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Low Hanging Fruit for Mob Mentality in Union Bay

EDIT: Aug. 31, look how brave they become as they support each other in their rat pack mentality. Check out their new bullying statements to someone who has a different opinion. They obviously believe this behaviour is fine and that’s why this is one f*cked up community.

Interesting to see the mob attitude in Union Bay on full display. Those down and out, and especially if they have a mental problem are prime targets for the mob. They are more visible, so easy pickings.

FUN FACT – Union Bay is full of thieves and thugs who have homes and computers.

Look at the comments from a post by the author of the letter above. If stealing is taking something without the rightful owners permission – if the shoe fits. The author didn’t want the apology letter and monies paid to me made public but had to in order to avoid Examinations for Discovery which would have exposed the lies and false police reports.

Would it have been acceptable if the person in the picture tore the camera from the person taking the picture? That’s what happened to me – I was taking a picture on KIP’s land of Lloyd McKay splitting wood and he came at me, jerked my camera which was around my neck causing my glasses to fall. See pics below at the end of this post. The police did nothing despite the pictures of him coming at me and writing a letter to the police. Police said don’t take pictures.

If someone shows the courage to disagree, the mob mentality takes over and they decide what penalty that person should face.

The members of this community are rabid when presented with easy targets or those who they deem below them.

Who broke into the Post Office? Who vandalized homes? Who’s parents denied their darling offspring committed any acts which were brought to their attention? How many of these people make false police reports?

The mental midgets are only brave in a group – never on their own.

Are they this vicious with those who don’t pay the boat ramp fees? Isn’t that stealing? What’s the difference?

Here’s another example of the underbelly of Union Bay. Dan McGill, Jamie Barkley and Rachel Day who had been secretary to my lawyer, drunk and mouthing off about how she knew my ex was trying to screw me out of money. Pretty professional, right. All this took place on my property with the above calling the police with McGill claiming he was a tenant on my property – bare faced lie.

EDIT: Aug. 31, Checked back and the mob continues – admin closed comments.

NOTE: This is on Kip’s land behind Tappin St. – not Lloyd’s property. Lightened these.

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Anyone check out the Feb. 2019 Landowner’s Update? No mention of the Annual General Meeting or the unlawful actions taken by this rogue unlawful board locking out the electorate

These guys believe what they are doing is perfectly acceptable. No shame in any of the unlawful decisions made at fake UBID board meetings. This is not a democracy – this is a dictatorship governing as they see fit, ignoring rules and regulations and making up their own as they go along.

No mention of the AGM in the update. They can’t face the landowners before the election – absolute cowards. Show them the door!

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Thuggish behaviour started in spring of 2016. Gong show creators display no progress – illegally lock out the electorate and unlawfully ‘suspend’ a trustee! 3 years later a big fail on the promises by 2 trustees up for re election. Show them the door!

This board has spent all their energy trying to prevent landowners from accessing information and the two who are up for re election were the instigators of the ‘alternative facts’ we are bombarded with.

There certainly was a turn in events in 2016. There was that March meeting hosted by Kensington Island Properties. The VP made sure there was animosity in the crowd by claiming Chair Carol Molstad had sent out an email telling people to attend the meeting to disrupt it. That’s always been his MO – divide the community by telling falsehoods and making promises with no intention of keeping them and these fools keep falling for the old line that they are going to get something for nothing. Brilliant move by the VP having idiots take around a petition knowing the agreement was dead. Pretty slick – too bad KIP Costanza failed on that one too.

It was the first election I can recall where thuggish behaviour became the norm. At that 2016 April AGM our professional Administrator Kevin Douville was physically threatened. The following clip is Chair Carol Molstad speaking about what transpired at that AGM. Note: I have set it to start at the point Chair Molstad brings up the concerns. The second concern was about Rodney Bitten (ya the same one) making defamatory statements about the Fire Chief at the 2016 AGM.

Then the thuggish behaviour showed up at the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 19, 2016 when Candidates Ted Haraldson, Rick Bitten and Lone Jednorog planned and carried out a disruption with Jednorog claiming to have been assaulted. Here’s the proof of their plan published by Jednorog.

Here’s how they carried out their plan. Good ole Ted Haraldson tells me to be quiet so his accomplice can carry out the disruption.

This was their meeting 2 days previous hosted by Kensington Island Properties spokesperson David Godfrey. Did anyone cause a disruption at their meeting? Nope. Haraldson, Bitten and Jednorog didn’t fare well with the questions that evening and paranoia set in so they came up with a plan to disrupt a meeting at the Community Hall which had been rented by landowners. I’m pretty sure they are all members of the Community Club so that gives you a good idea what actions they think they are entitled to take. Here’s the first minute of their meeting Oct. 17, 2016 before Haraldson, Bitten and brave Jednorog insist they don’t want to be video recorded.

Then my house was attacked Jan. 27, 2017, by the hillbillies the night after the board had a strip ripped off them by the Ministry for their stupid antics.

Another landowner who has had the nerve to ask questions had her mailbox damaged.

April 2017 All Candidates Meeting Rodney Bitten (yes, the same one) approached Cleve Goldswain and told him he didn’t respect him anymore because the questions were planned. Rodney also took exception to Scott Fraser MLA, providing information regarding becoming a service are of the RD.

Then Jednorog has tried to intimidate me at meetings following me around afterwards taunting me. Jednorog pulled this again at one of the Open Houses when a landowner was speaking to a gentleman, Jednorog came up and interrupted and started telling the man how the landowner was causing so much work for the Admin. Just out of the blue.

Then we have Loxam’s wife who responded to an email about UBID business by telling the sender not to send any more emails as they would be deleted.

Loxam’s wife also tried to intimidate me after a meeting by getting right in my face wanting to know if I was recording the meeting. There was Jednorog’s good buddy Rick Bitten trying to say it was me causing the problem.

Then we have the intimidation after the 2018 AGM when Rick Bitten and Rodney Bitten (yes, the same one) approached a landowner voicing their displeasure with the question he asked.

These are ones off the top of my head. You get the picture.

And yet… look who is accusing another trustee of cyber bullying, harassment and a threat to public safety.

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Trustee Kaljur retains Jason Gratl

I don’t want to steal Susanna’s thunder so I’ll wait a bit before posting the letter Jason Gratl sent on behalf of Trustee Susanna Kaljur – Nevertheless, she persisted!

Are you going to vote these idiots back in again when they are clueless about their powers and their limits?

I think the actions of these clowns should be added to my post about the underbelly of Union Bay. This tactic doesn’t get far in Canada.

I love how Minister Selena Robinson has been cc’d on the letter and also David Eby, the Attorney General. Robinson hasn’t shown any interest in the antics these clowns have pulled – maybe now she will pay attention to the clusterf_ _ _ created when the (Liberal) Ministry appointed a facilitator at the request of the VP of KIP and his spokesperson David Godfrey crying about UBID not extending an expired Water Infrastructure Agreement.

Time to clean house and get rid of these idiots who are not interested in learning what needs to be done. They never research, just make stupid statements off the top of their heads.

This is the article where Ted Haraldson defames Trustee Kaljur. I can hardly wait to read the grovelling apology. A lawsuit against him personally because his actions were not allowed as a trustee or Chair.

All four of them are looking at being sued personally because they did not have the authority to remove an elected official. Love this part of Jason’s letter: “It is integral to democracy that a majority of representatives on an elected body cannot remove from office another elected representative. Removing minority political opponents from office is the stuff of lesser systems of government for which no support can be found in our legal tradition.”

Tick tock – they only have until Feb. 15, 2019 at 4 pm.

Can’t say enough good things about Jason Gratl – he is a fantastic lawyer!

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The underbelly of Union Bay Part Two – Bittens and the Union Bay Improvement District continued

June 9, 2017 Rodney Bitten  calls police and provides a shitload of ‘alternative facts’ to Const. Palmer who arrests me and charges me with assault.  Condition of my undertaking is to have no contact with Rodney Bitten.  No problem – never wanted anything to do with him in the first place.

The pic below shows the wood boards Bitten put up and attached to my garage after he had me charged with assault.  Quite the story he told the police June 9, 2017 about how he saw the post on the ground in the morning and his wife was upset and crying.  He supposedly went to work and was so upset, and I love this claim:  Rodney Bitten claims the police and the bylaw officer told him to go home and finish his fence – bullshit!

Court date is scheduled for the beginning of August 2017 and the day before court I receive a phone call from the RCMP stating the charge has been withdrawn.  No explanation.

Although I’m not under any conditions, I do not speak or contact Rodney Bitten.  Then at the end of Sept. 2017 I receive a phone call from Const. Palmer advising me Rodney Bitten has made an application for a peace bond as he fears physical injury.  Another undertaking that I am not to have contact with what’s his name – no problem.  I didn’t have to attend court Oct. 5, 2017 and Oct. 19, 2017 as Jason Gratl arranged for an agent to act on his behalf.

Then shortly after noon on Oct. 19, 2017, two police cars arrive and a male and female officer advise me that I have breached my undertaking by supposedly calling Rodney Bitten a hillbilly across the fence.  This is a completely false story made up by Rodney Bitten who was pissed that I didn’t have to attend court.  I’ll spare you my thoughts on what kind of person would file a false police report.

Now there is a charge of breaching my undertaking and the peace bond application.  Another undertaking not to have contact with what’s his name.  So how do you prove you didn’t do something when you live alone?  Since Rodney Bitten pulled this once, there was no reason to think he wouldn’t do it again.  I love gadgets so the answer was to wear an audio device and record every minute of my life when I was at home alone and would have the proof to dispute any further false police reports by Rodney Bitten.  Starting Oct. 19, 2017 I recorded everything so if you spoke to me – you were recorded.

Bitten has really pulled out all the stops and claims he’s worried about his family and includes his parents, worried in his home, worried in his yard, and worried at community functions – and worried about going to court. All because of me – claiming an acquaintance of mine was spotted in the parking lot when he left court and was concerned if it was meant to intimidate.

At this point, Rodney Bitten introduces the Union Bay Improvement District into the works by claiming the dispute over the garden against my garage escalated due to his father (daddy Rick Bitten) being elected.  March 2016 daddy Bitten was not a trustee, in fact, he wasn’t a trustee until Oct. 2016.

Arranged to have my property surveyed Oct. 23, 2017 and surprise, surprise, Rodney Bitten’s fence frame panels are directly on the property line in spite of the fact he told the Bylaw Officer at the CVRD that his new fence frame was well within his property to maintain ownership – see – more bullshit.  Rodney Bitten knew where the property line was in March 2016 by his own string line and yet he insisted the 18 inches to the right of his string line was his property.  Why?

On Oct. 30, 2017, Jason Gratl arranged for a process server for the lawsuit to be served on Rodney and Megan Bitten  Now, you will notice in the apology letter Rodney Bitten states as of Oct. 30, 2017, they have a clearer understanding of the property boundaries.  What you don’t know is that Rodney Bitten tried to have me arrested Oct. 30, 2017, because he claimed being served with the legal documents was ‘contact’ which he claimed breached my undertaking.  When that didn’t work he then made up a brand new lie claiming he came home and noticed a survey marker and realized his garden might be on my property and that he went out back and was removing the garden when he looked up and saw me on my deck video recording him and laughing at him.

Remember that audio device I’m wearing?  Well, I can prove exactly what I was doing during that time including phone calls with the process server and neighbours.  Bittens are lucky we didn’t get to Examinations for Discovery – all the lies would have been exposed.

Lots of lies in their response to the lawsuit.  Rodney Bitten sure has changed his tune from this:

Rodney Bitten and Megan Bitten’s lawyer advises that the Bitten’s will remove their garden from my property and it is agreed to take place Nov. 15, 2017.  So now we know it is my property.  True to form, Bitten doesn’t wait until Nov. 15, 2017, and when I return from town Nov. 10, can see where they have removed some of the ties and soil.  When I post that rats must have been at my garage – Bitten’s are upset – but completely ignore that they knew they were trespassing at this point.

Nov. 15, 2017 rolls around and Rodney Bitten and Freda (see pic below) from down the street remove most of the garden but leave a foot of soil and the white material against my garage because they know if they remove it – the damage would be visible.  Freda is the name I gave the guy who called me a ‘c**t’.

The slimy, cowardly Union Bay Improvement District saw an opportunity to prevent me from attending the monthly meetings so Chair Peter Jacques, without the knowledge of the full board sent me a letter which he copied to the RCMP and Crown Counsel in an attempt to have me arrested for breaching my undertaking because Rick Bitten – daddy Bitten to Rodney Bitten – is a trustee.

Jason Gratl appeared with me in court Dec. 14, 2017 (same day as the Union Bay Improvement District monthly meeting) to clarify my undertaking to ensure I can attend the UBID meetings.  Well, what a surprise.  The Crown Counsel stated in court that it was never the Crown’s intention to prevent me from attending meetings.  The slimy, secretive, cowardly Union Bay Improvement District took this action without the knowledge of Trustees Kaljur and Elliott.

Do Peter Jacques, Rick Bitten, and Glen Loxam know the Union Bay Improvement District tried to shut me up before with a lawsuit and ended up paying me $15,000. on top of tens of thousands for their own legal fees?  Again, a victory thanks to Jason Gratl.

During the Dec. 14, 2017, court appearance Jason Gratl had requested disclosure documents from the Crown.  The judge gave the Crown a month to provide the requested documents.  Correspondence back and forth between Jason and the Crown without much success.

Bitten’s put up this funny sign – LOVE THY NEIGHBORS.

Jason arranges another court date  March 28, 2018 to request the court to review the disclosure documents the Crown is not providing.   Jason calls me March 27, 2018 and advises the Crown has stayed all the proceedings.

That leaves Examinations for Discovery scheduled for July 2018.  This is the meat.  This is where I thoroughly enjoy watching Jason.  When I met Jason years ago and watched him in Examinations for Discovery I couldn’t imagine anyone getting away with a lie.  The Bittens have gotten off easy with the money and an apology because the numerous lies and false police reports would have all been exposed.

Hope they enjoyed paying the legal fees for my amazing lawyer, Jason Gratl.

The value to me is the apology letter.  So after all the false claims about me – now what does Rodney Bitten say about Mary Reynolds?

We regret any suggestion that Ms. Reynolds is a threat to our safety; we recognize that she is not.

  • What was Rodney Bitten’s motivation in this matter when he knew he asked permission to put the garden against my garage because he knew it was my property?
  • Why didn’t he just remove the garden when I showed him the damage?
  • I never asked him to pay or fix the damage – why did he call the police claiming I was damaging his property by removing items on my property?
  • Why would Rodney Bitten claim his property line went down to my garage and suddenly took an 18 inch right angle to my garage and then back out at the end of my garage?
  • Why did Rodney Bitten make a false police report Oct. 19, 2017, claiming I had breached my undertaking by supposedly speaking to him?  This is the worst thing he did because I believe it was an attempt to drive me from my home.
  • Would Rodney Bitten have taken these actions against me if I were a man or did he think I was an easy target because I’m a senior woman?
  • Why are some people raised with low standards in Union Bay?

Love the new fence!!





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The underbelly of Union Bay part two – Bittens and the Union Bay Improvement District

The first post about the underbelly of Union Bay is here:

I purchased my home in 2013 from Bill Hamilton who lived here for 58 years.  Rodney Bitten’s grandparents owned the house on the south side of Bill and Rodney Bitten’s mother was raised in the house.  I doubt there was ever any dispute over the portion of land on the south side of the garage until Rodney purchased the house in 2014 once owned by his grandparents.

Rodney had asked me if he could construct a raised garden against my garage and I said yes.  When I noticed the damage caused by his garden I showed Rodney the damage and all he had to say about it was that he put white material against the garage to prevent damage.  There was no way to repair the garage as I needed to access the outside to make the repairs.

Since Rodney didn’t remove the garden, in March 2016 I video recorded me advising Rodney to remove the garden from my property.  Rodney got right up in my face yelling at me that he told Megan I would try to force them to remove the garden so they dug down and put ties against the garage.  If they went to the trouble of digging down – why didn’t they just remove the garden?  Rodney Bitten kept yelling at me that the garden was on his property and that my garage was rotten.  Rodney Bitten called the police and claimed it was his property.  Police attended and advised it was a civil matter – ya, I knew that.

The diagram below is from the survey I had done in Oct. 2017.  The area in dispute is identified as “area of landscaping encroachment”.

Then Rodney Bitten constructed a fence frame.  In the pic below you can see the string line and the area Rodney Bitten claimed was his.  So, do you think Rodney Bitten would pull this crap on a man?  Note the distance the string line is from my garage.


Then Rodney Bitten covers the fence frame with a tarp and attaches it to the area he claims is his property.


In January 2017 I contacted the Bylaw officer (Amanda) at the CVRD about Rodney Bitten’s fence and letting his dog run and shit wherever it liked without Rodney Bitten picking up the shit.  Amanda advised the CVRD doesn’t govern the placement of fences, only the height (remember this as it will be referred to later).  Animal control came out Jan. 25, 2017 and left a notice – no fines – advising of the dog bylaw.  That evening Rodney Bitten obviously was upset at me complaining about his dog shit and instead of admitting “Gee, I shouldn’t let my dog shit everywhere expecting others to clean up the shit” Rodney Bitten put up a spot light on his front porch aimed directly at the window I sit at the computer.  I contacted Amanda the next day and she contacted Rodney who supposedly apologized and removed the light.

In the early evening of Jan. 27, 2017 my house was rammed by a pickup truck and the driver with a balaclava threw large rocks at my front window until it broke.  I was never able to identify the cowardly piece of shit or who was involved.  The reason I bring this up is because when you are charged with an offence your lawyer is provided with police reports, etc.  Turns out Rodney Bitten made numerous calls to the police with some pretty wild claims including three versions of me telling people that Rodney Bitten was responsible for the attack on my home.

Rodney Bitten also called the police again in Mar. 2016 after his yelling in my face.  This time he called to say I told my dog (Molly) not to bite him.

I had always gone by Bill Hamilton’s fence as the property line.  Once the pins were located front and back, I decided I would remove the raised garden myself.  NOTE:  Rodney Bitten’s string line just happens to be directly on the property line.  On June 8, 2017 I pulled one of the poles to see if it was going to be hard.  The pole (identified in the first pic as “the post Bitten called police June 9”) came away easily and I put it in Bitten’s yard.

June 9, 2017 Const. Palmer of the RCMP called and said he’d received a complaint from Rodney Bitten that someone removed a fence post from his property.  I told Const. Palmer I had removed the post but that it wasn’t a fence post – and that it was on my property.  Const. Palmer said Rodney Bitten told him the CVRD had told him the garden was fine.  Advised Const. Palmer what Amanda advised regarding fences and had no jurisdiction over the placement or encroachment.  Advised Const. Palmer that I had located the property pins and he actually asked me if I had moved them.

I emailed Amanda advising of the call from the RCMP and to confirm what she had told me about what the CVRD governs.  Amanda said the officer could call her to confirm.

In order to access the raised bed, I had to remove the small section of my fence which angled in and joined the garage – see pic above.  When I was hitting MY fence with a sledge hammer, Rodney Bitten started his usual yelling in my face to stop.  Rodney Bitten stepped through his fence frame (which is directly on the property line) and onto my property and put his leg against the board I was hitting to prevent it from coming off.  Then the theatrics started.  Rodney Bitten dropping down to the ground faking an injury and then calling the police.  While he was waiting he put on quite the performance screaming, crying, rolling around on the ground.  Mommy Bitten showed up screaming “What did she do to your leg?”  “She’s crazy”.

Turns out Rodney set up his phone to record the altercation.

more to come…