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The Union Bay Morality Police Passing Judgement and Enforcing Their Standards and Asking for Your Vote

Security guards were hired for the April 6, 2017 All Candidates Meeting to prevent the Union Bay Morality Police from disrupting an event for a second time.  In spite of accepting the invitation which included the rules with the #1 Rule being:  the meeting will be video and audio recorded, Candidate Rick Bitten attempted to have the camera turned off because he did not want to be recorded.  Wrong again Rick – if you can’t accept the rules – don’t attend.  Just like you should have stayed home Oct. 19, 2016 if your group paranoia was raging about a supposed ambush.

More proof of this group paranoia displayed in the last few weeks:


Is this too deep for the Union Bay Morality Police?


Is this part of the Union Bay Morality Police uniform?

Who is the Chief of the Union Bay Morality Police?  Who has the last word on the type of punishment and who will dole it out to those deemed a “most disgusting group” ?  Have I mistakenly labeled them the Union Bay Morality Police or is it the Union Bay Community Club Hall Morality Police?

Will Union Bay voters cast their ballot for Union Bay Morality Police members again?

The Union Bay Morality Police determine who is to be shunned and those who associate with the shunned will be publicly named and put on notice of being included in the “most disgusting group” label.  The Union Bay Morality Police spokesperson Lone Jednorog proudly publishes the beliefs of the Morality Police on her website and list those who have not met the Force’s standards.

It’s getting very dangerous to live in Union Bay with the Morality Police enforcing their standards after they have determined whether you are a “most disgusting group”, especially if you have rented the Union Bay Community Club Hall for your event.  The President of the Union Bay Community Club washed his hands of the Oct. 2016 which he attended by stating he was present as a landowner not as the President of the Union Bay Community Club.  That’s how Union Bay is run – deny, deny, deny.

Six candidates were vying for three trustee positions on the Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees in Oct. 2016. There had been an All Candidates Meeting hosted by landowner and KIP spokesperson David Godfrey on Oct. 17, 2016 at the Union Bay Community Club Hall which was well attended and ran smoothly.

Invitations were sent to trustee candidates Rick Bitten, Lone Jednorog and Ted Haraldson for the All Candidates Meeting on Oct. 19, 2016, hosted by the Protect Our Water Group, also at the Union Bay Community Club Hall.

There was an incident at that meeting when the three individuals named above refused to take their seats and tried to commandeer the meeting. Candidate Lone Jednorog claims she was supposedly assaulted although no charges have been laid to date. Rick Bitten was successful in his bid for trustee and made a point of apologizing to Lone Jednorog on behalf of the Improvement District at the Committee of the Whole Meeting in late Oct. 2016 where he took his oath. Rick Bitten’s apology is in the minutes posted on the UBID website.

Union Bay Morality Police member Lone Jednorog is apparently proud of her actions, confident in her authority, published the following comments “to clarify the events” on her website.  Has she ever read her own Mission Statement?

“Rick Bitten, Ted Haraldson and Lone Jednorog, collectively determined the meeting was formulated as a ‘Special Interest Group’.”


“As such, the three of us entered the hall to announce our departure unwilling to subject ourselves to an ‘ambush environment’ by this most disgusting group.”

What is so disturbing is self appointed individuals who feel justified in passing judgement on whether or not those renting the Union Bay Community Club Hall will be allowed to proceed with an event or will receive a visit from the Morality Police. If their standards are not met, they feel it is their right to address those gathered to inform them that they will not be attending and those hosting the event are a “most disgusting group”.

How many members are there in the Union Bay Morality Police?  Since my home in Union Bay was attacked and damaged Jan. 27, 2017, by cowardly hillbillies, I have to ask: Did the Morality Police decide they weren’t going to tolerate someone voicing a differing opinion?


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Union Bay Improvement District Trustee Claims Assault – Where is the Proof?


Nice to see trustee Rick Bitten is visiting my blog while on holidays to keep up on what’s happening in Union Bay.

The minutes of the Oct. 27, 2016 Committee of the Whole Meeting.

So trustee Bitten apologized on behalf of the Union Bay Improvement District for an assault on landowner Lone Jednorog.  Where is the proof of this assault?  Has anyone been charged?  Who is trustee Bitten claiming assaulted Lone Jednorog?

The following is just hilarious coming from one of the three who planned and executed the disruption of the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 19, 2016.  This from members of the Union Bay Community Club Hall intentionally disrupting an event because they didn’t want people to hear an opposing view from their event 2 nights earlier.

Trustee Bitten further commented however that any such inappropriate and unwarranted actions should never be condoned and do nothing to bring together what remains to be a much divided community.

At 1:36 in the video below, you can see me being pushed/shoved by an individual in a dark jacket – that is pro Kensington Island Properties candidate (now Trustee) Rick Bitten.

At l:58 in the video below, you can hear pro KIP candidate Rick Bitten as he’s leaving say ‘see ya, good meeting guys, perfect, shows what you really are’ and then says ‘you guys are mental’.



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Letter to the Editor About the New Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees Gong Show and Kangaroo Court



June Haner has provided an accurate take on what happened at the Union Bay Improvement District Committee of the Whole meeting.


June has summed up what I call the Union Bay Mantra:  Create a highly charged scenario (i.e., attend an All-Candidates meeting, not to discuss the issues in a civilized manner, but to disrupt the proceedings) absolve yourselves from all responsibility for what happens next, and then repeat and repeat and repeat an ugly accusation designed to destroy someones’ reputation as well as the possibility of leaving some towns people frightened for their safety.

Published in the print edition of the Nov. 11, 2016 Comox Valley Echo.


And, let’s not forget the Union Bay Community Club turning a blind eye to this planned disruption by their members.  I think you can guess who authored this.


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How You Can Be Set Up By Union Bay Community Club Members When Renting The Hall



After the planned disruption of the Oct. 19, All Candidates Meeting at the Union Bay Community Club Hall by some of the Hall’s members, I wondered about the liability of renting the Union Bay Community Club Hall.

Well, right off the bat – it doesn’t look good if a Community Club member doesn’t like you or what your event involves.

  1.  The Renter is responsible for all damage or injuries to any person(s) or property resulting from the use of the UBCC facilities.
  2. The Renter is responsible for the facility and is expected to prevent event abuse and to enforce facility rules and regulations.  A UBCC Representative may close down an activity that poses a threat to the safety of the participants or the facility.  If necessary a UBCC Representative will stop the serving of alcoholic beverages, clear the facility, and end the event.

The Renter is responsible even if damages or injuries are caused by a Union Bay Community Club Member.

How do you enforce facility rules and regulations if it is Union Bay Community Club Members causing the problem?

Does the Union Bay Community Club Members condone this behaviour?  Their silence on this issue is very telling.

This is Union Bay.  A thuggish mentality clinging to the facade of the long dead Friendly Port reputation.


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The Union Bay Community Club Hall Double Standard and The Union Bay Improvement District Board’s First Kangaroo Court

October turned out to be a record breaker for All Things Union Bay.  Over 3000 views this month.  The old record was from July 2013. Thanks to everyone who visits.



NOTE:  President of the Union Bay Community Club Hall, Darcy Rainey, was present during the meeting.  The Community Club is fully aware of what transpired at the meeting disrupted by the pro Kensington Island Properties, but hey, they’re all friends, so there’s no problem.  This is Union Bay.

This meeting was held downstairs at the Union Bay Community Club Hall.  The same building the planned pro Kensington Island Properties candidates Rick Bitten (now trustee), Lone Jednorog and Ted Haraldson disruption took place.  At 5:40 you hear an objection to Chair Peter Jacques careless use of a legal definition of assault charge against a landowner.  You will note the three Trustees reactions including Rick Bitten who comments it’s a board meeting.  Does that mean Rick Bitten wants respect for those who have rented the Union Bay Community Club Hall?  What if another Union Bay Community Club member felt like coming in and taking control of the meeting – would that be okay by Rick Bitten?

This board has opened up a can of worms.  Some of the trustees believe they are role models and have the knowledge and wisdom to bring the community back together.  Now they have held their first mini kangaroo court.  When you put yourself on this pedestal, you better be squeaky clean.

What this new board offered landowners at their first meeting:

  • A chair who looks like he’s taking orders for who wants beer and burgers – lots of finger pointing.
  • A chair who never asks for a vote or motion
  • A chair who has no control over the meeting, trustees speaking whenever they want.
  • A chair who can’t take the heat and suddenly ends the meeting.
  • A chair who is going to have to be babysat by the Administrator because he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and has paid zero attention to how meetings have been conducted for the last 5 years.  It’s a gong show!
  • A chair who seems to believe his wanting to be chair is more important than having someone with the most experience so UBID can get up to speed faster.
  • An Administrator already doing all the work at UBID as his help is limited.  Now, five green trustees.
  • A board with three trustees who refuse to admit the clauses that cause concern in the 2011 expired WIA agreement exist.
  • A board that had a meeting after the meeting of the Committee of the Whole meeting.  This was not an in-camera meeting.  Our five elected Trustees held a meeting, obviously discussing Union Bay Improvement District issues.  Are there going to be minutes of this meeting?  There had better be.  This is a big no no for a board of trustees.  This is a red flag! Transparency????
  • A chair who now presides over Union Bay’s first official Kangaroo Court.
  • A chair who acts as prosecutor, judge and jury.
  • A chair who offers an official apology on behalf of the Union Bay Improvement District Board to his buddy protester Lone Jednorog who planned and executed the disruption of the All Candidates Meeting along with candidate Ted Haraldson and now trustee Rick Bitten at the Union Bay Community Club Hall where there are members.
  • A chair who makes a ridiculous statement at the 2:00 mark of the video “other and/or new business” asks if anyone has anything they want to bring forward.  The chair then states “Bearing in mind we can’t, ah we can’t conduct business.. whether there’s any, anything somebody wants to bring forward in the general sense.”  This is trustee Rick Bitten’s cue to show his ignorance of the position of trustee by offering an apology on behalf of UBID to his co-conspirator Lone Jednorog.
  • A chair who thinks it’s the board of trustees that puts on the elections and thinks the board has a vested interest and then can speak to guilt or innocence.  It is the Administrator – just like the election we just had.
  • A chair who is openly displaying his ignorance of the role of trustee and/or chair.
  • A chair and two trustees who are clueless about the limitations of their roles.