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Union Bay Improvement District January 2020 meeting cancelled.

Again, a good sign – a Trustee who believes it is important for landowners to be able to ask questions.


Dec. 2019 meeting video finally posted. No microphones used so good luck hearing anything and why the hell does the video guy sit so far away? He could easily move 5 ft forward which would help with the sound.

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See how things change when Trustees actually do what they promise during a campaign?

Finally, a notice is being sent out when there is a disruption of water service to landowners homes. Changes are happening with the addition of Chair Vandenberg and Ian Munro.

Let’s make smart choices in April. Get rid of those trustees who have displayed their contempt for landowners.

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Happy increased assessment for the New Year!

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BC Assessment website has the new figures. Just type in your address. You will see your new assessment as well as the previous year for comparison.

You can view other properties by clicking on them in the ‘Map’ view.

You can also view the assessment values of ‘Neighbouring Properties’.

You can also view the prices homes sold for in your neighbourhood by selecting ‘ Sample Sold Properties’.

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Union Bay Improvement District Meeting Dec. 19, 2019. Audio only.

The board is going to retain a person qualified to assist the Admin with the negotiations now that UBID employees have joined a union. Too bad they didn’t keep the professional negotiator the Molstad board retained to negotiate a water agreement with Kensington Island Properties. The pro KIP trustees decided they had the qualifications to negotiate a water agreement even though none of them had any experience. They negotiated down – how was that a win?

Have to give Hein credit. He attempts to provide answers and went into detail as to why the Admin is teaching at NIC. Well, we know who gave a contract that allows flex time to an individual who was not qualified for the position and is learning one mistake at a time.

Apparently, the Admin has taken a course on the FOIPP Act. I will be submitting mine again which was completely ignored a year ago. This Admin was hired almost 3 years ago and has just recently completed the FOIPPA course, so all the FOIPPA requests were being handled on a ‘guessing’ policy which included ridiculous costs from $1200. to a whopping $2900.! So, how did the Admin arrive at those costs if he was ignorant of the FOIPP Act?

Was told the Public Works truck that was causing problems was fixed under warranty. Have been waiting a year to find out. Trustee Kaljur brought up the fact the truck was still under warranty when the previous board was talking about replacing it.