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Pro Kensington Island Properties UBID Trustees Made Promises They Can’t Keep

Let’s not make the same mistake again.  Voting for Rick Bitten or Ted Haraldson is another step BACK.  Bitten and Haraldson aren’t any wiser than they were in October 2016, and that’s being generous!

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The Pro Kensington Island Properties Union Bay Improvement District Trustees Track Record Since July 2016

A vote for Rick Bitten is a vote for the continuation of a dysfunctional embarrassing Board of Trustees and a lack of progress.

Since July 2016 when Trustees Loxam and Jacques assumed the role of “caretaker”, this is everything they have communicated to the landowners of Union Bay.

First, August 10, 2016 the following letter appears in the local papers with incorrect information provided by Loxam who refuses to admit he made a mistake.

Then this.  This is all the information this board has to share with the landowners for the last 8 months?  These people are incompetent.  Are you going to vote for another 3 years of having people make decisions who have no idea what they are doing?  Jacques, Loxam and Bitten all promised to be open, accountable, transparent but can’t answer questions regarding what their plan is – their plan is non existent.

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Message From the Union Bay Gong Show

If the fable of President Trump is ever written, young Donald might say to his father: I’m not gonna lie to you, Dad. The tree has been chopped–smart people say maybe by illegal immigrants or Muslims. There are some bad hombres. Anyway, it’s gone, and I’m gonna build something truly terrific on this parcel.

Can President Trump Handle the Truth? Time Magazine March 22 2017


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Elected Officials Bullshitting Their Way Then Refusing to Respond – Union Bay Governance.

A fellow landowner wrote a letter to the board asking under what authority Jacques shut down the December 2016 meeting.

These are pages 49, 50, 51 and 52 of the Agenda from the March UBID meeting.  Please note the response the landowner received where Jacques states:

“Quite frankly, it is apparent to me that any answer that I could give you would not be one you would agree with.”

and this:

“You will recieve no further comment from this email address.”

The landowner then sent the email below and has yet to receive a response.  It appears the chair decides who deserves answers and who doesn’t.  No more answers for her until their term is up.  Democracy Union Bay style.


Here’s Jacques answer to the landowner who had to attend the meeting to ask her questions again.

If the chair is supposed to control the meeting why does he allow Bitten to suddenly assume the role of chair out of the blue?  This chair never has control of the meetings – he allows the other pro KIP trustees to speak whenever the mood strikes them and yet had a fucking hissy fit when Trustee Kaljur respectfully tried to correct him at the December 2016 meeting.  Instead, he assumed the role of judge and determined she was out of order and was going to be ejected.  Since when is this acceptable?  Why couldn’t he have stated that she would have a turn to speak if he felt she was interrupting – his response was that she was out of order and he had no intention of allowing her to speak.  WTF?

Look at this exchange with Loxam who speaks out of turn and ignores the chair, telling trustee Kaljur the reason her name doesn’t appear on the minutes is because she was late.  (1 minute 19 seconds late).  This brainiac figures that’s enough of a reason for him that a trustee’s name is missing from the minutes.  Rude and arrogant.

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Reasons NOT to Vote for Rick Bitten


Time to get rid of those unfit to represent the community.  This guy made lots of promises and delivered nothing.  Listen to what he said in Oct. 2016.

He obviously didn’t do what he claims to be so proud of.  RENA …… Research, Evaluate, Negotiate, Act.  What a pile of bullshit.  If he had bothered to research, he would have known the flaws in the expired 2011 WIA.  He didn’t bother obtaining any information from UBID regarding the legal opinions and documents outlining the steps taken before he squeaked in by two votes in the October election.
This short clip is Bitten at the All Candidates Meeting which he disrupted along with Lone Jednorog and Ted Haraldson.  A real piece of work.  Bitten states “shows what you are” – Well Rick it shows what you and your values are!

What is so interesting about this little clip is that Rick Bitten had no intention of participating in the All Candidates Meeting and actually told another landowner before the meeting that he wasn’t going to participate and that it was going to be a gong show.  I believe the landowner who advised me of this conversation with Bitten in the entrance of the Community Hall prior to the meeting.  The landowner has also told others the exact same story.  So why was Bitten there if he had no intention of participating?  Then to top it all off he has the nerve to apologize on behalf of the Improvement District to Lone Jednorog who was in on the intentional disruption of the meeting.  These three individuals were basic protestors because they couldn’t face the landowners questions after failing miserably two nights before.  The apology was a way for Bitten to wash his hands of any participation.  Is this the type of individual you want making decisions on the future of Union Bay?  Isn’t this scraping the bottom of the barrel?

We can do much better.  Vote for Susanna Kaljur and Ron Wheatley to replace Bitten who clearly can’t be bothered to spend the time to understand the position he now holds preferring instead to be led around by a developer.

The only people insisting the 2011 WIA was still in effect – Brian McMahon, VP of KIP, Trustees Jacques, Loxam and Bitten.  Look at the upheaval in the community because these tools refused to believe the agreement had expired and KIP never established a claim under the force majeure clause.  The information was available to them but they refused to believe anything other than what McMahon told them.  They wasted a year with their ridiculous promises to the community claiming KIP would be paying for our water infrastructure.

Bitten is suffering with the same comprehension problem the other two pro KIP trustees display.  Doesn’t understand the motions he’s voting on.






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The Pro KIP Trustees Voting Against Reality.

Hillbilly politics.  Voting against what actually took place.  Goofs.

Regarding Trustee Kaljur being late for the Dec. meeting as Loxam points out – it was 1 minute and 19 seconds after the meeting starts that Trustee Kaljur takes her seat.  I’d like to point out that previous Chairs of UBID would have waited once they realized a Trustee had arrived and allowed them to catch up.

Here’s Loxam speaking out of turn and interrupting Kaljur and ignoring the chair.  Speaks whenever he feels like it.

Agenda Pkg for Mar 16

At the March UBID Board Meeting Trustee Kaljur put forth a motion to make corrections to the minutes of the December UBID Board Meeting.  One was the omission of her name as attending the meeting; posting the two letters on the website as was indicated at the Dec. meeting and the last was correcting what actually transpired at the abrupt ending of the December meeting by the chair.

The following clip from December 2016 displays the chair’s temper and the discussion of the letter from Loxam which Kaljur wanted to read but Jacques refused to allow her.

This page from the agenda pkg above describing what transpired at the Dec. UBID meeting is one of the items Trustee Kaljur is attempting to correct in the minutes of that meeting.


This is the video clip of Jacques losing it and ending the meeting – what a poor excuse for a Chair.

These two pages of what actually took place at the December UBID meeting is what Jacques, Bitten and Loxam are disputing.