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My Value Decided

Mr. de Jersey has proved my point regarding the RCMP.  It’s who you know.  Right?

Mr. de Jersey is extremely upset because I posted a threatening email exchange between Mr. de Jersey and one of his friends suggesting physical injury to me.  What he’s upset about is the fact someone’s email was made public.  Mr. de Jersey is ranting on about the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and how he’s already made a complaint.  Everyone knows the Office of the Privacy Commissioner never handles these matters.

Then Mr. de Jersey accuses me of illegal actions regarding the threatening email and he’s going to make sure I am exposed and dealt with.  How dare I post an email where someone is suggesting detailed ways of causing me physical harm.  There should be outrage about the author’s email and completely ignore the THREATS.  Pretend it doesn’t exist.  Right?

Mr. de Jersey decided my value.  He and his friends can never do anything wrong.  RCMP friend protection.  It’s who you know.  Right?

Feb. 1, 2013 on The Cumberlander Mr. de Jersey posted the following:

By Alan deJersey
Today · You continue to flatter yourself Ms. Reynolds, nobody I know would intend any physical harm to you, you really are not worth it. You think you scare people, you don’t, you just offend and are annoying. Anybody that reads your rants or knows you will realize that if you had actuallly received a “legitimate” threat you would have gone to the authorities with it long ago. · email the commentor · edit · del

Well that’s a different spin on a threatening email.

Mr. de Jersey has investigated and determined I shouldn’t flatter myself as no one Mr. de Jersey knows would intend any physical harm to me – Mr. de Jersey states “you really are not worth it”.

I guess that’s it then.  I have nothing to worry about because the individual (Mr. de Jersey) who sent the email knowing it would upset the recipient (again, I don’t know why) and she responded with suggestions about how there must be someone who could take me down.

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Union Bay Was Getting A Sewer System, Filtration System, Storage in 2008

The following is an excerpt from the Union Bay Improvement District Annual General Meeting in 2008.  The discussion is around the lawsuit filed against the Regional District for illegally changing the water source without public input causing Kensington Island Properties to threaten to leave blah blah blah.  Wimper, sniff.

Listen to what Union Bay was to receive if/when the project went ahead according to an elected official.  It should be noted that the negotiator became a Trustee at this meeting in April 2008 for a three year term ending April 2011.  This was not the first time this Trustee held the position and had been Chair of the Union Bay Improvement District previously.  So someone who has held the position of Chair, returns and negotiates the agreement now in place?  In my opinion, this person was not in any way qualified to take on this task.  Especially, when it was being conducted without the knowledge of the entire Board.  Union Bay has suffered because an incompetent person handled the negotiations.  I also believe that in 2011, a majority of our elected Trustees were in a Conflict of Interest involving Kensington Island Properties and should have recused themselves from voting on the agreement.  This agreement is a joke – who wasn’t in a conflict involving this deal in 2011 right before the April election, with Brian McMahon, VP Kensington Island Properties?  There are so many dirty fingers it’s like a pig pen.

Regional District loses the case, Judge states the public denied input.  Regional District then holds a free for all meeting in December 2009, where anyone, anywhere can submit their support for Kensington Island Properties.  It was no longer left up to the landowners of Union Bay.  No surprise, KIP gets the green light.

So what happened to the sewer system, filtration system, water storage?  Well, the individual selected to negotiate with Kensington Island Properties VP, Brian McMahon, behind closed doors must not have understood what ‘negotiate’ meant.  McMahon said what he was willing to give and what he wanted and the Union Bay negotiator said ‘okay’.

How the hell do you negotiate DOWN?  Something stinks.   Well, it is Union Bay.   Home of the hillbilly spineless morons.  They won’t notice.  They can’t see a Conflict of Interest right in front of them.

There is also a Conflict of Interest involving the TAG member who was compromised before being elected in April 2011 by interfering in the agreement and then accepting it with no problems once elected. 

In B.C. Supreme Court, Justice Brian MacKenzie rejected the residents’ claim on the grounds that neither of the committee members gained any personal financial benefit from the money given to the societies.

However, the appeal court ruled that he interpreted the law too narrowly. Appeal Court Justice Ian Donald said directors of societies and other types of corporations are required to serve them loyally and “act honestly and in good faith and in the best interests of the society.”

That duty can create a conflict with their duty to serve the best interests of the voters.

There is also a Conflict of Interest involving the TAG Trustee who interfered in the election process by having a landowner withdraw as a candidate from the Oct. 2011 by election.  Evidence of the ignorance regarding Conflict of Interest is in the Trustee as I bring up the question at the Jan. 16, 2013 meeting – shaking their head and smiling as though what a silly person I am for thinking they would answer to me.  Well, they will answer at some point.  It’s just a matter of time.

There is also a Conflict of Interest between UBID and TAG.  This fake political party thing just isn’t going to wash.  It is a blatant conflict which must be addressed.  This group, like those before them, simply cannot grasp the concept of having limited authority over matters involving Union Bay and using the taxpayers money running the government as they wish.  It is coming to an end and they know it.

A KIP refresher:


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Union Bay Improvement District is in Trouble

In court, Mr. Ford’s lawyer Alan Lenczner presented his client as an honest man who made a mistake. And he said that the city didn’t have the authority to impose the sanction of reimbursement in the first place, rendering everything that came after null and void.

The above quote is from the following article on Rob Ford’s successful appeal of being removed from office.

In January 2011, the Union Bay Improvement District locked out the electorate denying those they served to observe what actions were being taken on their behalf.  During this time actions were taken by the Board of Trustees which they did not have the authority to impose.  Does that render everything that came after null and void?  These matters involve taxpayers money.  This money must be returned as it was spent without authority by those in charge of the purse strings.  Landowners are going to have to push for answers and demand legal action be taken if monies have been spent by those ignorant of a limit to their authority.

The Union Bay Improvement District has been a bank for those running your affairs.  As long as the books balance for the auditor everything is fine.  But what has the taxpayers money been spent on?  Did those in charge have the authority to spend the money or did they claim they did and no one challenged them?  Tens of thousands without a second thought by those who don’t know the rules.  A five member Board being operated by three Trustees who intentionally excluded two Trustees from decisions regarding millions of dollars for the community but receiving 1/16th of what the developer offered.

More Conflict of Interest developed in 2011, involving unelected TAG members, Trustees participating in votes and negotiations with Kensington Island Properties.   Actions that should have been taken immediately were stalled because TAG wanted to wait until an election, ignoring the fact the community had been illegally locked out by a Chair who threatened to call the police if the meeting was disrupted.  TAG unwilling to stand up for the very people they want to support and vote for them.

Is it a Conflict of Interest for an elected TAG Trustee to be involved in applying pressure to a landowner causing them to withdraw as a candidate for the position of Trustee in the by election in late 2011?

In my opinion, the only thing the TAG Board has accomplished is covering up or wilfully ignoring the actions of previous individuals who have caused undue financial hardship to the community of Union Bay.  The TAG Board is willing to forgive any questionable actions and no attempt will be made to have any money recovered.  The TAG Board has decided to accept any loss and just write it off.  Money is gone, so they come back to you, the landowner.  The only reason you receive for increases is that they don’t have the money and it has to come from somewhere – you.  You’re paying over and over for nothing.

There are many instances of actions taken by those without authority resulting in costs to the landowners.  There are many instances of money being spent initially that can be rendered null and void due to lack of authority in the first place.  Landowners worry about the parcel taxes going up a few bucks – Hell, pay attention – this is millions of dollars.  Why are landowners basically subsidizing KIP?

The relationship with KIP and UBID has been suspect.  Let’s have someone look at Kensington Island Properties relationship with the Union Bay Improvement District and assess the actions taken by those to assist this development proceeding.  Were the actions initially legal?  How many decisions can be determined to be null and void with Kensington Island Properties?  Lots.

You have been screwed and everyone wants you to forget or move on.

What are you going to do about your money being spent without any accountability by those who didn’t have the authority?  How many businesses do you deal with that you don’t question the amount you pay?  What amount would it take for you to speak up?

DSC_5616 copy

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It Has Always Been About Kensington Island Properties Union Bay

My goal from 2006 remains unchanged.  Kensington Island Properties is proceeding only because of questionable actions being ignored or covered up by those promoting this development.  There are those who want me to stop asking questions about the agreement with KIP regarding the Water Treatment Facility which was negotiated behind closed doors in 2011, without the knowledge of the entire Board.  This agreement should have been challenged simply because of how it was conducted and supposedly negotiated.   Union Bay would have at least had a chance at being dealt with fairly instead of the giveaway to Kensington Island Properties.  Would have been fairly easy to prove.

But, things became complicated in my opinion.  For some reason that I cannot possibly imagine, someone involved in the negotiation decides maybe to get some advice.  Okay, makes sense if you’re unsure.  Hmm.  Who to go to?  Answer:  TAG Neighbour.

Agreement accepted by TAG Neighbour as elected Chair of the Union Bay Improvement District April 2011.  Refused to challenge an agreement that will cost landowners Millions.  So at this point, in my opinion, TAG has made matters more complicated for me.  I know what’s gone on with Kensington Island Properties and how Union Bay has received squat when $17.4 Million was offered by the developer.  This generous developer even offered to pay $18 Million at one point if the dam had to be raised.  $35.4 Million total offered by McMahon since he showed up in Union Bay.  $1.4 Million is negotiated and you think I’m not to going to ask questions?

I am responsible for my actions.  I am not responsible for the actions of those who are elected or their friends.

I do not cave.


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Theft From Employer

This article caught my eye and reminded me of another example of fair treatment.  Very painful, but fair.  The boss I referred to previously, fired a well loved employee who was great with the clients and staff – everyone was absolutely gutted – including the boss.

There was a 1-800 phone line available to contact other offices in different provinces for Legal Aid business only.  This employee had been using the 1-800 line to call family and friends in other provinces.  The Financial Director watched every penny and was on top of everything going on.  He noticed certain numbers popping up and investigated.  The employee was asked and admitted to the calling, then fired.  Legal Aid at the time was funded by Federal and Provincial money – taxpayer dollars – and the Financial Director did a good job keeping track.

Luckily, the employee was not charged.  Everyone felt awful but it had to be done.  Theft from an employer is a very serious offence.  Legal Aid didn’t cover theft under unless it was theft from an employer – this type of theft was always covered because of the possibility of jail time.  It is a breach of trust, very serious.

Like this boss,  elected individuals must do what is best for the community – no matter how painful, or if friends/neighbors get upset.   If they can’t make the tough decisions and answer questions directly – get rid of them.

The TAG Trustees loyalty is to TAG first, then friendships, then the community.  TAG no longer exists as it was presented.  To have a Trustee insist on supporting TAG and the actions by TAG is simply wilful ignorance.  TAG is using this title to operate the positions of Trustee outside the guidelines set for Trustees in the Improvement District Manual.  TAG has manipulated and mislead the community and continues to do so.  There can be no claims of ignorance.  I have voiced my concerns since I first learned of these ridiculous ‘caucus’ meetings TAG Trustees were having after the resignation of Alan de Jersey in July 2011.  I have not received a satisfactory answer.

Union Bay should be turned over to the Regional District.  This community doesn’t have one, let alone five,  who are truly capable of making those hard decisions and the backbone to do what is right.  They always cave to pressure from ‘friends’.

Should be a very interesting election.  Let’s have a debate.  Two positions up for grabs.  Will they go door to door campaigning again?  Will they say how they want to bring the community together but refuse to go to James Smith’s house and then when he writes asking why, they’ll just ignore him?


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Why Do People Get So Upset?

For anyone in Union Bay who would like to have a chuckle, attending the Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees monthly meeting will provide more than a few.

I’m so grateful for the experience gained by having a boss who expected direct honest answers.  He was actually the boss to my supervisor.  If you found a mistake on your file, if you were smart, you immediately brought it to the boss and explained the situation with no bullshit.  He was always extremely fair.  Same thing if he found a mistake on your file – questions asked and answered honestly – no problem.  But, you lie or bullshit to this man and you will be shown what it’s like to have someone rip your story to shreds.  He is an experienced lawyer and military man.  I never had a problem with this man and never really appreciated what he taught me until the last couple of years.  That’s how he lived his life with no bullshit.

You are what you are.  If you lived your life manipulating people or being a fake – it’s impossible for you to change.   Now you are stuck facing those who are catching on to you.

That’s what gives me the advantage over those who have held positions of power and are experienced manipulators.   They would prefer I have a poor memory and be afraid of the truth.   I can’t change who I am.

So why do people get upset when I remind them what they stated or did?  Why do they reply with answers that don’t make sense?

Now they don’t know which Board negotiated the Water Treatment Filtration with Brian McMahon, VP Kensington Island Properties?

Well, let me refresh your memories.  Can anyone identify these individuals?

Union Bay Improvement District Water Infrastructure Agreement Behind the Scene

So, I’m still puzzled over the missing $16 Million dollars that no one will speak to.

This is the answer I received.  Please note:  the chair initially doesn’t recall the negotiations.