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No Facilitator Report In Water Dispute Between Kensington Island Properties and Union Bay Improvement District

All Candidates Meeting October 19, 2016 from 7 – 9 pm. Union Bay Community Hall.

Something stinks.

The Facilitator was appointed from January through June 2016.  The Facilitator, UBID and Kensington Island Properties reached a Memorandum of Understanding  June 6, 2016, signed by UBID but Kensington Island Properties takes the document away and then refuses to sign the document.

Three Trustees resign July 27, 2016, because of the actions and lies told by Kensington Island Properties VP.

The following response to Janet’s FOI request just doesn’t make sense.

final-response-letter-1 final-response-letter-2 final-response-letter-3

The following is the version from July 2016 on the CVRD website.



This is the version from August 2016 on the CVRD website.


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Find Out Who’s Running to Become Kiplet Trustees Oct. 1, 2016

All Candidates Meeting October 19, 2016 from 7 – 9 pm. Union Bay Community Hall.


I guess they’re keeping who’s running secret until this “coffee with the candidates”.

Time to get our questions together to find out what these potential trustees have planned and if they understand the expired WIA that KIP Costanza keeps trying to resurrect.

Anyone running who hasn’t read that agreement is going to look very foolish.

We already have two Trustees who obviously haven’t read the document based on their statements.  Do you want three more of the same?


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Another Landowner Requesting Facilitator’s Report – Water Dispute With Kensington Island Properties – Before By-Election

All Candidates Meeting October 19, 2016 from 7 – 9 pm. Union Bay Community Hall.

Published today in the Comox Valley Echo

As a land owner in Union Bay I appreciated the Echo’s coverage on the by-election. Before I can cast an informed vote the Facilitator’s Report must be released to the public. I attended meetings last spring where the developer made numerous accusations against the trustees. The developer went on to complain to the provincial government this resulted in a facilitator becoming involved in subsequent negotiations between UBID and the developer KIP regarding water treatment infrastructure. The result was a Memorandum of Understanding which the developer has thus far refused to sign. Three aggrieved trustees resigned in protest late July. Many accusations made from both sides.

Our community is frozen without governance. We are divided, deprived of accurate information about what has transpired and a vote impending. The government must release the Facilitator’s Report before the election. Otherwise the October 22 election could be contested until such time as the report is made public. I can not vote with a blindfold on.

Susanna Kaljur

Union Bay


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The Typical Government Response From Fassbender’s Office – Buddy to KIP?

All Candidates Meeting October 19, 2016 from 7 – 9 pm. Union Bay Community Hall.

Seems those of us who contacted Fassbender’s office are receiving the standard reply to concerns over Kensington Island Properties tactics.



My response:

Hello Michelle,

Thank you for responding to my email. I fully understand the purpose of a quorum and board.

The problem begins when the developer is controlling the Trustees as Kensington Islands appears to be with the two remaining Trustees in his pocket, in my opinion. The sad fact seems to be conflict of interest is tolerated and the departments in place to ensure good governance lack the interest when a developer interferes and publicly lies to the landowners, in my opinion.

I find it curious that a past Trustee who locked out the electorate from Jan. 2011 through April 2011, without the authority to do so and a landowner (Peter Jacques) were granted a meeting with Minister Fassbender who then appointed a Facilitator, who accomplished nothing and left more questions than answers. Yet, now all the landowners who have contacted Minister Fassbender’s office are being told there will be a by-election to restore a five member board and maintain a quorum. Where was this attitude of leaving the board to govern when the Minister appointed the Facilitator? The developer used the intervention by the Minister’s office to undermine the existing board and promote his candidates (the 2 existing trustees) and refused to sign the Memorandum of Understanding preferring to provide his trustees with a letter confirming the details of their conversations with the developer for a completely different agreement from the Facilitator’s MOU.

The Minister has caused more problems in Union Bay than existed prior to this special meeting and accommodations made for a developer and his supporters. If anyone in your office is truly interested in what has transpired in Union Bay, check with the Ombudsperson’s Office and the number of complaints from 2010 onward. The investigators couldn’t believe so many things were happening in one improvement district. By the time the Ombudspersons Office completed the investigation the offenders were no longer in office. Mr. Godfrey being one of them.

You acknowledge the minutes of the December 2015 meeting in your response but fail to comment on the two minute audio of the developer telling a completely different version of what is contained in the minutes. How can you read the minutes, listen to the audio and then compose a response which lacks the purpose of the original email containing those two attachments?

The Minister’s response to the situation is unacceptable. The Minister created the situation – now wants to jump back and say – I don’t want to get involved.

I’m attaching the two minute audio clip again. I’m also attaching a one minute audio clip, both explanatory by their title. MLA Don McRae has failed to answer emails and telephone calls regarding this audio. Could you please confirm if Don McRae was present when David Godfrey, Peter Jacques and VP KIP, Brian McMahon met with Minister Fassbender in 2015?


Mary Reynolds
Union Bay

PS. You incorrectly assume the administrator distributed the minutes I sent with my first email. It was given to me by someone else. The Administrator is professional, remains neutral, honest and trustworthy. You should not assume.

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Notice What The VP of Kensington Island Properties Stated in His Letter To UBID Trustee

, it has been delivered to every door in Union Bay and I believe in your Q & A website……

So the letter is addressed to Glenn Loxam Trustee UBID.  The VP can’t be referring to the UBID website as there is no Q & A.

Is KIP referring to Lone Jednorog’s website called union bay today ?  Is this website with Jednorog listed as the administrator actually owned by Trustee Glenn Loxam?  WTF?

Is that why they are trying to be anonymous?  Numerous people have asked questions on Jednorog’s website but failed to receive a response.  A few items have been removed from the website.

I attempted to ask Jednorog the other day when she was setting up her sandwich board, who authors the info on her website and she stated:  “Mary, I’m not talking to you because you are quite crazy.”  But, who authors the info? 🙂

Hmm.  Conflict of interest again.  No one is going to step in and help Union Bay if the landowners don’t care about conflict or the perception of a conflict.  You get the government you deserve.


Maybe he’s referring to the Q & A on the CVRD website for the Memorandum of Understanding he refused to sign!