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UBID Admin slips in the 2019 AGM video – not complete – dead battery!

The Admin doesn’t seem too eager to let landowners know the videos of the Annual General Meeting and the Inaugural Meeting are posted on UBID’s website. Checked with someone who receives the notices and none have been received.

Let’s not forget the Admin decided he didn’t want to attend the AGM. We are being screwed around.

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Union Bay Improvement District Inaugural Meeting Video June 10, 2019

Don’t know what happened to the video of the AGM from June 3, 2019. I know towards the end there was mention of the battery running out or something with the video recording. Not sure if the whole meeting was not recorded or just a portion.

This clip from the above video is Trustee Kaljur asking for the legal opinion that the admin claims to have received advising the Potable Water Agreement NOT be published and was removed from the website at the direction of the board. I can hardly wait to see that one as I don’t believe it exists.

This clip is Trustee Bitten claiming landowners must wait until the admin determines he has time for a conversion study. Claims the admin is saving us money! So we can pay millions of dollars needlessly because one employee claims to be too busy???

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Union Bay – A community of easy marks ripe for a developer to screw

I was a supporter of Kensington Island Properties in 2006, and have to admit that I feel pretty stupid for believing a couple of real whoppers by this developer. So was the developer dumb too or was it all bullshit?

How could I possibly believe a developer could build condos and waterfront homes on the coal hill when KIP called the development Kensington Coastal Pointe? I never gave it a second thought – that’s pretty dumb.

Another doozy is believing the developer claiming it would pay the costs to raise the dam increasing the size of Langley Lake. We don’t even own the land around Langley Lake. Again, ignorance is bliss.

By the summer of 2006, I started asking questions when the Union Bay Residents Assoc. turned out to be a PR group and mouthpiece for KIP. People need to start asking questions instead of blindly believing what they hear.

Check out the Q & A below from 2005. Coal hills will be 80% park. Going to raise the dam 3.2 metres. I know I’m not the only one who was ignorant since no one else questioned these wild claims by KIP at the time. How many are still ignorant?

The third was being so stupid as to believe CAO of the Regional District, Bob Long, who stood before the community on 2 evenings in March 2006 when landowners were able to speak to the development. Bob Long assured landowners that Langley Lake would not even be considered as the water source for KIP – wasn’t even on the table. And yet…

This developer has successfully sucked in the landowners with promises that never become reality and has managed to get the UBID board to bring in the Fire Hall land into the Oct. 12, 2017 Water Agreement so he could reduce the amount of land and then have the board tout the great agreement and how much money the land was worth! KIP promised $17.4 million and UBID negotiated 6.2 acres when 8 were promised in writing and transfer of land immediately.

The board didn’t even negotiate an interest free loan like the expired 2011 WIA. What about their petition where landowners clearly don’t want to pay for the water treatment plant if there is an alternative – developer or other option – become service area of the CVRD and save millions?

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New UBID trustee officially sworn in

Let’s not forget why Hein and Paul were elected – they believe becoming a service area of the CVRD is the best solution to the enormous crippling infrastructure costs we are facing.

New UBID trustee officially sworn in



Jon Gauthier, staff Tuesday, Jun. 11th, 2019

 Union Bay trustee-elects Hein Vandenberg and Paul Healey are pictured on April 20th, 2019.( james Wood, MyComoxValleyNow.comStaff) 

UNION BAY, B.C – Hein Vandenburg has officially been added to the Union Bay Improvement District’s board of trustees.

The 2019 Inaugural meeting took place last night in Union Bay, but only saw one trustee sworn in.

Paul Healey was the second trustee to be sworn in, but was not present as he is on vacation.

The board passed a motion to have Healey sworn by a notary as soon as he returns, rather than wait for the next board meeting.

A decision also had to be made on who to appoint as the new board chair.

The four trustees passed a motion to wait until Healey returns and is sworn in, before making that decision.

In the meantime, Gary Nason from JB Consulting will act as the temporary chair until a new one is appointed.

The decision on the two standing committees for public works and the fire department were also deferred until Healey returns in the first week of July.

The next board meeting for the Union Bay Improvement District is set to take place on Thursday, July 18th.

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UBID Inaugural meeting to swear in Trustee Hein Vandenberg – don’t breath a sigh of relief until Paul Healey is sworn in.

When Gary Nason Chairs a UBID meeting, there are actually questions allowed from the landowners present. What a concept!

The Admin sat sandwiched in between the two consultants for protection and non answered questions posed.

Again, he managed to screw up the questions asked at the AGM.

Mrknowitall reiterated how busy the admin is and doesn’t have time for a governance study. We’re talking millions of dollars and mrknowitall appears to think we should sit and pay every red cent because the admin is too busy.

Mrknowitall doesn’t have any plans for the future as far as financial relief goes but is hell bent against a governance study. Wants us to continue with this corrupt form of government indefinitely.

Here’s the Q & A from the AGM – screwed up of course. Why are we paying twice as much for admin and getting lousy service even after a deputy was hired?

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Big News!! KIP received release letter from the Ministry of Environment – goes to APC June 11 to review application. Remember the claim of “cash cow”?

Looks like KIP is going to be able to construct two buildings in the area of the KIP shack. Still no information on the north side of the creek with the soil condoms over the contaminated soil KIP disturbed this year.

That’s what’s needed isn’t it – a cafe`/deli? There is no where in Union Bay to have a coffee or something to eat. Right?

Who is going to read it to him?

NOTE: I didn’t include all the pages in the gallery – lots of drawings and specs in the link: