A Perfect Example of Why Union Bay is Such a Screwed Up Community

At the November 16, 2017 UBID board meeting, Trustee Susanna Kaljur put forth a motion that was approved by a 3 to 2 vote.

That motion and discussion was 18 minutes and nineteen seconds.

The UBID Admin claims to have accidentally erased 17 minutes of the November meeting.  What a coincidence since that 17 minutes was Kaljur’s motion and only 58 seconds appear on the UBID video.

NOTE:  Trustee Kaljur received a copy of the letter requesting she resign 3 hours before the meeting last night.  The letter was received by UBID on Dec. 8, 2017. Here’s Chair Jacques reading out the letter and Trustee Kaljur’s response (all of which will be included in the minutes of the meeting).

In my opinion, the folks who composed/signed this letter are either really stupid or they are going by the fragmented video provided by UBID which eliminated Kaljur’s motion.  I tend to believe it’s the former if past history is any indicator.  I can hardly wait to see who the idiots are who can’t follow what’s going on at a meeting and yet are the first to tell everyone else how to think.

My remarks aren’t personal as I don’t know who these goofs are yet.  Hope Santa brings them a brain.

Here’s Trustee Kaljur’s public service announcement from Nov. 16, 2017 the authors/signatures are so upset about.

This is what Trustee Loxam wrote to Trustee Kaljur.  The moment he sent that email to her – it was her property.  These folks want you to ignore the shit that’s been going on behind the scenes and the bullying that is taking place out of the public eye.

Susan I thought the full moon was over.  You are like a broken record.  The only ratepayers you represent are part of your political CULT.  You should put your efforts into pulling this community together instead of tearing it apart.  Seeing that you are so heavily involved in the ‘Protect Our Water’ group. why aren’t you and your members putting a huge amount of effort into protecting our water at Langley Lake from Timberlands logging????? It would show that you cared about the community instead of destroying our communities development for our future.

Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. Moving Ahead (AGAIN)

The round and round continuation.  We’ve been here before……

The revised MDA:  http://agendaminutes.comoxvalleyrd.ca/Agenda_minutes/CVRDBoard/BRD/12-Dec-17/20171208_Dyson_KIP_SR_Proposed_MDA_Revisions.pdf


Another Circus at the Union Bay Improvement District Monthly Meeting Tonight

People really should try to attend these meetings because they are unique.

Audio only of the Dec. 14, 2017 UBID Monthly Board Meeting aka The Union Bay Improvement District Gong Show.

Check out the letter from 8 or 10 landowners requesting Trustee Kaljur resign.  Alternative facts galore!  Can’t wait to see the dummies who signed this piece of work.  It will be in the minutes (whenever they’re posted).


Union Bay Improvement District Agendas for Dec. 13, and Dec. 14 Meetings

From those who were elected by promising the landowners the developer would pay for the water treatment facility.  Are they now going to advise the amount of money they plan on borrowing?  They are proud to state they will not raise parcel taxes but isn’t this just putting off the inevitable?

Union Bay landowners are going to be facing huge bills soon with the water treatment facility and don’t forget the new Fire Hall which is going to cost a pretty penny.  It’s only a matter of time before we face the costs of a sewage system.

By the way, KIP can’t build any homes unless he has a sewage system.  So what year do you think Union Bay will start collecting Capital Expenditure Costs from Kensington Island Properties?

Union Bay Improvement District Missing Minutes of Nov. 16, 2017 Meeting

This is the video clip of UBID’s video from Nov. 16, 2017, of Trustee Kalju’s motion to write a letter to the CVRD.  It is 58 seconds long.  This is where the video was ‘accidentally’ deleted by Admin at UBID.  Still can’t figure out how someone could erase 17 minutes in the middle of this meeting unless they were doing some editing.  Very odd.

Here is the full discussion of Trustee Kalju’s motion.  It is 18 minutes and 19 seconds.