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KIP Screwing Union Bay, Again

 I’ve learned that the device you showed me is in fact a stream gauge station comprising telemetry and a stilling well. It has been installed, under permit from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, by a consultant for Kensington Union Bay Properties. It is collecting data as part of the field investigation works related to the design of the property owner’s proposed waste water treatment plant.

From: “Sewage treatment facility with reclaimed water for irrigation to the golf course, without an outfall to Baynes Sound” Kensington Island Properties.

To: Let’s dump shit into Washer/Hart Creek so that if flows into Baynes Sound.

Follow up to this post:

All the games this developer plays, it’s hard to know if it’s all show again and more hot air. Really, what benefit to Union Bay has materialized from all the promises over the years? What KIP does generate is a shitload of fantasy “studies by consultants” to suck in the rubes, marks aka landowners. It’s just the cost of doing business stringing the suckers along since 1996 when Kensington Island Properties was formed.

Is this application to dump 1875 cubic metres treated sewage in Washer/Hart Creek daily just bluster, hot air, bullshit so that everyone panics and wants to appease the bullshitter?

KIP can’t build 1 house until there is a sewage system in place. KIP has always stated KIP would build a wastewater treatment facility. When pigs fly! Has anyone ever seen a developer so desperate and pathetic? KIP wants the landowners to foot the bill and will weasel out of ever building a wastewater treatment facility. Disappears for years and then shows up and creates havoc. Do not believe the bullshit it spews. This developer is prairie doggin.

KIP in a nutshell: Intentionally misled the community when they expected honest communication, announcement going ahead, stagnant, stagnant, stagnant, clear some land, stagnant, stagnant, announcement going ahead, clear some land, stagnant, stagnant, stagnant, announcement going ahead, clear some land, move some soil, remove hillside off McLeod Rd for fill, stagnant, stagnant, stagnant… applies for same permits intermittently.

The South Sewer Project was not going to have an outfall into Baynes Sound either.

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The petition presented by KIP spokesperson – who failed to find out if it was legally possible! This is why the community is divided – following stupidity and ignorance.

All the false crap spread in Union Bay by those singing the same song as the VP of KIP. He was the only one claiming the expired WIA was still in effect because of the force majeure clause. He knew the agreement was dead and got his flunkies to suck in the landowners.

The developer stood up in front of the hundreds of landowners in March 2016, claiming “Just so everybody’s aware a week ago sunday, Carol Molstad put out an email to all the tag members to have them disrupt the meeting, so this is what we’re going to get …”  This was a blatant lie and clearly intended to cause division in Union Bay. That’s what this developer has given the community since he arrived on our doorstep. Division.

This is what transpired before that March 2016 KIP meeting. This is a timeline put together by a professional administrator – remember what that was like? You wonder why I don’t trust this developer?????

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Did those of you who signed the petition get what you wanted? How’s that working for you?

Then we can always count on the guidance from those who have always supported Kensington Island Properties and told us about the ‘gift’ from KIP which turned out to be an interest free loan on a water treatment plant we wouldn’t own!

So, you voted these guys in and what did they negotiate? 4 acres of land for the water filtration plant at the same elevation as our existing waterworks. they can’t claim credit for the land for the Firehall because that was negotiated in the Master Development Agreement with KIP .

4 acres of land. KIP promised $17.4 million to the community claiming they would raise the dam, install a water treatment plant, on and on. Was this even possible since we don’t own the land around the lake? Doesn’t matter since it was all bs.

The community got sucked in and here we sit paying for the water treatment plant and 4 acres of land in exchange for providing a monster development with our water – which no one knows what the capacity of the lake can provide. 3354 new doors would certainly make a difference.

This is what happened while we were locked out! An agreement with KIP that was negotiated without the knowledge of 2 of the 5 trustees until they had a draft. Sound familiar. These tools thought they had the right to exclude duly elected officials. Luckily, they were turfed out just a couple of weeks after this pic was taken.

KIP allowed the Water Infrastructure Agreement to lapse. It was KIP’s decision.

The ‘gift’ which violated our water license as it would exceed 1045 total connections if
500 were added to the roughly 700 already in existence.

Borrowing up to $4 MILLION which will add almost another $2 MILLION in interest totalling $6 MILLION. We still haven’t been advised what the cost is going to be and it appears it will make no difference. This board is going to commit us to an unknown amount of debt without consulting us first.

Remember the first figures provided at the Mar. 2018 Open Houses were wrong. According to the figures below, we would pay back a total of $2,054,160. Wouldn’t that be a great deal – borrow $2 Million and it only costs $54,160 in interest over 20 years. Remember, this person is handling all the finances…


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Kensington Island Properties Mini Development – wow talk about shrinkage!

Development has shrunk – website has shrunk – contributions/promises shrunk.  The last incarnation:

Under ‘what’s the next step’:

Once the terms of the MDA have been met, Kensington will submit an application to the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, as the primary regulatory body.

So what’s holding him up?

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Draft plan for Union Bay coal hills remediation to be submitted this spring

Another accurate article from the Comox Valley Record reporter Scott Strasser.
Photo courtesy JET Productions.

Draft plan for Union Bay coal hills remediation to be submitted this spring

West Fraser Mills is paying for the installation of an engineered membrane

  • Apr. 25, 2018 3:00 p.m.
  • NEWS

A draft plan for the remediation of the contaminated Union Bay coal hills should be submitted to the province this June, and the information could be public by the fall, according to a representative from West Fraser Mills.

Although most of the information contained in the agreement between West Fraser and the provincial government over the coal hills’ clean-up is still confidential, representatives from the two bodies presented an update on the issue at the Comox Valley Regional District’s April 24 board meeting.

Read More: West Fraser Timber to supply engineered cover for Union Bay coal hills

Duncan Williams, the executive director of crown land opportunities for the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, (FLNRORD) said his department will review West Fraser’s draft plan when it is submitted later this spring. If happy with it, he said they will send the plan to the Ministry of Environment — the regulator — for further scrutiny.

“It’s not until [Ministry of Environment] signs off on it and improves on it that we’ll know what the final design is,” he said.

West Fraser leases a portion of the Union Bay coal hills from the Crown. Pending the regulator’s approval, the forestry company plans to supply an engineered membrane that will cover the entire contaminated site. The membrane will include a layer of soil on top of it, about a metre or two deep.

The engineered cover is hoped to impede water access to the coal pile, reducing acid rock drainage and the release of metals to the environment.

Now that the provincial government owns the land, it will be responsible for monitoring and maintaining the coal hills following its remediation.

“Over time, our experience with remediated sites is that they self-remediate,” said Williams. “That’s part of the monitoring [we’ll do] to make sure it’s in effect. We’re going to monitor the foreshore as well to make sure it’s working. If it’s not working, we’ll [install] a water treatment plant.”

“Our long-term goal is to keep it vacant crown land,” added Williams. “Make sure there are no trees on it, and minimal use from the public on it. We don’t want motorbikes riding over the top of it.”

Design phase

According to West Fraser environmental affairs manager Cindy MacDonald, the forestry company is currently in the design phase. She said capping the contaminated area is the standard practice for remediating contaminated sites such as the one in Union Bay.

“You couldn’t move that pile because you’d open it up and potentially have a significant environmental problem once you open it up to the water and the air,” she said.

MacDonald and Williams said the likely plan is to apply a membrane similar to the one used at Yanks Peak in the Kootenays — an engineered cap with a lifespan between 50 and 100 years.

MacDonald said the forestry company is paying for the design and installation of the cover and said remediation could take two or three years to be completed.

“Depending on when we get approval to go ahead with the remediation plan, it will probably be the following year,” she said.

After the membrane is installed, West Fraser will surrender its portion of the coal hills to the province.

Remediation years in the making:

The B.C. government has recognized the Union Bay coal hills as a “priority contaminated site” since 2012. Negotiations over the need for its remediation have gone on for over a decade.

Read More: Union Bay coal hills on priority contaminated site list

Much of the coal hills was previously owned by development company Kensington Union Bay Properties. The developer sold the land to the province last year for $1, to the surprise of some Union Bay landowners.

Read More: Kensington Island Properties sells 28 acres of contaminated Union Bay land to the province

The Union Bay coal hills were originally used by Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. as a washing and load-out facility for coal coming from the Cumberland mines. The hills’ contamination is due to residue from the industrial operations undertaken there.