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2015 Eugene Rogers Environmental Award is being granted to John Snyder

John Snyder CoalMineConcerns

Wilderness Committee
For Immediate Release – November 28, 2015
Vancouver Island anti-coal mine champion honoured with environmental award

VANCOUVER – The Wilderness Committee is excited to announce that the 2015 Eugene Rogers Environmental Award is being granted to John Snyder, a Comox Valley resident and President of CoalWatch Comox Valley Society.
Under Mr. Snyder’s leadership, CoalWatch has worked with local citizens, business owners, municipal government leaders and environmental groups like the Wilderness Committee to successfully fight off the proposed Raven Underground Coal Mine.
“Working with people like John has been the best part about the fight to stop this short-sighted mine,” said Torrance Coste, Vancouver Island Campaigner with the Wilderness Committee. “I’ve learned a great deal from John’s steady leadership and constant humour, and will always look up to him as a mentor.”
The Raven Coal Mine would see the extraction of 30 million tonnes of coal and rock from a site just five kilometres uphill from Fanny Bay in the Comox Valley. Earlier this year, in the face of widespread public opposition, the proponent abruptly withdrew its application.
CoalWatch and the Wilderness Committee have worked together to host public meetings and other events to raise awareness about the mine since the proposal first surfaced six years ago.
For 23 years, the Wilderness Committee has presented the Eugene Rogers Award to citizens who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to protect the environment and advocate for a better society.
“Local campaigns need a strong local champion, and in the case of Raven Coal, John has gone above and beyond,” Coste said. “We’ve been lucky to work with him to stop this mine, and now we’re honoured to present him with this award.”
The application for the Raven Coal mine hasn’t yet been terminated by the BC Environmental Assessment Office, but both the Wilderness Committee and CoalWatch are monitoring the situation and have vowed to keep up the pressure until the project is taken off the table for good.
“I’d like to thank the Wilderness Committee for its steadfast support on the Raven Coal Mine issue over the past six years,” Snyder said. “The actions of thousands of concerned citizens have prevented this mine from becoming a reality, and on behalf of all of those who have raised their voices, I’m greatly honoured to receive this award.”
Snyder was presented with the Eugene Rogers Award this afternoon at the Wilderness Committee’s Annual General Meeting, along with a $1000 prize.

For more information, please contact:
John Snyder | President, CoalWatch Comox Valley
Joe Foy | National Campaign Director, Wilderness Committee

The Wilderness Committee is Canada’s largest membership-based, citizen-funded wilderness preservation organization. We work for the preservation of Canadian and international wilderness through research and grassroots education. The Wilderness Committee works on the ground to achieve ecologically sustainable communities.

NOTE:  John has selflessly donated his prize to Coalwatch in order to support any ongoing work that may be required in the future.

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Don’t Forget To Feed The Hummers This Winter

I have at least two of these little guys visiting regularly.  Don’t let your hummingbird solution freeze now that the temperature is dropping overnight.  Lots of info on line using different methods to keep the solution fluid.

Took these pics late this afternoon.

cropped DSC_5886 cropped DSC_5887 cropped DSC_5889 cropped DSC_5890 cropped DSC_5894 cropped DSC_5895

This 44 watt birdbath de-icer is what I use to keep the solution from freezing.  Have it suspended on a foil pie plate a few inches under the feeder.

DSC_5857 copy

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Kensington Island Properties: Who Is Gamal Aziz?

Remember the Sept. 12, 2015 meeting when I brought up the UB Resorts website plans to build a casino and Mr. Kensington told me “Mary, get real.  Obviously the UB Resorts is not ours.”?

Here is a link in case you missed it:

The following shows:

  • Gamal Aziz was a director and what’s interesting is the mailing address provided for UB Resorts Inc.
  • The address is the same as local lawyer Michael Krugel who has been a vocal supporter of Kensington Island Properties and was instrumental in getting local businesses to support KIP’s application.
  • There is also a name change recorded on Sept 24, 2012 from UB Resorts Ltd. to UB Resorts Inc.
  • On the contact page of UB Resorts Inc. website the address given is 1321 Falconer Rd., Edmonton and a search reveals the occupant is Gamal Aziz.

Mr. Kensington states on the video “… has been turned over to our legal counsel long ago.”   Here’s a suggestion:  call Michael Krugel.

Just more of the same old bullshit, IN MY OPINION!!!!

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