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Another Correction – Update on Sewer for Royston Union Bay is No Update

A fellow landowner forwarded this info from Area A Director Daniel Arbour. The agreement reported in The Record was between the sewage commission and KFN only.

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Update on Sewer for Royston and Union Bay

Notice what’s missing? No mention of Union Bay Estates aka Kensington Island Properties.

Comox Valley Regional District, K’ómoks First Nation ratify sewage solution

The K’ómoks First Nation and the Comox Valley Regional District Sewage Commission have ratified a Community Benefits Agreement that commits both parties to collaborate on a regional solution for sewer. The agreement will provide upgrades for Comox and Courtenay sewer infrastructure, while supporting the growth and economic development plans of the K’ómoks community.

“This agreement between the CVRD and KFN is a shining example of the leadership here in the Comox Valley and unceded territory of the K’ómoks First Nation. By working together in the spirit of reconciliation we can set the examples for other municipalities and Indigenous communities nationwide to ensure that we all move forward together,” said Chief Nicole Rempel. “In working toward installation of sewage services to the south, we can address many concerns regarding failing septic systems, as well as anticipate and prepare for future developments down the road, and most importantly to protect the streams, beaches and Baynes Sound area from further failing septic systems.”

The partnership recognizes that the existing sewer line through Indian Reserve was expropriated without adequate consultation, and provides compensation for past and future impacts of sewer infrastructure within the reserve. The commission will work with KFN to protect archeologically sensitive areas during construction in an effort to preserve cultural heritage sites, ancestral burial places and artifacts.

“For the City of Courtenay, building on our good relations with K’ómoks First Nation and practising reconciliation is one of our strategic priorities, and we are always looking for opportunities that will bring us towards this goal,” Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells said. “This agreement is a major and concrete step forward, and we are grateful to all parties for this collaboration.”

The Comox Valley Sewer Service provides treatment to residents of Comox and Courtenay, as well as CFB Comox. In early 2020, the commission made the historical decision to accept wastewater from communities south of the Courtenay boundary, which includes KFN development lands. This unprecedented decision depends on strong leadership from Comox and Courtenay councils to work in partnership with KFN, ensuring a regional approach to sewer services that will protect local beaches, waters and B.C.’s largest shellfish industry in Baynes Sound.

“This agreement is another example that reflects the important and longstanding partnership we have with our K’ómoks First Nation neighbours,” said Comox Mayor Russ Arnott. “It is crucial to collaborate with our neighboring communities and areas to address the fragile sewage line at Willemar Bluffs to ensure the long-term well-being of our waters and the safe, efficient delivery of wastewater in the region.”

While infrastructure does not exist to move wastewater from south of Courtenay, this agreement commits the CVRD to champion and seek grant funding, as well as other project partners to extend sewer infrastructure south. As partners in this agreement, the KFN will support all permits and approvals required for upcoming conveyance upgrades (pipes and pump stations) as part of the Liquid Waste Management Planning Process that is underway.

KFN and the CVRD plan to share this agreement with Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, Josie Osborne, BC Minister of Municipal Affairs, and Murray Rankin, BC Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation, as a testament to what is possible when local governments and First Nations work together to seek solutions to region-wide issues. 

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Solid Waste Collection for Union Bay – CVRD Proceeding to Phase 2

Thanks to Daniel Arbour for providing this update.

Looks like progress is being made in order for Union Bay to have the CVRD collect our garbage and recycling. This link lays out the timeline.

I was paying $94. for 3 months with every second week pickup. It’s now $106.95 with no recycling. Going with the CVRD is going to be a lot cheaper.

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Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates borrow pit off McLeod Rd.

From CVRD website:

Article in the Record highlights the fact no one seems to know who should be issuing permits.

Remember that hill?

All the trees to the right are no longer there.

Then KIP started clearing closer and up from the Washer Creek trail.

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This is When We Need the CVRD to Enforce What Was Agreed to in the MDA by Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. aka Union Bay Estates

This developer is a predator and cannot be trusted.

This quote from the Record Mar. 1, 2018:

McMahon says despite the rocky past, the “stars have aligned” this time around. He brought up revisions to the company’s Master Development Agreement with the Comox Valley Regional District, which were approved in December 2017.

So he was crowing about getting the revisions in the MDA and now he wants to make changes. Notice there is no mention of a sewage system for the community.

Next steps Before construction of any of the housing units can occur, Kensington will have to supply a wastewater treatment facility in order to service the projects. “We have to get the wastewater treatment plant up and running before we can sell any homes,” he said. “In order to do that, we need to get the pipes in the ground, we need to get roads built. We were meeting this morning talking about where the pipes are going to go.” McMahon said the company has applied to the Ministry of Environment to begin work on implementing a wastewater treatment facility. “That application is in the process,” he said. McMahon added the goal is to possibly begin construction on homes by summer 2019. “Before that, there will be roads, pipes put in the ground. There will be all the underground servicing going in,” he said.

After all the promises made by this developer since 2005 – none of which materialized due to the developer manipulating trustees who negotiated a water agreement without gaining/negotiating any of the very public promises. Gained 4 acres of land at the same elevation as the old waterworks and lost almost 2 acres for the firehall during their ‘negotiations’.

Here’s a link to the ‘MWR WWTP Operations Plan Registration Tracking: 370094’ submitted by KIP to the CVRD Oct. 2019.

It’s no surprise the promised sewage system constructed to add cells allowing Union Bay and Royston to join is just another one to add to the list. This developer ‘appeared’ to agree to the stipulations set out in the MDA but consistently tries to force changes.

This developer will never abide by the MDA and will continue the relentless complaining and excuses and falsehoods. It never stops. Landowners need to ensure the MDA is honoured and not dissected a piece at a time.

KIP has always claimed they would build a system that would be expandable to allow Union Bay and Royston landowners to add to the system. Make KIP abide by the MDA.

Violated the 2010 MDA by subdividing 28 contaminated acres of the coal hill knowing there was a covenant on the land and yet advised the CVRD by KIP’s solicitor a false statement:

On April 28, 2017 solicitors for KIP advised the CVRD through its solicitor that KIP is of the view that it is currently in compliance with the master development agreement in all material respects.

Mere weeks earlier KIP violated the MDA by subdividing the 28 acres. Application was submitted April 6, 2017, and the date of entry was Apr. 20, 2017. So the above claim by KIP’s solicitor on Apr. 28, 2017, was false.

Documents show the Comox Valley Regional District did not know about the transaction between KIP and the province until early May, a few weeks after the subdivision had already been registered. This occurred even though the CVRD has a section 219 covenant with KIP that prohibits subdivisions until certain terms of a Master Development Agreement (MDA) signed in 2010 are met.

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More Measurements Being Taken for Dumping of Treated Sewage by Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates Creating Kipshit Creek

From the CVRD:

The current proposed sewage plan for the development does not comply with the MDA.