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A Comedy of Errors…. The Union Bay Improvement District Board is Such a Joke

So the same people who convinced you fools to vote for them because they promised something that couldn’t be legally done have turned around now and want you fools to pay up to $5 Million bucks for a water treatment facility.

These brainiacs advertised in the paper without any details about costs etc.  They then posted 8 pdf files on the UBID website and I understand these same pdf’s were used on large display boards at the Mar. 1 and 3 open houses.  There didn’t seem to be much point in the open houses because there was no presentation – just those 8 pdf’s blown up – no new information or details were provided.

Have a look at the “Estimated Costs” pdf that was posted on UBID’s website and one of the eight display boards at the open houses.  I would provide you a link but the Admin has removed the incorrect pdf and replaced it with NOTHING – just one less pdf.

A gentleman attempted to inform the Admin on Mar. 3, 2018 that his figures were incorrect.  Well, we’ve all seen how correcting this Admin ends – in a huff.  What I would like you to do is look at the monthly payment (cost to UBID).  Repaying $8559.00 a month for 20 years comes to a grand total of $2,054,160.  What a great deal!  We’re only paying $54,160 in interest over 20 years on a $2 Million dollar loan!!!!  Oops – looks like that was a mistake.  The interest on a $2 Million dollar loan over 20 years is almost 3/4 of million bucks – not $54,160.

I don’t know what the $137,958. interest and the $260,165. Principal is referring to.

Another example of how sick this Improvement District is.  This is the best they could do?  This is all the information they think landowners need even if they managed to get the figures right?  These guys are useless.  They’re only off by almost 33% – see below.


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Only Takes 2 Weeks for Union Bay Improvement District to Post Video of Feb. 15, 2018 Board Meeting – No Minutes Yet

They must be walking the SD card to the computer guy in Courtenay.  2 weeks to post the video of the Feb. 15, 2018 meeting and still no minutes of the meeting posted.  By the way, don’t bother trying to access ANY of the minutes that are posted as they are not accessible any longer.  Don’t know why this Admin had to have a new website when he didn’t know the job so wouldn’t know what to keep then would he?

How come the gallery is being recorded?  Wasn’t this what they received complaints about?


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How the Union Bay Improvement District Pro Kip Trustees Weasel Out of Motion for Information About Becoming A Service Area of CVRD

This is the history of what has transpired (or not) since this Board was presented with a petition in November 2016 signed by over 400 landowners.  These pro KIP trustees have tried all kinds of excuses to prevent the landowners from obtaining information which would not cost UBID any money or manpower.  Instead of listening to the landowners the Admin who has zero government experience has introduced the possibility of municipal status when there was absolutely no direction from the Board of trustees to take this action.

This Admin is running scared because he cannot do the job and it wasn’t fair to him or the landowners to hire someone who simply is not capable or qualified for the position.  We know what an Admin does and our previous Admin was superb in the position so it’s pretty obvious when you compare what we had and what we have now.   The trustees who hired him didn’t know their own jobs as trustees never mind hire someone for a job they were ignorant about.  This Improvement District is set up to fail.  Five trustees who are struggling to grasp what’s going on and an Admin who is unable to perform.  In my opinion.

Right from the get go this Admin was against this motion.  And by the way, why does this Admin participate as though he is a trustee?  Watch any of the meeting videos with previous Admin Kevin and even temporary Admin Martin and you will see what position they take at meetings.  This guy doesn’t know his place.  And who the hell told him he could change his title to CAO when he can’t even do the job as Admin?

Landowners Petition presented to the UBID board Nov. 13, 2016 requesting action taken to dissolve UBID and become a service area of the CVRD.

Discussion of petition at the Dec. 14, 2016 UBID Meeting.  Note that Trustees Loxam and Bitten insist the matter should be discussed ‘in camera’.  This does not fall under the the categories which are discussed ‘in camera’.  It’s another example of why they can’t face the public and discuss the matter in the open.

No meeting in January 2016.

Excerpt from Feb. 16, 2017 meeting.  Trustee Kaljur brings forth a motion to form committee to explore the pros and cons of becoming a service area of the CVRD

Feb. 16, 2017.  Now the pro Kip trustees are claiming the ‘ministry’ has told them to concentrate on water filtration.  Bullshit and back pedalling trying to weasel out of following the landowners wishes.

Excerpt from Feb. Meeting with the Chair stating “The CVRD doesn’t want anything to do with UBID.  They didn’t want to get stuck with a system that requires nothing but money and a lot of work to get into place.”

Mr. Knowitall butts in again and provides the same misinformation he’s been spewing for over 15 months.  Send him for training too!

At the All Candidates Meeting in April 2017, this is what this Trustee believed then and has not changed his mind.  He didn’t know what he was talking about then as Scott Fraser’s response indicates.

This is the missing 17 minutes of the Nov. 16, 2017, UBID meeting where trustee Kaljur brought forth her motion and it was passed with the Chair breaking a tie vote.  You will note the Admin chimes in (even though he was not recognized by the Chair) and is not in support of the motion.  Poof – the motion is erased from UBID’s video of the meeting.

A landowner attended the COW meeting Dec. 13, 2017 where Bitten put forth a motion to kill the one approved at the Nov. 16, 2017 meeting.  Bitten’s motion brought forward at the Jan. 18, 2018 meeting doesn’t resemble the original or the one he brought forward at the COW meeting.

This is the an excerpt of the Dec. 14, 2017, Trustee Kaljur indicates there is no mention of the motion from the COW meeting the night before.

Another excerpt from the Dec. 14, 2017 meeting.  A question from a landowner asking about the letter not being sent to the CVRD.   The Chair states it’s not on the Agenda!

Then at the Jan. 18, 2018 UBID Meeting (which the Admin failed to video or audio record) the Admin talks about another option of becoming a Municipality.  Why is this Admin speaking about Municipality status since the board NEVER instructed him to do so.  This guy thinks he has the power to make these decisions – he doesn’t and someone needs to clue him in as to what powers he has and what he doesn’t.

This is the motion put forward by Mr. Knowitall.  It is the most convoluted ridiculous bunch of words – makes no sense.  This is the board’s attempt at rescinding the Nov. 16, 2017 motion which PASSED and they went behind the electorates back at a COW meeting Dec. 13, 2017, where Mr. Knowitall brought forward a motion to kill the approved one.

Then at the Dec. 14, 2017 meeting it was not brought forward from the COW meeting and the Chair refused to discuss any part of it as it wasn’t on the Agenda.  The Chair also assured Trustee Elliott it would be on the Jan. 18, 2018 Agenda.  But low and behold it wasn’t and instead Mr. Knowitall presented a plate of word vomit which was passed.

This is from the Q & A portion of the January 18, 2018, discussing the plate of word vomit with the Chair insisting this new motion is the same as the one they killed secretly at their COW meeting Dec. 13, 2017.

These short clips are all from the Feb. 15, 2018 UBID meeting.  Christ these people are dumb.  This meeting shows how unfit these people are.  The Chair is completely clueless and just throws out bullshit hoping something will stick.  Can’t wait for the video as it will show Mr. Knowitall throwing his hissy fit banging the table.  Loves to hear his own voice.

This is an excerpt of the Feb. 15, 2018 meeting with the Chair reading out the Admin’s report introducing a 3 prong policy regarding the landowners request for information from the CVRD.  The Admin has created a smoke screen complicating the issue by unilaterally deciding to make the study to include municipality status.

This excerpt is Trustee Kaljur questioning the 3 prong policy.

This excerpt is a question about the Admin attending these meetings on his own regarding conversion to CVRD.

This excerpt is the Chair refusing to allow Trustee Kaljur to answer a landowners question claiming he’s trying to get questions from the audience and then immediately allows Trustee Elliott to ask a question.  Trustee Elliott also wants to know why municipality status has been introduced and the Chair states he can’t pull it out of his head right then – no kidding.  Elliott confirms the board NEVER instructed the Admin to take this action.

This excerpt is a question as to why UBID isn’t going directly to the CVRD for the conversion process.  The Chair wrongly answers that’s not the way it works.  BS.

This excerpt is Trustee Kaljur questioning why the Chair refuses to recognize her when she requested to answer landowners question.












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Union Bay Improvement District Trustee Ensures A Gong Show

The one Trustee who just can’t keep his mouth shut during meetings.  Loves to hear his own voice and is an expert on everything.

Here’s a reminder to him of what he stated when he butted in at the Nov. 13, 2016 meeting.  The Chair has never told him to shut up so he continues over a year later.  Instead the Chair thanks him for his support.  Clowns.

This 3 minute clip is from the 8 times this trustee spoke without being recognized by the chair at the Feb. 18, 2018 meeting.  Every other trustee requests to be recognized but not Mr. Knowitall.  Seems to have a problem controlling his temper.  When’s the last meeting you attended where someone is throwing a hissy fit banging the table because he’s not getting his way?  Only in Union Bay folks!

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Union Bay Improvement District Gong Show Returns for Another Season

This clip is from the All Candidates meeting in April 2017.  It clearly displays the ignorance of Trustee Rick Bitten.  Listen to him talk about how they’ve (who?) researched and he provides absolute falsehoods to the landowners.  Luckily our MLA Scott Fraser also attended the meeting and provided information as to the process of joining the Regional District.  Who are you going to believe… Rick Bitten or Scott Fraser?  The thing that is mind boggling is that Bitten is still spewing the same false information.   These tools refuse to allow any new information to penetrate their thick skulls.   What is terrifying is what they term “research” in their decisions.

Trustee Bitten needs to go to anger management!  What’s he going to do next – bang his shoe on the table?  According to Bitten the Admin used an illegal recording of the Jan. 18, 2018 meeting to compose the minutes.  Bitten seems to be really pissed off about this instead of being thankful there was any recording.  What the hell would the Admin have used to compose those minutes if there wasn’t a recording?  Certainly doesn’t take ANY notes during the meetings.

There was quite a good turnout for the gong show this evening and landowners are getting fed up with the bullshit they’re being forced to swallow.  A good indicator was how the Chair handled the meeting.  Notice Bitten speaks whenever the mood strikes him and yet Jacques refused to allow Trustee Kaljur to speak when she requested and then immediately allowed a question from Trustee Elliott.  WTF?

It was a wild one and at the end of the meeting Trustee Loxam’s wife thought I should respond to her questions even when I told her I didn’t want to talk to her and then advised that I don’t talk to stupid people.  She then asked why I talked to Walter (who was standing beside me) and then pointed to Janet Thomas and asked why I talk to her.

I had to yell at her to fuck off and that I didn’t want to talk to her – even then she was in my face.  This is the same person who responded to Union Bay Improvement District correspondence by telling the writer not to send any more emails as they would be deleted as the original was.  Who the fuck elected her?  If I pulled this crap – they’d be calling the police.

There is no hiding these idiots don’t have a clue what they’re doing.