New UBID trustee officially sworn in

Let's not forget why Hein and Paul were elected - they believe becoming a service area of the CVRD is the best solution to the enormous crippling infrastructure costs we are facing. New UBID trustee officially sworn in SHARE ON:     Jon Gauthier, staff Tuesday, Jun. 11th, 2019  Union Bay trustee-elects Hein Vandenberg and Paul Healey are... Continue Reading →

UBID Inaugural meeting to swear in Trustee Hein Vandenberg – don’t breath a sigh of relief until Paul Healey is sworn in.

When Gary Nason Chairs a UBID meeting, there are actually questions allowed from the landowners present. What a concept! The Admin sat sandwiched in between the two consultants for protection and non answered questions posed. Again, he managed to screw up the questions asked at the AGM. Mrknowitall reiterated how busy the admin is and... Continue Reading →

Big News!! KIP received release letter from the Ministry of Environment – goes to APC June 11 to review application. Remember the claim of “cash cow”?

Looks like KIP is going to be able to construct two buildings in the area of the KIP shack. Still no information on the north side of the creek with the soil condoms over the contaminated soil KIP disturbed this year. That's what's needed isn't it - a cafe`/deli? There is no where in Union... Continue Reading →

We are paying an extra $1,201,398.49 in interest because of the Union Bay Improvement District Board and Admin – time for a smooth transition/conversion before we’re bankrupt!

Check Susanna Kaljur's blog for an update on the Ministry contradicting the false information spread by UBID Chair about becoming a service area of the CVRD.. This board and Admin have done everything possible to prevent the landowners from having a say in the future of Union Bay. They refuse to listen to the... Continue Reading →

Dysfunctional Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees – dumbest board and proud of it

This dysfunctional board hired professionals to facilitate the AGM and the Chair still couldn't conduct a proper meeting - totally useless. A landowner asked a question about when the Fire Hall land was being transferred to UBID. The Chair couldn't answer the question. Dumb and dumber brought the Fire Hall land into the negotiations... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Estates – where are the homes built in May/June 2019?

From this post: The first homes should be getting built in May or June of 2019, according to McMahon. “If all goes well,” he said. It appears all has not gone well - we are all used to these empty promises. The only thing that has been accomplished is clearing land and exposing contaminated... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Improvement District Bylaw # 277 authorizing borrowing $3.5 Million dollars without landowner approval

Thanks to the landowner who emailed requesting a copy of the bylaw and forwarded it to me when they received the following: Note: no second page even though it clearly states "page 1 of 2". Waiting to confirm if Trustee Kaljur was aware of the meeting March 22, 2019 when the board voted on this.... Continue Reading →

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