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Three Union Bay Trustees Resign Due to Kensington Island Properties (KIP Costanza)

Kensington Island Properties and the Kiplets = Conflict of Interest?

The following email was received this morning:

Hello Supporters:
This is to let you know that yesterday afternoon, July 27, 2016 in an in-camera meeting Anne, Carol and Alan resigned from their positions as Trustees of UBID effective July 31, 2016. As there will no longer be a quorum and the Board cannot function, the Minister of Community Sports and Cultural Development will be contacted to determine next steps. Our resignation letters are attached.
Anne Alcock
Carol Molstad
Alan Webb

Carol Molstad Resignation from UBID Anne Alcock Letter of Resignation

edited personal info out Alan Webb UBID Resignation-1


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The Inability of Langley Lake to Service 3,354 Residential Units

Excerpt from:

crop 20160718_FAQs_UBID_KIP_water-1 copy

Finally, some caution displayed by the CVRD regarding how many residential units can be supplied with water from Langley Lake.  Let’s hope this is the first step in repairing the damage done when their CAO, Bob Long, assured us Langley Lake would not even be put on the table for consideration.

The UBID Trustees voted in from April 2010 until April 2016 pulled this community out of a deep financial hole putting us on the path to recovery.  The Boards prior to these folks being elected screwed up everything they touched and fed us nothing but bullshit.   Spend, spend, spend was their motto.  According to them Langley Lake could support KIP with no problem, telling us to “do the math”.

Carol Molstad, Bruce Livesey, Marie Gaudreau, Alan Webb and Anne Alcock are the ones to be credited for this financial recovery.  They have cleaned up the mess left behind by the previous boards and administrator.   We have an amazing Administrator, Kevin Douville, who obviously knows what he’s talking about and is able to provide accurate answers to questions, unlike a past Administrator.

We’ve gone full circle and now we’re heading back to the days when Trustees were far too cosy with KIP Costanza.   When Trustees are more concerned about what a developer wants instead of the landowners, we have a problem.  Trustees intentionally spreading false information in an attempt to discredit their fellow Trustees while championing KIP Costanza.   How screwed up is that?



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New Water Agreement for Kensington Island Properties

NOTE:  People think the RD screwed up with this announcement and it might be just the framework for a new agreement.  Will have to keep checking the CVRD website.


Looks like Jim Youngren will have to edit his letter.  Somehow it doesn’t sound all that grand now with 40 to 50 residential units, does it?  Let’s see how they can spin that into a big selling feature.

kip union bay community websiteVoila_Capture 2016-3-29_12-5-54_pm copy





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The Contact for The Union Bay Goofs Website

Below provides the email for Registrant, Admin and Tech for unionbaytoday website in case anyone wants to contact them.  Apparently, a couple of people have attempted to make contact through the CONTACT section on their website but there is no indication it is actually working.

contact for union bay today