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Does Union Bay Improvement District Have an Unelected Trustee/Administrator Now?

You better think twice before sending an email to any of the Union Bay Improvement District Trustees on the contact page of the UBID website.

Perhaps they should include a disclaimer that only Union Bay landowners might be treated professionally – no guarantee there either!  I guess it depends on the mood swings of their spouses.

This is the response from the WIFE of a Trustee to a letter sent in an email to the Admin and all trustees asking questions regarding UBID issues.  Correspondence sent to an elected official about Union Bay Improvement District business.  Who the hell does she think she is?

You would think these guys would have an email account that is specifically to do with UBID matters instead of their spouses/shared emails to prevent crap like this happening.

Funny, I don’t recall seeing this individuals name on any ballot ever.  Only in redneck/dysfunctional Union Bay this is normal!

This is the letter sent to the Admin and trustees Elliott, Kaljur, Jacques, Bitten and Loxam.

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Update on Conflict of Interest Complaint Against Union Bay Improvement District Trustees

This is a follow up to the 2 posts below regarding my conflict of interest complaint.

Note the email from the Admin on June 15, 2017 stating:

Once the board has made a decision we will let you know.

Note the most recent email where the board made a decision July 4, 2017.  The administrator only responded on August 17, 2017 when he was forced to by Acting Chair Elliott.

And the decision:

Chair Jacques indicated there would be no further discussion on this issue.

This board is absolutely useless and nothing is being accomplished because we have 7 people who don’t have a clue what they’re supposed to be doing.  No experience, no committees – a big f**king mess.

I think the posts are up to date now.

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Does Kensington Island Properties Resemble What We Were Told in 2005?

We were ripe for the picking.  A community with a population easily fooled who believed a developer was going to GIVE Union Bay a new water treatment facility, 3,500 more people NOT 3,440 doors, sewage treatment, and on and on.

For those who weren’t here in those years, Langley Lake was initially proposed as a temporary water source, then Bob Long assured landowners Langley Lake wasn’t even being considered and then the Regional District changed the source to Langley Lake for the entire development.

The Comox Valley Echo June 10, 2005. What’s interesting is KIP’s fear of the media as evidenced in the last paragraph of the first section of the article:

Plans for the development were released to the media Wednesday after two private open house meetings in Union Bay.  Reporters were asked to leave or not attend both meetings.



The water for homes, golf course and development will come partly from Langley Lake which will could see a longer intake pipe and new dam onsite for a cost of $1.5 to $2 million.

Kensington has also found underwater aquifers on site and may consider creating a second lake to help supply water into Washer Creek, a salmon habitat.

“We are not looking for money,” said McMahon.

Calling the company a Canadian Corporation “based in Courtenay” McMahon says its primary shareholder Jim Youngren had lead several successful developments in Canada and the U.S.



May 27, 2005 Comox Valley Echo



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The Union Bay Improvement District Pro Kensington Island Properties Trustees Who Fear Accuracy

There are elected officials who welcome questions and don’t hide from the very people they represent and then there are those who talk about being transparent and accountable but it’s just not in them and they must do everything possible to hide after elected.

We have three fearful trustees – meeting canceled with no explanation.  These three are in control and this is what they do before they have their third official board meeting?

This video clip is from the May 2016 UBID board meeting discussing the video recording bylaw.   At 4:15 a trustee voices his concerns.

At 6:52 questions from those attending.  Listen to the concern about how much it is costing to accommodate Mary as no one else records and goes on to say there are people who have no interest…….WTF?

First cancel meetings so they don’t have to face the electorate.  Second, find a way to prevent the video recording of any public meetings they actually have.

I must have a terrible memory because I can never remember everything that is stated at these meetings and yet the majority of landowners appear to have excellent recall despite never taking notes or having any documentation with them or ask any questions.  I wish they could answer some of my questions or explain how they can be so confident in the information they have stored in those amazing brains.

Video recording meetings provides an accurate account of what took place and is an important tool in preventing the misinformation spread by those who are sloppy about details like the following which was titled May 2016 meeting but is actually a piss poor account of the June 2016 meeting and is composed as though it is minutes of the meeting.  The very people who were concerned about me recording actually recorded the June 2016 meeting and still got the facts wrong.


union bay today part 2Voila_Capture 2016-7-18_05-54-11_pm

How can anyone put out the misinformation contained in their inaugaral post on their new website? Thanks to Bruce for pointing this one out with the comment below:

More inaccurate info from the UBID Meeting of May 2016 . I dont know who the writer is but are you stupid to write such misleading information. Bylaw264, 3rd paragraph, last sentence,”only the Regional District has authority for approving subdivision developments” Wrong authority meathead it is the Ministry of Transportation that approves subdivision developments.

These are the people you trust with your investment in this community?

Here’s another one: Second paragraph “On the motion to approve this plan, (Webb and Alcock) voted in favour, Peter Jacques voted against and Glen Loxam abstained. With the Board locked in a tie vote, Chair Molstad voted in favour to break the tie and passed the motion.” Bullshit! How can it be a tie vote when 2 voted in favour, 1 abstention and 1 against? Again, here is the actual statement:

This had to be put together by a “challenged” person. Jesus Christ –  get the dates right – at least. If you’re going to quote someone – get it right FFS. How stupid can you be after recording the June meeting and put out this bullshit. Prove to me where the Chair stated: “that the Board did not consider a Trustee as a worthy negotiator and therefore appointed the Administrator to negotiate on their behalf.” And this bullshit: “….the Chair stated that when an agreement is reached, Mr. Kelleher will be asked to review the document before approval”. Where are they getting this information? This did not happen and these tools have no idea what the words accurate, honest, etc. mean.


Here is the exact quote from the Chair at the June 15, 2016 meeting. How stupid are these people who can’t even provide accurate quotes from their own video? Plus, no matter how many times the Chair explains facilitator they still want to use negotiator. The facilitator requested McMahon and UBID Admin to meet with him. Mr. Kelliher is the negotiator hired to represent UBID negotiating (if/when?) a new water deal with Kensington Island Properties.

These folks have shown their ignorance and complete lack of accuracy. Either they are stupid or intentionally misleading landowners. Hard to tell which it is.

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Comprehension Problem With the Three Pro Kensington Island Properties Trustees of the Union Bay Improvement District

I’ve added a condensed version of the November 13, 2016 meeting.  These two videos are proof the three pro KIP trustees don’t understand the importance of accuracy.  Listen to how many times they state “as I understand it” and “my understanding”.  Well, there’s the problem isn’t it?  Their understanding is wrong!  

This is Jacques repeating to the board what he understands Trustee Kalju’s motion for a committee to be struck:

“So we have a motion put forward by Trustee Kaljur to the effect that she wishes to establish a committee to look at producing a petition in order to dissolve the UBID board in favour of joining the CVRD.”     SEE DEFINITION BELOW!


confident trustees 1confident trustees 2bitten-running

Here’s the November 13 meeting condensed to 29 minutes, highlighting the lack of understanding exhibited.  How can they not be embarrassed?  Kind of makes you feel a bit sorry for them. 🙂

At 4:54 an interesting exchange takes place between Trustee Kaljur and the chair regarding how correspondence will be dealt with at the meetings.

These trustees really don’t seem able to understand or grasp what is being said.  At the November 13, 2016, all three of them mentioned hearing back from the lawyer confirming if the agreement was in effect and yet Loxam’s motion clearly instructed the lawyer to enact the force majeure clause.  They see nothing wrong with this and remain ignorant.  Their ignorance puts landowners at risk as there is a need for accuracy in all legal matters involving Union Bay.

The first part of the meeting highlighting the reasons for my conclusion of them being unfit. Comprehension problem is evident.  Condensed to 8 minutes 48 seconds.

At the Dec. 14, 2016 meeting, Trustee Kaljur brings forth a motion for a committee to be struck to look at the pros and cons of joining the Regional District.  At 3:45 Jacques repeats what he has comprehended and no surprise it is not what Trustee Kaljur stated in her motion.  Bitten makes a statement regarding someone running for trustee and then putting a motion forward to give the board away to the Regional District.   How Bitten arrives at that conclusion is mind boggling.  Although he does admit he cannot comprehend the motion.  No surprise there.  Trustee Elliott clarifies the motion that it was to form a committee.  Bitten’s snarky response is that he understood the motion.  No – he didn’t – and then after the motion was defeated Bitten says “what a waste of time”.  You have got to be kidding.  The last 18 months have been a waste of time because none of this was necessary.  What is a waste of time is the fact we have three trustees who choose not to listen to anything other than KIP related matters.  The three of them voted to defeat a motion they did not understand and they refuse to educate themselves preferring to believe the bullshit spouted by the VP of Kensington Island Properties.

What does Jacques think “Business Arising” means?  He claims  “the Administrator pointed out where the receipt of the letter should be” in response to Trustee Kaljur claims of the Administrator advising the letter would be added to  “Business Arising”  in the agenda.  Comprehension.

The arrogance from these ignorant people is astounding.  They believe they have all the knowledge necessary to make decisions simply because they have been elected.  There is absolutely no proof they have done any research and don’t pay attention to what is being stated at the meetings.  Bitten talks about the committees admitting he doesn’t know anything about how the committees are created and thinks he’s coming up with something original when it is identical to what the Administrator was instructed to do at the Nov. 13, board meeting.  Try to catch up.

A chair who is rude at every opportunity, banging the table like a child and raising his voice because people aren’t cowering to his authority.  A chair who thinks he has the power to remove a duly elected Trustee because he doesn’t want the embarrassing correspondence provided by Loxam.  A chair who thinks he can bring a meeting to a halt to avoid the embarrassment of more misinformation spewed by a trustee who is unfit and unable to comprehend the issues he’s expected to be able to make informed decisions. You can’t sweep this shit under the carpet.  These tactics where attempted by the corrupt board who were turfed in April 2011, who figured if you were given an answer, that’s the end of it.  Doesn’t matter if your questions/concerns were addressed – you got a response – deal with it.

I don’t believe Loxam authored the motion on Nov. 13, and I don’t believe he authored the letters signed by him to Trustee Kaljur and landowner Bruce Livesey.  This guy doesn’t have a clue and all three pro KIP trustees campaigned on putting the trust back in trustee.

The chair reads out a question from a landowner regarding employing Hew McConnell to complete the water study report in preparation for KIP or any other developer who wishes to acquire water.  The chair answers “no” because there is no water agreement at this time.  How can he not understand what he just read?  This is when Trustee Kaljur calls him on the no answer and results in Jacques throwing a hissy fit and shutting down the meeting.  So now we’re at the mercy of someone who can’t control his outbursts.  We are a laughing stock.

These three trustees can’t take questions and will be running for cover at every opportunity.  This is the attitude the board that was turfed out in April 2011 possessed, when they unlawfully locked out the electorate while Royer and Godfrey secretly negotiated the NOW DEAD 2011 WIA.  They couldn’t take the pressure from the landowners and decided to close the meetings to the public through emails to each other.  These trustees will be taking their direction from VP of KIP Brian McMahon and David Godfrey.  It’s been Godfrey of the Concerned Citizens pushing the resurrection of the NOW DEAD 2011 WIA which cost the landowners money unnecessarily spent on legal opinions and a complete shutdown of the progress trying to meet VIHA’s mandate.

Loxam, Jacques and Bitten are out of their depth here and their careless attitude cannot be allowed to continue.  Media exposure and public pressure in the form of letters and demands for accuracy and accountability has the same effect as sunlight on a vampire.



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Union Bay Improvement District Gong Show Displayed by the Media



Credit for the gong show should go to trustees Rick Bitten, Peter Jacques and Glenn Loxam for displaying ignorance, arrogance and their unsuitability to hold elected positions.

Again, kudos to Michael Briones of the Comox Valley Echo for providing an accurate account of what transpired at the Nov. 13, Union Bay Improvement District Board Meeting.  It’s been a while since we had a reporter take pride in providing quality reporting.

“Jacques produced a copy and just tossed the document to Elliott,”  This is how the chair treated a trustee who was concerned over the motion being put forward.   At 28:40 Trustee Elliott advises the 500 water connections per the expired agreement violates our water license and these clowns still pass the motion.

The video is set to start at 25:17.  Reload the page if you want it to start at that point again.

This one is set to 10:40.  Jim Elliott.  Who do you think is looking out for your best interests?  Who is concerned about the liability of Union Bay landowners by knowingly entering into an agreement that cannot be met without spending millions on increasing the capacity of Langley Lake and the dam?  The 500 connections which clearly violates our water license.  If KIP flips the property and the new owner wants the 500 connections – should we send Glenn Loxam to explain what the agreement actually means?


Part five of five.