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Union Bay Improvement District increasing parcel taxes and water tolls.

No meeting in November so financial questions will go unanswered again.

Looks like the admin is finally going after the delinquent accounts. This was brought up in the spring of 2017 when the admin wanted to hire a collection agency. Why has it taken this long for action?

Where is the budget showing how much of an increase the unqualified admin is being paid this year?

The landowners update and the admins report every month is just copy and pasting previous information. We are being taken to the cleaners by unqualified staff and ignorant trustees. Remember in Oct. 2017 with the announcement of the water agreement with KIP when Loxam stated all this was being done without raising parcel taxes?

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Teresa Knight is not running for UBID Trustee position.

From Paul’s blog:

Teresa Knight has decided not to run as a Trustee for the Union Bay Improvement District, her name will be on the ballot and her name cannot be removed. Teresa will put her name in for one of the two trustee positions that will be available in April 2020.

Copy of email…..To a UNION BAY resident – so, just tell people that I am not really running as I had thought I needed to, not knowing there were others running.  I will run again in April if needed. 

Thanks for passing on info.. Teresa