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No Conflict – Yet

Okay, after checking it appears there is no conflict with the Kiplets up to the point of the election.  Obviously, I was wrong.

Now that these 2 have taken the oath of office they must assume different roles, no longer the crusaders on behalf of KIP, their allegiance must be to the Union Bay Improvement District.

The situation still stinks – just nothing legal to be done at this time.

Let’s see if these 2 push for KIP to control Union Bay water by pushing for a temporary water treatment facility on KIP’s land.  That’s what it’s always been about – WATER.

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Union Bay Improvement District Inaugural Meeting April 13, 2016

The Kiplets taking oath…………hmmmmmm how’s that going to work?

A statement made by the Chair regarding 2 incidents from the Annual General Meeting.

 These people are going to have to speak up.  I have the volume set to max in order to hear what’s being said.

Go to 1:12 and watch Trustee Webb help out the newbie.  Nice guy.

Incident about the Fire Chief: it continues until a Trustee puts the landowner in his place telling him to come to meetings to ask questions such as those put forth.  This is the same guy who called me a stupid bitch at the March 14, 2016 KIP meeting and can be heard on the audio heckling Paul Bahl who was asking a question.

At  you can hear a female state:  “you renewed his contract”.  This is the person (supposedly a firesenior) who has always assumed the role of official spokesperson for the Union Bay Fire Department.  What a lousy public statement to make about your Chief.


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Kip Costanza and the Kiplets!

Kip constanza and the Kiplets

Am I the only one who wonders why anyone would want to deal with this developer after seeing this in print?

mcmahon government timelines quote -june-2015 copy

“Because we’re dealing with government timelines don’t matter,” said McMahon.


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The Kiplets (Kensington Island Properties Agents/Promoters/Supporters/Puppets?) Big Day

Word has it these two will be making their public debut as Kiplet Trustees this week as they will be sworn into office.  Let’s see how long it takes for the words “Conflict of Interest” to sink in.  Right about now they have their friends telling them they’re not in any conflict.  That’s what happens in Union Bay, when in doubt ask another moron who is just as ignorant.  Then there’s the old standby of they didn’t think they were in a conflict.

Keep an eye on the UBID website  for the date of this historic (hysterical) meeting and plan on attending.  I will video and post on Youtube (along with the other UBID Meeting videos) and on this blog for your convenience and enjoyment for those unable to attend.  My blog title will be “What Were They Thinking?” for those of you hooked on reality shows and will offer my opinion.

Do you support hillbilly ethics and conflict of interest or do you support democracy and unbiased professional decisions based on what is best for Union Bay now and after we are all dead and gone?  What developer gets 2 guys to basically act as agents for 34083 Yukon Inc. aka Kensington Island Properties and then thinks it’s perfectly fine for them to run as elected officials who will deal directly with KIP?

mcmahon selling points partners Voila_Capture 2016-4-5_07-54-16_pm copy

So the above is the selling points/backing up/experience of the VP of Kensington Island Properties.  So someone explain to me how someone with supposedly all of the above accomplishments doesn’t have a fucking clue as to what is a “Conflict of Interest”?  Is this what the VP views as “business as usual”?  Were these accomplishments determined by the same ethics witnessed in Union Bay by this developer?

Here’s another chuckle for ya.  Dealing with this guy must be a real treat.  Everything gets twisted in his favour.  mcmahon government timelines quote -june-2015 copy

another one from the same article:  Funny, KIP never mentioned this again…
mcmahon government timelines kip will replace aging pipes june-2015 copyThe previous quotes are from the Comox Valley Echo article “Kensington’s offer to upgrade Union Bay’s water system uncertain”

I am happy to provide additional background missing from the above blurb about the VP’s experience.

Columbia River – Revelstoke:  McMahon, Brian Allan – loser 1996 Election.


Is what we have witnessed in Union Bay by this developer “normal” or “acceptable”?  NO.