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Union Bay Improvement District Meeting Dec. 19, 2019. Audio only.

The board is going to retain a person qualified to assist the Admin with the negotiations now that UBID employees have joined a union. Too bad they didn’t keep the professional negotiator the Molstad board retained to negotiate a water agreement with Kensington Island Properties. The pro KIP trustees decided they had the qualifications to negotiate a water agreement even though none of them had any experience. They negotiated down – how was that a win?

Have to give Hein credit. He attempts to provide answers and went into detail as to why the Admin is teaching at NIC. Well, we know who gave a contract that allows flex time to an individual who was not qualified for the position and is learning one mistake at a time.

Apparently, the Admin has taken a course on the FOIPP Act. I will be submitting mine again which was completely ignored a year ago. This Admin was hired almost 3 years ago and has just recently completed the FOIPPA course, so all the FOIPPA requests were being handled on a ‘guessing’ policy which included ridiculous costs from $1200. to a whopping $2900.! So, how did the Admin arrive at those costs if he was ignorant of the FOIPP Act?

Was told the Public Works truck that was causing problems was fixed under warranty. Have been waiting a year to find out. Trustee Kaljur brought up the fact the truck was still under warranty when the previous board was talking about replacing it.

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Arbour upset – wants an apology. Sorry we read the incorrect info on your calendar and website – which is still wrong!!!

Have been exchanging emails with Arbour. He thinks my statement at the top of my blog about “intentionally mislead” is ironic. No, Daniel, it would be ironic if I didn’t post the correction!

Arbour’s emails to Paul You would never have seen emails like that from our previous Director, Bruce Jolliffe.

Took this screenshot Dec. 15, 11:40 a.m. Same info with the same map showing Seattle causing the hissy fit. Ya, it’s our fault…

If you’re going to whine and cry about people posting the information on your website – correct it. Geezuz. It’s still the same incorrect information. It’s WordPress, just like this blog and Paul’s – we can correct mistakes on our blogs – how come he can’t fix something as simple as the calendar when there is so little on there in the first place? Received forwarded emails from Paul showing Arbour upset about the posts on his blog and a mention of mine claiming he was going to Seattle along with a map of KIP’s lawyers office location. Arbour wants an apology because he claims due diligence wasn’t done such as “You could have contacted me. You could have checked to see if Union Bay Estates has lawyers there. You could have contacted our EA Teresa. Any of the above would be minimal due diligence.” So, anything that’s posted on his website and calendar should be confirmed by the means suggested?

Here’s a suggestion. Your website is useless – pretty pictures and Facebook posting crap is not information. It offers nothing to the landowners you represent and obviously the skimpy amount of info on it can’t be trusted.

You owe the apology for the wrong info, and getting hissy about landowners relying on that info is pretty thin skinned.

This post from when it was apparent KIP’s flunky trustees were campaigning for Arbour. Now, you know they didn’t come up with this idea on their own.

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Area A Director Arbour now the target of Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates. Spider to the fly. How gullible is this neophyte Director?

EDIT Dec. 15, 2019. Arbour upset about me posting the info on his calendar on his website which he now states is wrong. Hasn’t fixed it though.

Noticed this on Paul’s blog

Apparently, Arbour can travel out of the country to receive an update on Union Bay Estates, but couldn’t be bothered to rent a room at the hall to meet with the landowners he represents. The only thing he could manage was a meeting at the market – how backwards and cowardly. Somehow he managed to meet with Fanny Bay residents at the OAP Hall and at the Royston Hall. How many people can fit into the market?

So Arbour is getting wooed by old slick. Guess slick sees the writing on the wall that his buddies on UBID are losing control and the dysfunctional form of government is not working for the landowners.

This trip is bs. It isn’t going to benefit anyone living in Union Bay and shows Arbour can be influenced and wined and dined by this sleazy developer, in my opinion.

  • Why would Arbour have to physically attend KIP’s lawyers office in Seattle for an update on a supposedly Canadian company project 15 km away?
  • Isn’t Arbour a pretty green Director?
  • What is his background that he will grasp what is presented?
  • What does he expect to learn from this trip that he couldn’t have learned right here where the project is and the VP of KIP?
  • Doesn’t our existing technology remove the need to physically attend in another country for an update?
  • Will KIP pull the old “you can view – but cannot have a copy”?