you think of individuals who have made a difference in history you tend to think of Mahatma Gandhi or Rosa Parks. But in fairness you’ve got to put Typhoid Mary on that list too. (Meanwhile the once-reviled Pontius Pilate begins to look rather far-sighted with his vigorous hand-washing routine.)

A lot of messages are being flipped around this year. The old Second World War classic, “When you ride alone you ride with Hitler” is more complicated now. Is it OK if Ghost Hitler is at least six feet away? 

Most people are behaving well though. Dr. Steve is attempting to do his part by staying home. Very chill. He was forced to put on anti-perspirant today though, since his roommate was complaining. Dr. Steve lives alone, but still. Anything to shut that asshole up. 

Dr. Steve is a West End resident and it has been heartening to see and hear the nightly 7 p.m. show of support for health-care workers, a New Year’s Eve-style cacophony from windows and balconies every night when the clock strikes seven. (Well, to be exact it’s been more like 6:58 p.m. Dr. Steve is unsure whether to join in with people who clearly haven’t properly synchronized their timepieces or do the correct thing and wait until it’s really 7 p.m. How else will they learn that their clock batteries are dying?)

Not everyone is saluting hospital staff, mind you. U.S. Senator Lindsay Graham recently pointed out that this whole crisis could really be just an excuse for nurses to get greedy by making money on unemployment insurance.

At last, someone standing up to Big Nurse. Perhaps Senator Graham could visit Vancouver and lead the residents of the West End in banging pots and cheering every night to protest the selfishness and greed of our health-care workers.image atom

On the Sudden Allure of Toilet Paper

Meanwhile President Trump reminds everyone to:

1. Wash your hands.
2. Blame China.
3. Take no responsibility.
4. Blame China.
5. Plan your Easter virus hunt!

On the other unwashed hand, Dr. Steve has heard from very reliable sources that you can kill the virus by shoving a hair dryer up your nose or by washing your hands with, and/or drinking, cow urine. That’s all just a regular Saturday night for Dr. Steve, but if it kills the virus, hey, bonus.

Now if only Dr. Steve could get his obnoxious roommate to start wearing pants.  [Tyee]