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Record Breaking Year for Allthingsunionbay


Thanks to everyone for making 2016 a record breaker.  October set a monthly record with over 3000 views.

Yearly views were up and a whopping 28% increase in visitors breaking the 2013 record.

This is the place where you can find out what’s going on in Union Bay other than the UBID offices.

Anyone is free to leave a comment regarding the topics – I don’t care what you think of me so those comments go into the spam folder.  I stated years ago, I’m not auditioning to become a member of a club or looking to make friends – I don’t like people.

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The New (Old) Water Agreement Being Dredged Up Again – KIP, Union Bay Improvement District and the Regional District

Why do people believe the old agreement was a good agreement?  Those attempting to push it or a clone as acceptable are bizarre.  A new memorandum of understanding that complies with the MDA is what is required.  Throw that piece of shit dead 2011 WIA in the garbage where it was until the leader of the Concerned Citizens declared the developer should be given an extension by hauling out the stinky pig, slapped lipstick on it and tried to pass it off as something appealing.




The developer was given two options – why are these pro kip supporters attempting a third one?   They completely ignored the problems the Administrator brought up when they tried to enact the force majeure clause Nov. 13, 2016.


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Kensington Island Properties Zealot David Godfrey Claims Union Bay Trustees Trying to “Pick up the pieces left of the former WIA”

Based on the frame work of the expired agreement?  What was the frame work?  I have been asking since the agreement in April 2011, what was negotiated?  The developer must pay $8,900. CEC per residential hookup.  It was supposed to be for 100 hookups and then it was 500 after negotiations with the developer putting a total of $1.7 million (eventually changed to $1.4 million changed to $1.2 million) which would only cover the CEC’s for around 150 hookups.  This frame work?

What was negotiated?  What did Union Bay ask for in the negotiations besides the CEC’s which any developer must pay?  The temporary plant on the developer’s land which the developer would own and yet be given CEC credits for?

There were no negotiations because Union Bay didn’t have anyone negotiating on their behalf.  We had one trustee according to David Godfrey as he refused to take credit for the negotiation of the 2011 WIA, insisting it was Denis Royer.  For all these people claiming that Denis has explained the agreement and the intent of the agreement, I call bullshit.  Denis can’t explain the agreement because he doesn’t understand it himself.  Royer and Godfrey led the community to believe it was receiving a gift from KIP until after the agreement expired – then their story became “it’s an interest free loan”.  Ya, let’s believe those who unlawfully locked out the electorate while they secretly negotiated the 2011 WIA.  Slapping each other on the back for negotiating a deal for less CEC’s than hookups authorized, authorizing 500 hookups which violates our water license, and topping it all off by telling us it was a gift.

Union Bay Improvement District Water Infrastructure Agreement Behind the SceneUnion Bay Improvement District Water Infrastructure Agreement Behind the Scene


And, yes, these 3 pro KIP trustees act like they are in the developer’s pocket!

Since David Godfrey seems to be the spokesperson for KIP and has assured those reading his letter today that McMahon is prepared to show the same records Godfrey bases his support for KIP to any Union Bay landowner, which I am, I have requested these same documents.  Lets’ see if I get a response!


Items below are from the Comox Valley Echo letters to the editor and beefs and bouquets Dec. 30, 2016.







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Union Bay Landowners Sucked in By Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc., and His Flunkies


The zealots who blindly follow their saviour of Union Bay.  It didn’t take much to get landowners behind something they thought was free.  That’s a given in Union Bay.  Landowners who have paid ridiculously low parcel taxes for years balking at increases and having to pay for a water filtration system.  What rock have they been hiding under?  Who didn’t know we were facing a deadline complying with VIHA’s mandate?  The November 2010 video clearly shows then trustee David Godfrey referring to the 2015 deadline (later extended to Aug. 2018).

The developer allows the 2011 WIA to expire without providing any plans as specified in the WIA.  The developer also has not provided anything to UBID confirming an agreement regarding the coal hill remediation allowing him to proceed as this is what he claims prevented him from meeting the Dec. 2014 WIA deadline.

The developer then gets his flunkies to attempt to force the UBID Board to give him an extension.  Not one of his flunkies seems to have asked if the dead agreement can be extended and forged ahead, undermining the efforts of the then board, claiming the board was stonewalling the developer.  Good ole Don McRae played a part in this farce helping his good Liberal buddy McMahon with Fassbender following along believing the bullshit spouted by KIP.  Note the threat of legal action against each of the trustees if they do not comply?

Those writing letters to the editor claiming people in Union Bay aren’t stupid, what has transpired here in the last 18 months is proof they are indeed stupid beyond belief.

A handful of zealots continue to churn the shit in Union Bay on behalf of this bully developer.  Next time these flunkies reinvent themselves elevating their status to leader and claiming to represent the community with a Concerned Citizens title or some other bullshit name – it’s the same clowns who have been banging the KIP drum with no facts or proof to back up their bullshit – tell them to hit the road.  KIP is a developer not to be trusted or believed.  The only thing this POS has given Union Bay is grief.

David Godfrey has taken centre stage as the leading champion of 34083 Yukon Inc.  Perhaps he can advise with another open letter to the landowners of Union Bay where he gained the legal expertise to determine the expired agreement could be extended creating the shitstorm that followed the meeting below?


KIP packet-#1

Then Chair Carol Molstad at the KIP hosted March 2016 meeting.  A room full of people who are incapable of grasping what is being stated.