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Boo hoo – I’m too negative. How do you spin what has transpired by an imitation board into something positive?

I realized I haven’t made my position clear for a number of years – so here’s what I have always stated: I’m not interested in making friends, auditioning to become a member of a group/organization and don’t care what people think of me. I am free and love it! No one is forcing you to visit this blog. If you don’t like it – take a hike.

I don’t like people as a group – I think they’re rotten. I do like some people and they know who they are.

When the dysfunction ends at the UBID, I will have something positive. Until then, suck it up. You have individuals masquerading as members of the Improvement District continually making unlawful decisions. Dump them and start insisting on democracy and then I will have something positive to say.

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Part of the oath the trustees take: “I have read and agree to comply with all Improvement District Bylaws, Policies and Directives.” And yet, we are locked out and they want you to re-elect one of the violators of the oath!

Worst board ever – even surpasses the pre April 2011 UBID board.

Anyone choosing to become a running mate with this tainted trustee must believe in the actions this rogue imitation board has unlawfully taken. Are you going to vote for someone who believes they are above the bylaws, policies and directives that have been established by boards since the beginning of the Improvement District?

The existing trustees believe they have done more for Union Bay in the last 2 to 3 years than all the boards in the last 20 years. It’s time to get rid of the gong show.

The oath means something. It’s not just words you read and forget. These four trustees have failed miserably due to their resistance to research and educate themselves on the duties they swore to uphold.

This clip is the four male trustees who swore an oath when they were elected. Every one of them violated the oath they took within weeks of being elected, breaking their own bylaws, ignoring policies and misleading the landowners.

One of them actually thinks he’s done such a great job, he’s campaigning while locking the electorate out and unlawfully meeting to unlawfully ‘suspend’ a fellow trustee. You just can’t make this up.

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Vote for Paul Healey and Hein Vandenberg for Union Bay Trustee in April 2019

Received the following email that is circulating:

My name is Paul Healey and I am putting my name forward as a candidate  a a trustee for UBID. I plan to file my nomination papers early in the week . I am fairly new to Union Bay area,  but have lived in the Comox Valley since 1991, mostly in the Regional District north of Courtenay.  My entire career has been in the finance industry, as a banker and mortgage broker. I was involved in Comox Minor Hockey for a decade and was president of the association in 1996.  I believe our future lies in  joining the regional district and taking advantage of the programs and services they can offer.

Hein Vanderberg is the other candidate in the Join the CVRD ticket. I believe most of you know Hein as he has been active in this community for 26 years.  We will need all the help we can find to win this election.

please email be at    if you can help.
I would like to know what  area you live in (Craigdarroch, Union Bay proper or south.) ), how much time can you help a week.  How can you help, canvassing or phoning. We should have printed materials early in the week.   
What special talents do you have. I will then set up a email list and work with others to get you involved.
We can also use any cash donations for signage, print material etc.
please let me know asap, if and how you can help.
Paul Healey

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Another major screw up by the Union Bay Improvement District Admin – it’s never ending. Doesn’t care or understand the importance of accuracy.

A word of advice – check to make sure where you can vote. This Admin and the rest of the imitation board really screwed up the election this year. The Jan. 10, 2019, meeting that 5 landowners had and unlawfully changed the dates for the election which had been set in April 2018, continues with their screwups. Everything they touch, they screw up.

Today I found out the venue for the General Election on Apr. 20, 2019, is now the Union Bay Community Hall. I checked on UBID’s website and could not find any notice correcting the location for the election. I phoned and asked where the location was for the General Election and was told it is now the Community Hall due to wheelchair access. I was also told the change was made this week and that notices had been sent out and that the correction was posted on the website. Bullshit.

I can only imagine the mess the UBID office must be in. This Admin makes one mistake after the other and never admits it or learns from his mistakes.

On Feb. 28, 2019, the Admin sent those on the email list a link to view the “UBID Notice of Nomination”. See below:

This is the document and you will note it states:

The Election Poll will be held at the Union Bay Improvement District office on April 20, 2019 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

This notice was also published in the Comox Valley Record Mar. 5, 2019.

The screenshot below shows the “UBID Notice of Nomination” dated Feb. 28, 2019. That link originally took you to the ad above.

If you want to view the update with the correction, you must hit that old link (Feb. 28) to view this document with:

The Election Poll will be held in the Bill Wood Room at the Union Bay Community Hall, 5401 South Island Highway, Union Bay, BC on April 20, 2019 from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Here’s a screenshot showing the Notice of Nomination was created Mar. 19, 2019. I added the red,

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Union Bay Improvement District posted the Water Agreement with KIP in October 2017 and now wants to charge almost $1300. to ‘maybe’ provide a copy. This guy needs to be replaced.

This is a good example of how this admin spends most of his time covering his ass and wasting time and money. How much time did he spend on the letter advising he couldn’t provide a copy of the Water Agreement with KIP instead of just sending the pdf to the person? A copy of the Water Agreement should be readily available on the UBID website for all landowners to access. This guy is never going to learn this job and we are being taken to the cleaners financially while he empire builds.

Why is the agreement suddenly secret and McMahon would have to review and approve the release? We are being fed bullshit. Do not vote Loxam back in – what a dysfunctional mess. Who the hell does he think he’s fooling? Are we to believe it would take hours for him to locate the Water Agreement? Isn’t it on his computer? Why would it take more than mere minutes to locate and there is no shipping and handling, nor is there anything to prepare the record for disclosure and providing a copy is electronic – mere minutes. I would challenge the Admin on the claim that UBID’s legal counsel advised that nothing could be disclosed that wasn’t in the Oct. 2017 minutes. I call bullshit on this and would like to see proof. When was this instruction given? What prompted this decision from Peter Johnson, (UBID’s legal counsel) since the time the agreement was originally posted on UBID’s website in Oct. 2017, by this present incompetent Admin.

How many hours did it take the admin when he sent out the notice that the agreement was posted? Did it take him 12 hours to locate, retrieve and produce the record? Then prepare the record for disclosure? Then the shipping and handling cost and then providing a copy of the record? If this isn’t the best example of incompetence… To top it off he thinks KIP has to agree to let the landowners view the agreement. Again, it’s KIP running UBID just like pre April 2011.

From a post in Oct. 2017:

Here’s the agreement that is now secret.

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5 Union Bay landowners happily masquerading as a board – knowing the landowners aren’t paying attention. Maybe a Court Challenge will wake them up.

Page 24 from the Improvement District Manual

These five men have gotten away with meeting secretly and making board decisions outside the guidelines as to what constitutes a legally convened meeting of the Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees.

The first most obvious is the meeting from Oct. 18, 2018 which was adjourned by the Chair and is visible on the video of that meeting and recorded in the minutes. That was the end of the legally convened UBID board meeting – it was ended when the chair declared the meeting adjourned. Then 5 men met secretly afterwards and made decisions when they had no authority to do so and submitted the false minutes as a legally convened meeting.

The video below is from their own meeting which ends with the Chair adjourning it. Whatever took place after the adjournment was not a legally convened meeting and all the decisions made are null and void.

These 5 landowners did the same thing at the Nov. 15, 2018 meeting. The Chair clearly adjourns the meeting at the 12:39 mark and resumes with no explanation. At that point it was just 5 landowners gathering as it was no longer a legally convened meeting of the Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees. These decisions are null and void.

We know these 5 landowners gathered again on Jan. 10, 2019, and attempted to unlawfully suspend a fellow trustee, unlawfully changed the election dates and AGM and unlawfully fired the Fire Chief. None of these decisions were made by the current Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees.

These same 5 landowners gathered on Jan. 17, 2019, and have tried to pass off their actions at that gathering as a meeting of the duly elected Board of Trustees for the Union Bay Improvement District.

ALL the decisions made by these 5 landowners are null and void – they did not have the legal authority to make any decisions without the knowledge of ALL trustees.

The following is page 54 of the Improvement District Manual