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Fire Services Review Smacks of TAG Tactics

Has the Union Bay Improvement District acted in the best interest of the community in the last 10 years?  What benefits have been realized?  Can you afford the kind of mistakes made by UBID?

Well you dummies should enjoy consuming the TAG bullshit part 2.  The TAG spin is in full swing, providing ‘information gathered from landowners’ except the end result will have been planned well in advance for you to eat up.  Like when the TAG chair provided minutes of the meetings, only to discover editing and distribution by the ‘gate keepers’ of the TAG email list.  All the same empty promises.  What happened to open and accountable?  This Board is no better or worse than any other.  They are infallible.  Ask any of them if they have ever made a mistake?

Then before proceeding further, the Board should undertake a community consultation process whereby landowners, residents, developers and other identified stakeholders can comment on the proposals that have been developed to encourage and support both community engagement and consensus-building. Landowners need to be better informed about how choices are made and the compromises and trade-offs that often need to be brokered with various community stakeholders in order to determine an appropriate choice or strategy. The Board then must ultimately make decisions based on the identified socio-economic, financial and public safety considerations as well as the overall long-term interests of the community.

The same goofy slides and lots of concepts.  This is a presentation to manipulate you, just like TAG did.  This one is very funny and regurgitated:   Landowners need to be better informed about how choices are made……..   Worked for them last time – and they have an empire and legacy to build at your expense.

This Board is going to force you to do what they want.  Simple as that.

images hillbillyUBFRS Fire Services Review Final Report-1

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de Jersey and Jonsson


Alan de Jersey does not approve of this post:

JUNE 11, 2013.  Well, well, well.  The threatening email authored by Kim Jonsson in 2011, displaying her deep hatred for me (we have never met) is now explained.  Why would Alan de Jersey ‘expect’ Kim Jonsson to be mad at Mary Reynolds?  Why did Alan de Jersey claim it was fabricated?  Kim Jonsson to this day has not disputed the existence of the email.   Kim Jonsson displayed some really deep feelings and desire to have someone take me down.

Since The Cumberlander is no longer in existence, the original owner no longer resides in the Valley, so no one will get hassled over me showing how I received the threatening email.sent fr dwayne copy 

Untitled 5

Takes on a whole new meaning when you realize someone is ‘motivated’ by intense feelings – whole different perspective.  Kim Jonsson has the ability to carry out her threats and that is a danger to me.  This is not the same as de Jersey’s creepy friend Bryan Baker being a complete pos sending anonymous filthy emails and his blog.  This is Alan de Jersey and Kim Jonsson displaying the lengths they will go to (in my case death) in order to protect each other.  How do I know at this time if Kim Jonsson’s concerns and feelings for Alan de Jersey have increased in intensity?  If so, what is Kim Jonsson and Alan de Jersey planning to do in order to satisfy Ms. Jonsson’s wishes?  Would certainly be interesting to see the emails exchanged between these two regarding me.

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More News From UBID and the Fire Department

Union Bay landowners were given an overview of the Fire Rescue Services Review dubbed Rationalizing Resources and Risk at the recent Union Bay Improvement District AGM.

When you want the latest news in Union Bay, count on The Record for all the details.


What a pile of crap this is:

Lots of pictures and studies and planning – same old same old, compiled and provided by a select number of residents the Board chooses to provide you with the outcome planned long before anyone suggested a thing.  Get rid of this ridiculous waste of money and those who promote it.

The hillbillies still rely on KIP – fools.

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Union Bay Fire Department Saves Kensington Island Properties Building

Poor Kensington Island Properties.  Apparently, the UBID Fire Department responded to a fire at the KIP shack in the wee hours of April 27, 2013.  Luckily, the building appears to have received minimal exterior damage on the back from a fire and the front appears to have some damage.  Wonder how long it will be sitting like this?  I heard Youngren doesn’t want to put anymore money into this project and it’s not like KIP has ever produced on any of the promises.

Looks pretty secure now with the plastic and duct tape.

DSC_6081 DSC_6083 DSC_6086 DSC_6090

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East Sooke Residents Vote On $2.12 Million For New Fire Hall

The project would cost an estimated $263 per year per average household valued at $499,165, if the entire $2.1 million is borrowed. The term of the loan would be 15 years.

If voters approve, the new hall would be built several hundred metres along the same street toward Gillespie Road on property already owned by the CRD and the fire department, said deputy chief Dave Bigelow.

When the fire hall was built, the department had one truck and served 550 residents spread over 2,130 hectares, says a report on the CRD website. By 2012, the population had reached 1,750 over 3,035 hectares.

 F:1PROJECT5075 East Sooke Fire HallA-CaddPresentation2012.1
Too bad Union Bay has never had a Board that could plan, budget, make informed decisions, you know, the promises they make to get your vote.  Sooke tripled their population from 550 to 1750 and the service area increased 50%.  Union Bay’s population has grown less than 10% and is facing a $4 million expense distributed to less than 700 households.  Quite the burden when this is just one of the multi-million dollar projects facing landowners.
Union Bay Administrator Leaving