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Susanna Kaljur has a solution to the admin refusing to attend public meeting

Hats off to Susanna for coming up with the perfect solution to the admin’s latest tactic of claiming it’s too dangerous to attend public meetings . I love it (as Don Jr. would say).

This admin spends most of his time trying to hide the fact he is unable and unqualified to hold the position. He is terrified of answering questions and threatens to call the police when asked simple questions regarding UBID.

This is a good example from a year ago. Note the Communication with the Public Policy was still absent from the website until Chair Healey directed him to post it on the website.

This guy should never have been hired. He has zero government experience and was hired to run a local government – how does that make sense? What training has he had since his hire in the spring of 2017? I’m guessing none.

This situation isn’t fair to anyone, not the landowners or the guy who was hired. I’m sure we have al witnessed during our lifetime someone hired for a job and unable to perform the duties. Things aren’t going to get better, they just get worse.

The two new trustees seem to think they can just slide into the positions and carry on – they don’t realize the board has been run like a shitshow for the the 2 1/2 yrs because the admin is unqualified and there is no one to act as parliamentarian to ensure the government office is run according to the rules and regulations in place.

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UBID Board needs to do their homework instead of spouting off about things showing their ignorance.

GEEZUZ – what does it take to get someone to listen? We have four people who are ignorant on certain matters and yet spout off when attempting to discuss them and automatically assume Trustee Kaljur is incorrect because the four of them agree on their ignorance. There is only one person who has bothered to educate themselves and it shows. The four sit there looking as though they are being spoken to in another language – because they haven’t read a god dam thing and then try bullshitting their way through. Pathetic. They resent Trustee Kaljur because she’s the one who always has to speak up when they pull crap. If you’re going to be responsible, honest, transparent and accountable – educate yourselves or stfu.

They resent the fact Trustee Kaljur wants to abide by the regulations and is forced to correct these dummies during meetings. They have assumed the same attitude that because they have been elected, somehow they are suddenly bestowed knowledge. Who of the five knew what the rules were for “in camera” subjects? Trustee Kaljur.

FOI: At the Aug. UBID meeting Trustee Vandenberg wasn’t comfortable voting on the Freedom of Information “head” because it was appointing and “officer” and thought that was something really huge and to be avoided.

So what happens today? Same trustee is ignorant and spouting off again about an “officer” and “reporting to the board”. Again the boogey man of “officer” is scaring the shit out of him.

Here’s how FOI complaints have been handled/mishandled:

Then we have mrknowitall who has been a trustee making FOI declarations for months and is just as ignorant today as he was at his first meeting. Obviously has not read one lousy word regarding Freedom of Information.

We all left when mrknowitall (a legend in his own mind) decided that Trustee Kaljur shouldn’t be given any information and then corrected it to “none of the trustees should receive information”. Yay democracy.

mrknowitall spouts off about the oath the trustees took and yet who was it that violated that oath umpteen times by being complicit in unlawfully closing meetings and unlawfully suspending a trustee, matters that were not ‘in camera’ being discussed because they didn’t want the landowners to know what they were doing? This guy has always cherrypicked the rules to suit his and his unlawful co-conspirators masquerading as trustees. What a joke.

Remember when the board kept hauling out the letter from the Ministry claiming we couldn’t start the process of becoming a service area? The Ministry had spoken and that was treated as gospel. Not so with the latest letter – now it’s “the Ministry can’t tell us what to do”!!!

The RBC loan for the water filtration was brought up. Sigh. They don’t know the difference between a bank and the Municipal Financing Authority. The MFA is who we would approach if we become a service area of the CVRD. Another fustercluck. People should be very concerned over the decisions made by people who truly are not informed and yet they are planning your future. Good luck.

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Wow – finally – excellent letter from the Ministry

You are going to want to check out Susanna Kaljur’s blog showing the letter.

This is a follow up to this post:

Looks like all the gong show and bullying tactics backfired on the goofs preventing any consideration of incorporation (municipality).

“Over the past two years there is already evidence of significant community discord in Union Bay, given the governance challenges the Board has had and the contentious interactions that have occurred between members of the Board and the public.”

We have a majority working for all landowners again like the Carol Mostad Board. Let’s pull the pin on this antiquated form of government and move forward.

This post indicates the amount of money we will save in interest alone by converting to the CVRD and being eligible for loans at a reduced rate.

Imagine the savings if we get grants?