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Kensington Island Properties Wasting Your Time

For those thinking attending the upcoming meeting put on by Kensington Island Properties “to learn the details of the Union Bay Water Upgrades proposed by Kensington Island Properties and to better understand why they have been delayed in implementing the UBID/Kensington Water Infrastructure Agreement.” is going to make one bit of difference, think again.

The agreement KIP refers to has expired.  Nothing said at this meeting is going to make one bit of difference regarding the expired agreement.

The following is from the Regional District website for KIP information.  It clearly states:

The water infrastructure agreement expired on December 31, 2014. The master development agreement requires the developer to negotiate a new agreement.

kip status reg dist

The only option Kensington Island Properties has is to negotiate a new agreement.  This new water infrastructure agreement should be negotiated by a professional negotiator, not the present board at UBID.  The lapsed agreement was ridiculous to begin with and was negotiated without the knowledge of all five trustees until the first draft was presented.

I corrected the invite for KIP.

KIP mtg_0001

Another snippet from the Regional District:

Q. What public benefits will be included in the KIP development?
A. The proposed public benefits, sometimes referred to as amenities, include:

improvement of water and sewer treatment facilities for Kensington development area
30 affordable single family homes and up to 135 multi family dwelling units
public parks and trails
transit exchange
public assembly place
a serviced lot for fire hall

This in exchange for our water.  Gosh, pretty short list.  Remember the full page ads?

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Kensington Island Properties Sectioning Coal Hills

Went back today and followed the flagging marking New Lot A on the Coal Hills.

Flagging appears to follow the rough outline from a picture provided in the pdf cutting across the coal hills at the peak.

I clipped the following from the pdf file.

kip lot A

Pictures following flagging from east shore line, through the trees, to the top of the coal hills, and over to Washer Creek.

reducedDSC_2880 reducedDSC_2881 reducedDSC_2883 reducedDSC_2885 reducedDSC_2888 reducedDSC_2890 reducedDSC_2892 reducedDSC_2894 reducedDSC_2897 reducedDSC_2899 reducedDSC_2900 reducedDSC_2902 reducedDSC_2903 reducedDSC_2905

This one is my favourite because whoever put this stake in was able to use an old piece of metal to secure it.  KIP just covered all the crap up.  There’s pieces of rusty metal all over the coal hills.


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Kensington Island Properties Going Full Speed Ahead.

Pictures taken May 25, 2015.  East side of coal hills.


West side of coal hills by creek.




Ha ha ha ha.  Must have gotten a good deal on wood stakes and flagging.  Hope KIP didn’t go over budget.

Maybe some of his supporters from the AGM chipped in.

Aren’t we due for a photo in the local papers of KIP pointing at something crying about delays and his love for Union Bay?

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What’s Kensington Island Properties Doing About the Toxic Coal Hills Erosion?

Here’s a sampling of pictures I’ve taken in an area we all frequent as it erodes into the ocean.  How can that be good? Does Kensington Island Properties still have the money in their budget for the remediation?

Pictures below taken April 2010





Picture below taken January 2011

jan 7 2011_06701

Picture below taken January 2012

jan 10 2012 DSC_2834

Picture below taken July 2013

july 12 2013 DSC_7605

Pictures below taken January 2014




The Pictures below taken May 4, 2015





picture below taken May 13, 2015


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Kensington Island Properties and the Coal Hills Toxic Site

The following pdf file is quite interesting and another reminder Kensington Island Properties is all talk, no substance.  Windbag.  Remediation of a Coal Waste Pile in Union Bay, BC.pdf

Video of John Snyder speaking about the costs of remediating the coal hills in Union Bay.

This is the quote I published under the video:

Published on Sep 1, 2012
Add this quote to all the others that are worthless. KIP is all talk. The taxpayers will end up footing the bill for for the clean up. Just more empty promises by KIP.

From the Comox Valley Record Aug. 30, 2012.
The company is well aware of the coal hills.
“It’s going to cost a lot of money and we’ve budgeted for it,” McMahon said.

The fools that believe this bullshit are just fucking brain dead.