The guy involved in a conspiracy to deny democracy is embarrassed by landowners who were on the receiving end of the aggression by an out of control Union Bay Improvement District dictator.

New post on Susanna Kaljur's blog: Looks like there is no plan to hold an AGM. They already posted the reports on the website that we are given at an AGM. We know they can't answer questions, so they're content continuing to lock us out. That was the plan all along. They had no... Continue Reading →

The government (elected officials) can do pretty well what they want (including unlawful actions) unless you retain a lawyer to take them to court to stop them? Something is broken.

So after months of unlawful actions by this gong show board including unlawfully 'suspending' a duly elected Trustee (Susanna Kaljur) who was forced to retain counsel (Jason Gratl) to force the board to re-instate her as a trustee. Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Selina Robinson was cc'd on the letter. Did this cause the... Continue Reading →

Would Fassbender, Faganello, McRae or Mueller be content with an undemocratic UBID style government in their community?

When you have one group who breaks rules and just makes up their own and another group who abides by the rules, with no one to enforce the rule of law - who do you think has the power? I sent the following email November 14, 2016, to Minister Fassbender when the three trustees approved... Continue Reading →

The Ministry is consistent. They only got involved when KIP cried the blues. To hell with Union Bay landowners – you are on your own.

We had an efficient functioning board in 2015 under the Chairmanship of Carol Molstad, who brought us back from the brink of bankruptcy. Then Kip and his spokesperson David Godfrey and Peter Jacques (MLA Don McRae refused to confirm if he was in attendance) all cried the blues to Liberal Minister Fassbender (presented a petition... Continue Reading →

Had enough of the dictatorship yet? Imitation Union Bay Improvement District board is embarrassed, but not by their actions. Landowners should insist the remaining two resign. They are the embarrassment!

Trying to give us a laugh with the 'featured image' while we go through this crap after we were so delighted with the outcome of the election. 🙂 By the reasoning of this imitation board, a trustee who was not re elected Apr. 20, 2019, and one who didn't even run, stays on as trustee... Continue Reading →

We exercised our democratic right at the ballot box, but the rogue Imitation Union Bay Improvement District Board didn’t approve of the results. They’re staying.

I hope people are paying attention. My fear is that these incompetents have made important financial decisions with the same lack of due diligence. It's pretty obvious they agree with each other and feel they are not accountable to the landowners because we are already locked out and they are happy to continue as they... Continue Reading →

Email address for the Gov’t people assigned to Union Bay Improvement District file.

Thanks to the landowner who provided this important information!  Talked to Tara Faganello Assistant Deputy Minister  office Best email address is these are the people assigned to Union Bay UBID file Good afternoon all,Thanks to the landowners who have sent or talked to Government official; see attached  Union Bay landowners had to wait until a trustee election was held... Continue Reading →

Is there anyone who can convince the UBID Chair to read the bylaws, directives and policies which they took an oath to abide by? No legislative authority to hold AGM after April 30 according to Letters Patent – no matter what the dictator believes.

The reason we end up with lousy representatives is because they believe if they don't hear from you, they assume they are doing a great job. So the 'small group' they are referring to consists of individuals who speak up and ask questions. They believe the entire rest of the community fully supports them because... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Improvement District board hi-jacked by individuals constantly making unlawful decisions – refuse to vacate even though one voted out and one didn’t run! Terms are expired.

A condensed version of why we are in this mess with the swearing in: Jan. 10, 2019 this board met excluding, and not advising Trustee Kaljur of the meeting where they voted to (unlawfully) 'suspend' Trustee Kaljur and also changed the dates of the election and the AGM. The AGM has always been before the... Continue Reading →

From 2 bullies who planned and participated in the disruption of the Oct. 19, 2016 All Candidates Meeting – now they’re trying to pass themselves off as pillars of the community?

Took this excerpt from Susanna Kaljur's blog. I added the red font. And then we have this today. Tries to put forth the big shot attitude in an attempt to hide the paranoia. Here's how the big shot is allowed to interrupt without being put in his place by the chair. Out of order 9... Continue Reading →

The Union Bay Improvement District Dictator flexing his muscle – now he’s got a lot to say after months of ‘no comment’

Remember how many articles were published with 'no comment'? Looks like the Record visited my blog and copied the audio recording. "In a recording of Tuesday’s meeting obtained by the Record.."Hope they come back and post the video clips. Thanks to The Record and the Goat aka mycomoxvalleynow for shining a light on the rot... Continue Reading →

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