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The Sporadic publishing video of Union Bay Improvement District meetings. Meeting minutes are practically non existent.

Do these people think they are telling us something new when they claim they will inform the landowners and be transparent? This is the same song sung by the many individuals who claimed to represent the landowners and there is only a handful that actually followed through on these promises for the last 15 to 20 years. Just words to stop people questioning them and they all adopt the same tactics to prevent transparency.

We still have trustees who are ignorant of UBID’s bylaws and policies bumbling through month after month, year after year. CVRD is looking better every day.

Where are all the other COW Meetings for the last couple of years? Again, they throw in one and expect landowners to be satisfied. It’s just another shitshow..

What are the costs of running the new treatment plant?

Is there peat sludge that has to be trucked away?

Who is the female reading the water meters? This job was not advertised – it’s a buddy of someone. That’s how UBID has always operated – give friends and relatives jobs that are not posted.

This board, like the previous one, is not capable of providing information because they simply have no idea how to run an Improvement District. They have had zero training and like the admin that was finally removed, they are just as incompetent and ill equipped for the task.

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Another reason to dump this hillbilly form of government – Improvement Districts not required to inform landowners the same as other government bodies

There is a reason why there is never ever any new improvement districts created. It is not a fair and accountable form of governance. It is outdated.

The Ministry replied to my question as to why UBID wasn’t arranging for electronic meetings during the pandemic.

Received this from Chair Munro. Note the line about 2 consecutive technology failures – the failures are due to incompetence and a lack of interest in keeping up with technology and being trained. We had a professional admin until Feb. 2017, who took pride in their position and could be relied on to answer all enquiries and if he didn’t know the answer, would find out. The position was his first priority – not secondary while performing another job at the same time. Since this new admin was hired, new deputy hired, new computers purchased, new $40,000. billing software, new camera to record meetings but is unable to operate the camera so a guy is hired to turn it on and off. Not to mention the ridiculous wages being paid for 1/5 the service we had. We are being taken to the cleaners.

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UBID. Does it make you feel better knowing other towns are run by incompetents?

Bring on the conversion to become a service area of the CVRD – We are being governed by individuals displaying the Dunning Kruger effect.

Why didn’t the UBID Admin follow the news release of May 1, 2020 from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing? There certainly was no hesitation to inform landowners we wouldn’t be allowed in the meetings and lots of excuses why the financials haven’t been released. So they have posted notice of a meeting this week and have had 6 weeks to establish board meetings to be held electronically to ensure landowners are informed. What will the admin use for an excuse this time, “Gee, I never received that news release” or “Gee, I accidentally erased it – not on purpose – I’m an honest person” or “Gee, I didn’t do it, it must have been one of the staff”, or the all time fall back “I’m not arguing with you, let’s just agree to disagree” or “You’re accusing me of doing something I didn’t and I’m going to call the RCMP”.

This board and admin over the last 3 years have done everything possible to prevent landowners from accessing information and are offended when asked questions.

Look at this jumble of empty words from Apr 29, 2020. Same BS different cast.

It appears Vanderhoof residents are subjected to the same incompetence as Union Bay.

“However, the ministerial order referenced by Thiessen and Egli was actually rescinded and replaced by a new order on May 1, along with a news release which said that public input is an essential part of decision-making.

As public input is an essential part of land-use decision-making, even for those decisions that do not require a public hearing, local governments are still expected to find ways to encourage public participation,” stated the release.

Here’s a link to the news release of May 1, 2020.

The Province is continuing to support local governments by allowing them to hold public hearings electronically during the current provincial state of emergency.

“Local governments will be a key partner in our recovery effort,” said Selina Robinson, Minister Municipal Affairs and Housing. “Construction and development activities are expected to be a key part of B.C.’s recovery efforts – and building housing, in particular, affordable housing, will contribute to our goal to provide affordable housing for all British Columbians. Amending this order will allow local governments to continue their work on land-use decision-making and keep building their communities for the people they serve.”

Under the Emergency Program Act, the Province has repealed and replaced Ministerial Order M083 with M139 to expand the authorities given to local governments under M083. The new order will help local governments, improvement districts and the Islands Trust continue to make important decisions for their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, including allowing local governments to hold public hearings electronically.

As public input is an essential part of land-use decision-making, even for those decisions that do not require a public hearing, local governments are still expected to find ways to encourage public participation.

Local governments are required to hold public hearings for some development applications before making a decision. A significant delay in processing development applications could result in cost increases or cancelled projects, and could negatively impact the province’s economic recovery.

Local governments are still expected to find ways to encourage public participation during this time and continue to be as transparent as possible by keeping the public informed on any decisions and procedural changes through their websites and social media.

Each local government will need to determine what electronic method works best for it. At the time of public notice, the local government will be expected to provide information on how people can participate in the hearing. Options local governments may consider include calling in and video conferencing. Local governments will also continue to be required to accept written submissions for public hearings, whether in-person or electronic.

The new order gives the Islands Trust the authority to hold meetings electronically without in-person public participation, allows for bylaws to be read and adopted in a single day and allows the use of electronic options for its public hearings.

In addition, the order authorizes improvement districts to hold trustee board meetings electronically to make financial decisions for their community and allows them to postpone their annual general meetings and elections until COVID-19 is no longer a public health threat.

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Secretive/dysfunctional UBID board meeting tonight @ 7 pm – no questions allowed even though landowners are funding 100% of the increases they have planned.

Any guesses on how much of an increase in Admin costs for 2020 landowners are funding? As you can see below, the costs doubled from 2017 to 2019. $91,981 to $184,052. I had heard the previous (qualified professional) Admin’s pay was around $65,000/year and had 2 part time staff. An Admin who responded to correspondence in a timely manner with correct information.

The current admin was hired in the spring of 2017. Then after less than a year the amount was increased an additional $27,620. That’s a hell of an increase. Then the whopper last year to $184,052 for unqualified staff.

Look at the wages for previous years when we had qualified admin and a competent board (Molstad). Can’t have one with out the other. You remember that board? The one who brought us back from the brink of bankruptcy and got rid of the white elephant the previous board purchased without clear title? We are being royally screwed. There has been a spending spree since the spring of 2017, just like the board up until 2011 who spent every penny brought in.

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Some important information from the Ministry

Noticed there are 2 new posts on Susanna Kaljur’s blog: and this one containing the letter below:

You will note it’s the Ministry who advises Paul Healey resigned – not a peep from those great elected trustees and admin.

This letter is in response to Sept. 12 and 14 emails – before the crazy Sept. 19, 2019 meeting where Bitten wouldn’t allow Kaljur to speak (even though she was given the floor by Chair Healey) and told the guy with the video camera to shut it off because “we’re gonna get sued!” Wonder if Mueller has seen that one yet!

“It is clear that tensions on the Board continue and it is concerning that there are differing opinions about the extent to which the CAO is required to be involved in meetings and provide administrative support.”

“From the Ministry’s perspective, it is quite normal for UBID’s Board to have staff support to conduct administration and business of the meetings.”

So why hasn’t this board done anything about the staff not attending meetings and being allowed to make unsubstantiated claims about being ‘unsafe’ – it’s bullshit and they know it. Contact Worksafe BC or get legal counsel to investigate.

Oh look – a letter that was sent Sept. 20, 2019 is posted Oct. 15, 2019. How efficient! How much are we paying this unqualified staff?