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UBID Committee of the Whole Jan. 7, 2021 – the Ongoing Problems Created by the Pro Kensington Island Properties Trustees

We are going to start seeing the problems created by electing trustees controlled by a developer from Oct. 2016 until Sept. 2020. The developer wanted the water treatment plant located on the current 4 acre location. The developer’s trustees changed the location to the one the developer wanted and sold the land the previous board had purchased which had been identified as the ideal location for the plant. Remember this. There still is one remaining and I believe it is a direct pipeline to the developer who no doubt is advised of all actions taken by the board publicly and in camera.

Does anyone know why there wasn’t an office and a washroom included in the building of the Water Treatment Plant? Kaljur says she doesn’t understand why the office wasn’t built initially – acting admin agrees. Who’s responsibility was it to decide on the final construction and what items were included? I know there were trips made to tour other water treatment plants – what did they learn? Were there offices and bathrooms at those facilities? What about heat and sound? What the hell did they learn?

Looking at spending up to $90,000. for a trailer/modular building. They’re paying $1500. a month for a travel trailer rental that serves as bathroom/break area – not big enough for an office. Sounds like old office/shop is at the old waterworks location and there have been break-ins including a go pro stolen that was set up to catch the thieves. They discuss moving this old shop to the new location but are concerned it will fall apart.

Who’s bright idea was it to use a go pro instead of a security camera? Everyone knows the go pro records to its own card – steal the camera and you remove any evidence of the theft. Another example of decisions made by those unqualified to make these costly decisions.

Geezuz – the plant is not heated and is very loud – could be Work Safe BC problems. Again, who decided to construct the plant as it is now? It’s not even a year old and there are glaring problems that can only be remedied by money!

‘Danny’ says there’s a problem with permits and decided a trailer on a slab is more efficient that building.

‘Danny’ believes when conversion happens, they will be more agreeable to the sludge going to the dump.???? Why would the dump accept sludge (for $50.) just because we convert to a service area of the CVRD? Isn’t the problem with the sludge the fact it is 70% water?

This is just the first 36 minutes of the meeting. More to come.

When we had a professional Administrator until Feb. 2017, he would obtain any and all information required for the trustees to make informed decisions. This has been a shitshow since he left. These problem would have been addressed BEFORE construction.

Gary Nason suggests a mini strategic planning session asap to address issues he has become aware of: the 2017 subdivision bylaw; updating capital expenditure charges; developing a 5 yr capital expenditure plan; adding B parcels to the tax roll; initiating collection action against delinquent tolls and taxes and charges; settling ponds for peat sludge and the boundary of the treatment plant.

There’s that nasty subdivision bylaw again that the pro KIP trustees killed on behalf of Kensington Island Properties. How can we still be talking about delinquent tolls since 2017? The unqualified admin wanted to retain a collection agency. How can it be so hard to collect when there are clear steps to take? Edit Jan. 15, 2020: I recall one of the reasons for hiring a deputy CAO was to collect these delinquent tolls – so what happened?

Nason refers to the conversion study that suggested UBID should undertake: A Water Master Plan; A Long Term Firehall and Equipment Plan; Langley Lake Dam Condition Assessment; Review of Langley Lake Dam Policies and Procedures and a Water System Inventory.

When you listen to Gary Nason advise the trustees, you realize why it was so important to have an admin with government experience. Just think of all the mistakes made since Feb. 2017 until Nason was retained a couple of months ago? Scary.

Congratulations to Carol Molstad on being appointed as the public representative to the CVRD Conversion Advisory Working Committee – unanimously. An excellent representative who ran the most professional UBID Board.

Dec. 10, 2020 UBID Minutes posted today – lots of information:

Couldn’t resist this gem – what universe is this guy existing in?

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Happy New Year – Your New Property Assessments are Available

Looks like a lot of us didn’t get hit as hard as last year. Also provides sample properties sold with prices in the last 3 years.

It’s worth signing up as it provides the assessments for the 4 previous years showing percentage increase which you don’t see if you aren’t logged in. I used the Credit Union as an example.

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Aerial Views of Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates ‘borrow pit’.

This massive clearing happened in the last 6 months. This is a follow up to this post with videos:

The images below were posted by the individual identified.

Same pic below with borrow pit area circled.

Same pic below with borrow pit circled.

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Why Did Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates Need Bylaw 264 Killed?

Ole slick had lots of flunkies help kill Bylaw 264. Check out the link below to view the history and emails obtained through an FOI showing KIP’s Liberal buddies in the Ministry kowtowing to this developer. KIP’s sycophants. For those who may not be aware, this developer has strong ties to the Liberals, in fact his previous wife was an MLA and he ran and lost an election prior to darkening our doorstep.

This is an update to this post:

Did anyone notice the new UBID board is once again looking at their subdivision bylaw? It appears the items listed in Bylaw 264 are to be addressed and then approved.

It started in March 2016 with then pro KIP candidates Peter Jacques and Glen Loxam prior to their election in April 2016.

At the same time the Ministry in charge of registering bylaws for the province also expressed concern over KIP’s objections to the bylaw. Weird eh?

One of the many emails in a response to a landowners FOI:

The Administrator for the Molstad board worked 2 years on updating a new subdivision bylaw and passed it in June 2016 after complying with the changes requested by the Ministry. For some reason the bylaw was never registered by the Ministry after UBID passed it.

The old subdivision bylaw 176 predates 2010 when it was consolidated

Here’s the draft of Bylaw 264.

The excerpt below is Jacques and Loxam objecting to the bylaw claiming it’s standards are too high and will cut developers off at the knees making it cost more to develop lots. Also the need for a 125% surety is disputed with claims someone at Crown Isle told Loxam didn’t have to put up anything. He should have just said “I don’t know a lot about it.” at the beginning so we could ignore the rest. These 2 are more concerned with the developer than the future of Union Bay.

For you folks in Craigdarroch, listen to the Chair explain why the board is ensuring developers are held to standards in the bylaw to ensure there isn’t another infrastructure problem like the disintegrating water pipes in Craigdarroch.

Kip’s sycophants were successful in killing bylaw 264 in Oct. 2017 – the exact same month the UBID board negotiated the 2017 Water Agreement with KIP – using the old bylaw 176. The same trustees complained about old bylaws and policies that would need to be updated – but not this one!

So what standards is Kensington Island Properties going to build by?