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Union Bay Improvement District – months of boil water ahead again this year?

Another cartoon for Union Bay – the joke of the Comox Valley

Previous posts about boil water advisories:

Remember all the congratulations and trustees patting themselves on the back about the water treatment plant and no more boil water advisories? At the Oct. 2017 meeting when the agreement with KIP was announced, the chair said UBID might meet the Aug. 2018 deadline to have a plant up and running. He said they could have shovels in the ground in Jan. or Feb. 2018.

Well, they sat on their asses for months before finally getting around to actually planning the system. Then landowners were told it would be in 2019, now we hear it will be early 2020.

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Union Bay Estates ‘time’ is different from real time. Another year of empty promises from this developer. Remember 2005 – still singing the same song 15 years later.

Note the date of November 30, 2018, and yet the fencing is still up to prevent people from accessing the coal hills. Upset because we followed the path along the south side of the creek to access the coal hills – you know -the contaminated area KIP dumped back on the province?

From: “sprtgrpbam” <>
To: “Mary Reynolds”
Cc: “Alana Mullaly” <>, “Doug DeMarzo” <>, “Sylvia Stephens” <>
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2018 4:43:59 PM
Subject: Re: Revised MDA with KIP Designated Parks and Trails

Alana… I understand that Mary Reynolds and XXXXX XXXXXX were indeed approached by the site security. As you are aware we are currently in the process of clearing some of the land on CD 3 and as such we posted notice in the local newspaper. With security of the public in mind we have also placed blue construction fencing around the property with Area Closed, Danger Construction and Active Falling signs highly visible throughout.Yesterday I observed both Ms Reynolds and Ms XXXXXX on the property. I am the one who advised the Site Security to endeavor to keep the public out of the area. Most everyone except the aforementioned duo has understood the area is closed for the next few weeks while the falling is taking place. We have only just started the project and we would hate to see anyone get hurt.
Thanks for your understanding.
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Yes, it was just the two of us who breached the wall! No one else has gone there. 🙂

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A step in the right direction. Trustees now have UBID email addresses, so no reason for a spouse to respond/insult landowners.

The ‘contact’ page of the UBID website now has the UBID email addresses for contacting the trustees.

You might not think it’s important. Read the following excerpt from an article from Jan. 17, 2018 specifically mentioning the problems with personal email addresses: The UBID has not complied with the FOIPP Act for the last 3 years and don’t seem to understand it is the law. It’s another example of the admin being unqualified. He didn’t have a clue about how email addresses work since he said this: “We have internal email addresses for the staff, and for the trustees, they use the addresses that are posted on the website.” Even residential internet providers allow multiple email addresses, so why was it so complicated to provide 5 additional email addresses? We are paying top dollar for unqualified staff.

“Currently, there are no plans in place to change anything,” said Mason.

“We have internal email addresses for the staff, and for the trustees, they use the addresses that are posted on the website.”

98.9 The Goat also reached out to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commission for British Columbia for further clarification on the rules governing personal email use by public officials.

While they couldn’t comment on the specifics of the Union Bay situation, the agency indicated that there are no regulations in provincial privacy legislation that prohibit the use of personal email accounts.

However, the use can “frustrate” the ability of public bodies to comply with their duties laid out in that legislation, with a focus on the accessibility, security, and storage of records in Canada.

The agency’s response indicated that under the Freedom of Information and the Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) in British Columbia, public bodies are required to take reasonable security measures to protect personal information in their custody, or control.

If personal email accounts are being used for public business, the messages are considered to be under the control of that public body.

Emails are also considered records under FIPPA, and are subject to freedom of information requests, which means the public body must be able to search for and retrieve records that fit those requests. According to the agency, personal email use could make this process difficult, as the public body may not be aware of emails that are responsive to the request.

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Union Bay Improvement District meeting Oct. 17, 2019

Short meeting. Didn’t learn anything about the finances. They set the dates for the by election. Looks like we’re going to the polls again in November.

EDIT: I’d like to make a prediction based on what I witnessed last night with 3 trustees guessing about locations, times, etc. This by election is going to be screwed up because the admin hasn’t learned from past mistakes and the trustees are unaware of what the admin should know – IF there are at least 2 candidates since there won’t be an election if there is only one candidate. Here’s the notice posted Fri. Oct. 18, 2019.

Trustee Kaljur left after a dispute about an item not being on the agenda, again. How many times has this happened to Trustee Kaljur but no other trustee? Either the admin is incompetent or intentionally leaving items off. Kaljur provides information to prove she sent the item to be added to Hein Vandenberg but he stated he hasn’t received any emails from Kaljur in a couple of weeks.

One thing Kaljur brought up was the fact the Admin wanted to bill a landowner $3000. for an FOI. I thought the one for $1300. for the KIP/UBID water agreement was ridiculous, but this is crazy. What the hell could take $3000. of the admin’s time?

When the meeting adjourned I made no secret of what I thought about how this board is conducting UBID business. I have to give Hein Vandenberg credit. Hein approached me and told me he was aware of how I felt. Hein spent quite a while speaking to myself and another landowner. Hein spoke to many landowners who stayed after the meeting.

The one thing I want to mention from my conversation with Hein. He stated he didn’t receive any emails from Kaljur so how could he know what she sent? When I asked him if he confirmed receiving emails from individuals, he answered ‘yes’. I then asked why he didn’t answer my email from a couple of weeks ago and if he received it. Hein admitted it was a fair point as he didn’t acknowledge receipt. Kaljur couldn’t know her emails weren’t received, just like I didn’t know if he received mine.

Let’s get this conversion done.

Audio only.

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Secretive/dysfunctional UBID board meeting tonight @ 7 pm – no questions allowed even though landowners are funding 100% of the increases they have planned.

Any guesses on how much of an increase in Admin costs for 2020 landowners are funding? As you can see below, the costs doubled from 2017 to 2019. $91,981 to $184,052. I had heard the previous (qualified professional) Admin’s pay was around $65,000/year and had 2 part time staff. An Admin who responded to correspondence in a timely manner with correct information.

The current admin was hired in the spring of 2017. Then after less than a year the amount was increased an additional $27,620. That’s a hell of an increase. Then the whopper last year to $184,052 for unqualified staff.

Look at the wages for previous years when we had qualified admin and a competent board (Molstad). Can’t have one with out the other. You remember that board? The one who brought us back from the brink of bankruptcy and got rid of the white elephant the previous board purchased without clear title? We are being royally screwed. There has been a spending spree since the spring of 2017, just like the board up until 2011 who spent every penny brought in.