Typical Union Bay – the shit is hitting the fan before the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 4, @ 7 pm Union Bay Community Hall, 5401 Island Hwy S, Union Bay

So the information I posted was from the Union Bay Bulletin Board about the All Candidates Meeting. Now it's a free for all about climate change because candidate Tamara Meggitt is a climate change denier, and the shocker was this last post. Meggitt is refusing to participate in the All Candidates Meeting even though her... Continue Reading →

All Candidates Meeting for Area A Director Union Bay Community Hall Oct. 4, 2022 @ 7 pm. Union Bay Community Hall, 5401 Island Hwy S, Union Bay

If you want to hear from those wanting your vote on Oct. 15, 2022 for Area A Director, plan on attending to get the answers you need before casting your ballot. Hopefully, all three candidates will show up. Being Union Bay, you never know. Remember the pro KIP candidates attempt to shut down the all... Continue Reading →

Deep Water Recovery Discharging Sewage onto Land – Applies for Permit after Getting Caught

Photo credit to Terry Bear Ruttan (aw isn't that adorable) of Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking 3 recreational vehicles and one discharging sewage to land. Didn't Jurisich claim no one is living on site? More bs. I note the powers that be believe Jurisich is an owner. Is it the trailer Terrance Ruttan refers to... Continue Reading →

MLA Josie Osborne Provided Results of Inspection of Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking and letter from Minister George Heyman

No wonder Deep Water Recovery has applied to discharge effluent - they've been doing it without authorization. Gee what a surprise. DWR and KIP - destroying Union Bay for greed. Here's a link to the three pdf's. Very interesting reading. Deep Water Recovery is being watched. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZNyGrT1GReP4a8XYZ4uSHmHIssi2cadi?usp=sharing

Gordon Kennedy is running for the Comox Valley Regional District Area A director seat

https://www.comoxvalleyrecord.com/community/gordon-kennedy-is-running-for-the-comox-valley-regional-district-area-a-director-seat/ Sep. 22, 2022 1:30 p.m. Gordon Kennedy is seeking election in Area A of the Comox Valley Regional District. Here is his platform. • Communication: Once a month a meeting should be set aside for citizens to come in and have five minutes to address council. There is a lack of communication here in the district.... Continue Reading →

Deep Water Recovery Cut Holes in the Hull of the Miller Freeman Aug. 9, 2022. Is this a WorkSafeBC Violation?

How much proof is required before action is taken? Here's video showing someone inside the Miller Freeman with a torch clearly visible. I have cropped the original video to focus on one particular area. Video is from August 9, 2022. So what protection did the worker have that was in that confined space against asbestos?... Continue Reading →

WorkSafeBC fines waste management company $710K for asbestos violations

Wonder if WorkSafeBC will investigate the safety measures taken by Deep Water Recovery when their workers are cutting holes in the Miller Freeman containing asbestos. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/worksafe-bc-record-administrative-fine-1.6585727 Workplace safety watchdog says it's the highest administrative penalty ever issued CBC News · Posted: Sep 16, 2022 12:41 PM PT | Last Updated: September 16 WorkSafeBC has fined GFL Environmental... Continue Reading →

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