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Union Bay Real Estate

My version of the famous billboard by Jim Youngren in Seattle.
What’s going on in Union Bay?  Everyone seems to be leaving or planning on leaving in the next year.  Long time residents and self proclaimed leaders are bailing before being hit with the financial woes faced by Union Bay Landowners.
Look at all the mls listings.  And let’s face it, buyer beware in Union Bay.  There certainly has been a lot of  questionable ‘activity’ preparing some of these buildings for sale.  I wouldn’t trust any property disclosure statement as I don’t think the realtors give a crap.  (remember – my opinion).
Maybe it’s starting to sink in.  Union Bay is not benefiting from the KIP development.  This developer has been given everything and Union Bay is getting ‘squat’.
You can look back and see how those elected officials have looked out for the best interests of Union Bay.  Shouldn’t the elected officials advise the landowners why the developer is paying (it’s more of a loan) $1.4 Million when the developer offered $17.4 Million.    
Where are these people going to be?  Apparently, not here.  
Don’t worry, they will go to the next community and proudly tell of the positions they held, volunteering,  community involvement, you know – all the bullshit that convinces you these are great people – just ask them.  Other than that, they have no memory.
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Union Bay Fire Department Complaint – Not Gossip

A formal written complaint has been filed against a member of the Union Bay Fire Department.  This complaint is not going to be so easy to ignore.  No, it was not filed by me.

Has the individual been going around speaking about these matters which took place on a call out? Would that be considered a breach of their position?  Do the firemen/women and/or first responders freely chat about what they are involved in when they are responding to a call out?  Is this part of the local talk or are these matters considered confidential?

This is a volunteer Fire Department.  Over the years it has become a being with an appetite that cannot be satisfied.   The powers controlling the department decided they needed uniforms, which resulted (in my opinion) in those wearing them, believing they were professional firefighters.  

Suddenly, we have every fireman expecting to be treated as though they were present at 9/11, with the utmost respect because they have a fireman’s uniform on.  Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

The fire department is a money pit the Board doesn’t have a clue what to do with.  If this fire department members expect to be treated like professionals – then perform like professionals and get into shape and get rid of those of questionable proportions (or pregnant), too old, too stupid and too busy playing ball.  No names mentioned.  General observation.

A uniform does not mean squat.  These firemen/women are not professionals, don’t act like professionals, and don’t deserve to be treated like professionals.

The fire department appears to be the baby of the Administrator.  Over the years the fire department has taken on more responsibility costing the landowners of Union Bay a pretty penny.  The Administrator pushing for more power, spending over a hundred thousand on a first responder truck, wanting to increase the area of response, always looking to acquire more responsibility. This was nothing more than power building by an Administrator spending your money.

Are you going to be continually sucked in by the Union Bay Board claiming they are being open, honest, etc. and a hodge podge of locals in uniforms demanding more money, equipment because they claim they are professionals?

Just like Union Bay, it looks very pretty, but underneath…………….ohhhhhh

ps.  I know people are thinking “why is she saying that, they might not show up if she needs help”.   Putting it in writing will make no difference – I know how these people feel about me and I know how unprofessional some of them are.  I am not relying on this fire department coming to my assistance if they know it is me.  And by the way, I am not the only one who believes this.  There are others who feel if it is their address – there will not be a prompt response.

See…. that’s the difference between yokels and professionals.

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Union Bay Gossip

I heard this from a person who heard this – clearly at this point – it is uncertain whether the ‘details’ are accurate.  As an observer and Gadfly here in this little cesspool with such a beautiful facade, just wanted to give you a ‘heads up’ regarding the ongoing problems with your Fire Department.

Word has it that one of the firemen/women reported 4 of the other firemen/women for smoking dope.  The 4 were supposedly berated about their skills should they be required to respond to a call out.

Have no idea what the Fire Chief has/is doing about it.  Nothing mentioned at the Board meeting last Wednesday.

Quite timely considering I had just mentioned something similar here:

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Sea Cucumber Proponents Using Kensington Island Properties Desperate Tactics For Approval

For those who pay attention to the tactics used by Kensington Island Properties  and other developers, businesses, etc., that seek public approval, or get caught trying keep their plans secret, hoping no one will notice, have a look at this.

Right out of the Kensington Island Properties handbook.  KIP was losing support in Union Bay and the fake Union Bay Resident’s association was crumbling.  What did KIP do?  Got their lawyer to obtain signatures from 100 companies in the Valley to support them – based on ‘fluff”.  The best move was when KIP had flunkies establish the KIP YES website for those in support to submit to the Regional District of the Comox Valley when they held hearings in Dec. 2009.

Anyone in the world could submit support.  There were no restrictions on where the support came from.  As you all know – this worked.  Your government ensured the people of Union Bay would not make the decision regarding Kensington Island Properties.  

2006 – KIP offered    $17,400,000. – only water related
2011 – KIP agrees to $  1,400,000. – only water related  We have been told this is a win-win, we should be thankful, it’s a huge gift to the community……………..

Predators circle until they find a way in.  Another predator has already made the path.

Look at the limited information those submitting this form are basing their decision about your future, your community, your health.  Your government representatives are not looking out for your interests when they allow this abuse of public input.

What is to stop me from printing out a couple of thousand of these forms opposing this application?  Who confirms any of the information submitted is from a real person?

If Mr. Thorburn receives thousands of forms opposing his tenure, will he submit those along with the supporters?  Should those submitting forms make copies and then check to ensure their opposition was in fact forwarded and recorded?

Maybe that is the way to combat these ridiculous submissions disguised as ‘proof of support’.  Show how flawed the process is and stop it now.  Maybe I’ll submit one in opposition as Mary Thorburn and change all my relatives last names to Thorburn and submit one for each of them – dead or alive – who cares?

It deserves ridicule.

or contact:
Mary Sea Angel, D. Eng.
AngelConsult Ltd.
 Your Heavenly Connection,
General Delivery,
Bless you all for your support – I will not forget you when we meet again.  Forever in your service and on 24 hr. call – special rate for supporters. 
Hi ,
I’m looking for your support for the Aquaculture Industry in our ocean area off Denman Island. I’m applying for a DFO ocean tenure to raise sea cucumbers. The application’s public input ends July 31st. Can you kindly spend two minutes and fill out the form below, then return email it back to me (you will not have to sign it) or scan & email it back or just print/fill out/fax it to me at (250) 757 8874. If all else fails, print/fill out/mail it to me. For a quick turn-around, all it needs is your name and some yes’s or no’s. If you have any other people in your office, organization or home that can fill out the same form, please do so. I do need all the support I can get!
Sea Cucumber Aquaculture in Baynes Sound
Tenure Applications #1413722 & #1413764 – June 2012

Comments on Application Proposal

In the Royston-Union Bay area, there presently are two tenure applications for the culture of indigenous sea cucumbers under our government & public review. These applications are for below low tide areas only and will not require any surface floats, rafts, lines, and/or nettings. Divers only will seed, observe and harvest these local sea cucumbers. Proposed tenure areas will not change any residents’ viewing, boating, swimming, beach walking or sport fishing activities.
Native sea cucumbers are sea floor dwellers. Biologists consider these animals to be the vacuum cleaners or the worms of our oceans. More sea cucumbers in the area will further clean/enhance our shoreline areas. Baynes Sound is a nutrient-rich aquatic habitat that provides 50% of BC’s farmed shellfish. Sea cucumbers will benefit existing oyster, scallop and clam growers and will improve our local ecology and economy.
Below are a few questions for your review & participation in the application process:
Name (print):_________________________­­­­­___Signature:________________________
Do you support the sea cucumber aquaculture proposals? YES_________NO__________
Please list any aspects of these applications that you would like to see further addressed:
Do you live in the Baynes Sound area?   Yes__________ No_____________
Do you work in the Baynes Sound area?  Yes__________ No_____________

Optional Information Only

I would like you to contact me on the above comments.
Address: ____________________________________________________________
E-Mail: _____________________________________________________________
Phone: ______________________________________________________________
For more information visit:
or contact:
Bon Thorburn, P.Eng.
ThorConsult Ltd.
  Water & Land Development Engineering Consultants
192 Crome Point Rd, Bowser, B.C. CANADA   V0R 1G0
Phone/Fax: (250) 757-8874 BB Cell: (250) 951-6305

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Is Union Bay Populated by Math Challenged Individuals?

How could the population of one community have such a large percentage of suckers?

Where else would a developer offer this:

Development cost of water from Langley Lake are:
Water supply          $ 4,900,000.00
Water Treatment       8,400,000.00
Concrete Reservoir   4,100,000.00

T o t a l                   $17,400,000.00   

Seventeen  M i l l i o n

After what the developer called a ‘tough negotiator’ at the AGM in April 2011. The community was delighted to get this:

Water Treatment   $ 1,400,000.00  (not $ 8,400,000?)

$16,000,000.00 LESS – does that sink in? LESS than the developer was willing to spend.  Sixteen Million dollars. 

Kensington signs water-treatment deal for Union Bay

By $curPaper.title
Published: April 21, 2011 05:00 PM
Updated: April 21, 2011 05:395 PM

The Union Bay Improvement District and Kensington Island Properties have reached an agreement that will provide water treatment for the community south of Courtenay.

The UBID board of trustees ratified a Water Treatment Infrastructure Agreement Wednesday at its monthly meeting.
“We’re talking about a $1.4-million gift basically to Union Bay,” UBID chair Alan de Jersey said. “It is huge news for the community. It’s been a long time coming.”

Along with KIP, de Jersey credits UBID trustees Dave Godfrey and Denis Royer for making the water agreement happen.
“They were both very instrumental in getting this agreement done,” de Jersey said.

Godfrey and Royer have both announced they will seek re-election to another three-year term, to be decided at the UBID AGM next Saturday.
A freshwater treatment plant for water coming out of Langley Lake is part of Kensington’s plan to develop about 1,000 acres in Union Bay.
KIP vice-president Brian McMahon and the UBID will provide further details at a Monday press conference.

 Water deal paves way for Kensington development

A major obstacle to a start on the giant Kensington Island Properties development at Union Bay has been removed.

After more than 13 years of seemingly endless process, a deal agreed Friday means the granting the first building permits is a lot closer.

There still needs to be B.C. Environment Ministry approval for a proposed wastewater treatment plant, but KIP vice-president Brian McMahon said talks on that were progressing well and he hoped for approval of the plans within about three months.

The new agreement on water licensing was “a great step forward,” he said, and cleared a big hurdle that had prevented a start on building.

The initial development will include the construction and funding of a new water filtration and treatment plant that KIP had previously offered Union Bay, which will serve all existing properties as well as many new ones.

But McMahon cautioned that getting agreement on water supplies to the first phase of the development had to be coupled with wastewater treatment out; in practical terms, one could not work without the other.

The way forward on water was signaled as Union Bay Improvement District and Comox Valley Regional District finally agreed who should hold the area’s two water licences.

The crucial document was signed in front of almost 40 Union Bay landowners Friday afternoon after being ratified unanimously by the UBID board. Earlier in the week, it had been approved by the regional district board.

Under it, UBID gets to keep control of the water licences and physical assets like Langley Lake, the treatment plant and pipelines, at least for now.

It has agreed to transfer the licences and some key supply assets (but not the dam, the lake and the land around it) to the regional district at some future date – but only when it considers the time is right, or sooner if the provincial government compels it to do so.

But, said UBID chair Carol Molstad, there is no precedent for the province to intervene in that way, so the outcome boiled down to UBID having the power in its hands to decide when it would be in the best interests of landowners to request a switch.

That might be, she suggested, when it looked like UBID was going to run out of water to service further new development, or was likely to face insurmountable costs in creating new capacity.

And while that wouldn’t be soon, when the time was judged right the two authorities had agreed “to work cooperatively in a timely manner to effect the necessary requirements for a seamless transfer.”

A series of conditions has also been agreed for any future transfer to protect the interests of landowners.

For the longer term, the regional district has said it needs to hold the licences, as the province wants it to adopt a coordinated regional water supply strategy for the Comox Valley.

But it has always said acquiring them was not a short-term need – but it sought assurance at some stage it would happen.

Molstad presented the agreement as a win-win for both authorities – but an even bigger one for the wider community, as there were no further local government-related issues to hold up building permits for Kensington.

And that meant KIP could also move forward on its offer to build and donate to the community a new water treatment plant at McLeod Road, serving existing properties as well as up to 250 new ones to be built in early phases of the wider KIP development.

A treatment plant with greater capacity would have to be provided later on land that UBID will need to buy for the purpose, but the water agreement now meant that at least the first 250 properties could be built to KIP’s own timetable.

Molstad said there had been an unprecedented level of cooperation and dialogue between UBID and CVRD in negotiating the agreement, and she felt sure that would continue.

“Our board has worked hard to protect the interests of Union Bay stakeholders,” she said, acknowledging the help of MLA Don McRae in securing the agreement. “Union Bay is ready to move forward. Now it is up to Kensington.”

For the regional district, Area A rural director Bruce Jolliffe said he was “very, very happy that this has worked out.”

It had been a rocky process at the start, but in the end an agreement had been reached that worked for both parties, and a mutual understanding had been reached on the issues and the way forward. “We worked collaboratively to resolve this, and we got there,” he said.

And regional district board chair Edwin Grieve (Area C) added that better communication had been key to getting over the initial apprehension. A pillar of trust had been built that would be good for both authorities over the longer term.

Are you people brain dead or just stupid? 

So your government, on your behalf negotiated with the developer to decrease the amount offered by the developer for upgrades to the water system/supply.  The upgrades are required in order for the development to proceed. 

After weeks and weeks of negotiations in early 2011, your elected representative ensured the community would receive $1,400,000. (One million, four hundred thousand) instead of $17,400,000.00 (Seventeen million, four hundred thousand). 

The government the people elected,  negotiated for less and then advised  the landowners of Union Bay (who now have to finance/make up the shortfall) of the agreement.

These landowners were/are happy about it!  They think they’re getting…………….something?
Every developer’s dream.  Sheeple.

You people are ………….fucked up.

Speaking of f***ed up….here’s one now.  The goof with no spine – is that similar to a sea cucumber? 

By Sonny Day
Today · Thanks for your comments Mr. Thorburn.

This is a typical and ongoing situation within Union Bay area where only supporters of this group and it’s activities as well as the TAG group are allowed to attend so called “public” meetings. These people don’t like to have anybody present who might have opposing views or opinions.

Not only are sea cucumbers “friends of Baynes Sound” they could also create another much needed economic possibility for the area. ·

Typical – just about money.
This is the same goof who thought I owned the Cumberlander and then wanted to know why I was interested in Union Bay matters since I’m no longer a landowner.    

Gee, who could Sonny Day be?  Let’s guess.

I know. Sonny Day is a Dickwad.   

Slither and/or waddle along pigbutt.