Too Bad Union Bay Improvement District Trustees Refused to Take Actions to Protect Our Watershed in 2016 – Cumberland is Smarter

One of the first meetings of the new Union Bay Improvement District Board in Nov. 2016, Trustee Susanna Kaljur made a statement about the importance of protecting our watershed. Well, if you've watched any of the gong show meetings, you'll see Chair Jacques shut down that thought pretty damn quick. This is the post from... Continue Reading →

Local government says it will turn to the courts to stop barge recycling business Barges are dismantled on a sealed asphalt surface and don't contain hazardous materials, says company manager Kathryn Marlow · CBC News · Posted: Feb 18, 2022 5:00 AM PT | Last Updated: 8 hours ago The K'ómoks First Nation and some area residents have expressed concern that hazardous materials could be released as barges are dismantled in Union Bay. (Bridgette... Continue Reading →

Comox Valley Regional District says Union Bay shipbreaking not permitted The property at 5084 Island Hwy. South is just north of the community of Union Bay and used to be a log sort, but in late 2020 the owner, Deep Water Recovery began bringing in old ships and barges to be dismantled. A retired ferry has been moored just offshore since late last... Continue Reading →

Comox Valley Regional District board deems shipbreaking a non-permitted use

Congratulations to Concerned Citizens of Baynes Sound - now let's see how long it takes for this business to comply or shut down. How long is the CVRD willing to wait? Previous posts regarding the ship breaking: The Comox Valley Regional District board says a shipbreaking operation in Union Bay is a non-permitted... Continue Reading →

Comox Valley Regional District approves shipbreaking resolutions

Previous posts regarding ship breaking: Area A director hopes a regulatory framework will address concerns SCOTT STANFIELDJan. 30, 2022 3:30 p.m Stemming from a request by Area A director Daniel Arbour, the Comox Valley Regional District board agreed to encourage senior governments to be more proactive to help enhance shipbreaking regulations... Continue Reading →

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