Aug. 2016, Interview of VP of Kensington Island Properties (when development was called “The Union Bay Community”) Brian McMahon.

This is what suckers do. Champion for a fucking developer and spew bullshit on his behalf, and the kicker is that half the voting population ate it up and screwed Union Bay in the process. Too lazy to think or question what they hear. Groupthink? This twit had a blog for a short period of... Continue Reading →

The petition presented by KIP spokesperson – who failed to find out if it was legally possible! This is why the community is divided – following stupidity and ignorance.

All the false crap spread in Union Bay by those singing the same song as the VP of KIP. He was the only one claiming the expired WIA was still in effect because of the force majeure clause. He knew the agreement was dead and got his flunkies to suck in the landowners. The... Continue Reading →

Did those of you who signed the petition get what you wanted? How’s that working for you?

Then we can always count on the guidance from those who have always supported Kensington Island Properties and told us about the 'gift' from KIP which turned out to be an interest free loan on a water treatment plant we wouldn't own! So, you voted these guys in and what did they negotiate? 4... Continue Reading →

Kensington Island Properties Mini Development – wow talk about shrinkage!

Development has shrunk - website has shrunk - contributions/promises shrunk.  The last incarnation: Under 'what's the next step': Once the terms of the MDA have been met, Kensington will submit an application to the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, as the primary regulatory body. So what's holding him up?

Draft plan for Union Bay coal hills remediation to be submitted this spring

Another accurate article from the Comox Valley Record reporter Scott Strasser. Photo courtesy JET Productions. Draft plan for Union Bay coal hills remediation to be submitted this spring West Fraser Mills is paying for the installation of an engineered membrane SCOTT STRASSER Apr. 25, 2018 3:00 p.m. NEWS A draft plan for the remediation... Continue Reading →

Why are Union Bay landowners celebrating paying up to $5.5 Million for a water treatment facility KIP always promised to pay for?

People have short memories.  UBID, KIP and the Ministry are all touting the progress of the water filtration facility for Union Bay.  Since all the landowners are paying for the facility, why did it take so long?  The boards up until April 2011 put off any decisions because they believed KIP would be providing the... Continue Reading →

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