Final Union Bay Improvement District Annual General Meeting – No More Unlawful Actions by Elected UBID Officials

The last 4 years have been hell for Union Bay landowners with the creation of the Gong Show in Oct. 2016. To hear the praise last night directed at past trustees made me want to puke. You can't rewrite history. The developer has been running the show since 2016 with the aid of his flunkies.... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Improvement District Special Board Meeting April 22, 2021 via Zoom

Auditor presented financials. $1.1 Million funding deficit but after discussion the conclusion is that we are not bad off. Explanation starts around 26:00 point with the Chair summing it up around the 50:00 point. If you want to follow what the auditor is talking about, here is the agenda:

UBID Board Passed Bylaw 277 to Borrow $3.5 Million Dollars in Secret

What is the legal status of Bylaw 277 to borrow $3.5 Million dollars on behalf of Union Bay landowners? It was passed at a secret Committee of the Whole Meeting Mar. 22, 2019, (while Chair Haraldson canceled public meetings) and never brought forward to any public meeting. It was finally posted on the UBID... Continue Reading →

The Gong Show Board and CAO (Oct. 2016 – Sept. 2020) Left UBID Short $730,000.

The Trustees received a punch in the gut today from the auditor. UBID has been borrowing from itself. Water Treatment Plant cost over $5 Million - not $4.2 Million. Freedom of Information request results posted on UBID's website: There were three contracts with Koer's Engineering. The public was never advised of the extra... Continue Reading →

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